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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Cindy Steele - 2004-11-09
I have a male B&G named Jasper. He is now 2 1/2. We adopted him from the breeder when he was 1 yr old. He is definately a mama boy and I cannot imagine my life without him. Sometimes my husband thinks I love Jasper more than him. LOL. Jasper has an extensive vocabulary. He is now saying "Mama" and I say "yes sweetheart", and then he says "I love you mama" and I answer "I love you to Jasper". He is truely a joy and one of the loves of my life. C. Steele

patrick denton - 2004-09-16
Hi, Ihave a Blue n Gold Macaw named Buddy he is 2 1/2 yrs old i have had him for 2 yrs .although i have a family Buddy will only let me handle him . he trusts me completly and will lay down next to me when i nap,he is so smart that he amazes me other macaws i have read about he is very good ae watching me put things together then proceeds to take them apart ,he is truley a member of my family for life.. patrick & buddy

darling denise Buffington - 2004-06-15
hello fellow parrot lovers. I have two CAGs one cockatoo and my new 3 year old blue and gold who is a rescue. in fact three out of four of my babies are rescues. heres the question to anyone out there.
Kala, my new babe has fit in and settled very nicely with our family and is a part of the flock, with all my others being boys cept my 18 year old female CAG I have never had to deal with, well female puberty! And Shes got it big time, she tore all the papers from the bottom of her cage. I tried brown paper bags, white paper towels, due to not wanting her to get sick from ink, until finally I used old regular towels to line the bottom of her cage now, she has dragged all the towels up, made a nest, wont poop in her cage and the other am laid her first egg. unfertilized since I dont breed. WoW! What do I do! have lots of different options but love your site and would love an answer how do I get her up off the floor from her home made nest, and poop in her cage again? I am getting her HIgh Potency food to make up for the calcium loss and her health is wonderful the egg was perfect, but my my; she just wants to you know
what all the time I here her in her cage LOL, and I am at odds of just what to do thanks!

ALAN - 2004-05-05

kathy - 2004-03-10
We have had birds for a year and a half now, but just got our baby blue and gold about a month ago. He is a totally different experience. He is such a joy to be with. He is seven months old and so loving. He loves for you to hug him and kiss him. He will lay on his back for you to tickle his belly and laughs. He follows us around like a little puppy. Our family says we talk about our birds more than most people do about their kids. I tell them that is alright because they are our kids.

Jerry - 2004-01-28
I have a B&G named Alex. I have had him for 3 years and I hand fed him for 3 months. Alex has bonded to me quite well and has a very good vocabulary for his age. I have found that he is so intelligent that I have to be careful. I should have named him houdini cause he has figured out how to remove the latches that secure his cage doors. He watches every move I make when I replace the latches and he removes them in minutes flat and hides the latch in his cage. He has managed to remove bolts that hold the cage together. No matter how many toys he has he manages to play with the things that he shouldnt makeing him quite mischevious. You can see that in his eyes, almost like what can I get into next. He does not like the fact that I smoke so he takes the cigarettes out of my pocket and throws them on the floor, guess he is giving me a hint. One thing for sure, he has lots of personality and I love him. I would never part with him!

Lisa and Derrell Williams - 2004-01-23
My husband and I have 2 Blue and Gold name Gina 9 yrs,and Sunny is 1yr. These 2 birds have been a joy to have. They are extremely smart birds. Gina and Sunny will eat just about anything we eat. They are very playful and can say a few words. Gina loves to yell momma and Sunny practice her words at night when we put her to bed. When she says hey her eyes will always flash and she will get right up to you and say Hey! They are the joy of our life!!

Tamar Russ - 2003-10-18
I just bought a blue and gold. My first bird was last year, a Quaker named Rain. I love him so much and knew at that point of time I needed some thing bigger LOL!! So read and read about birds LOL!! The B&Gs was the one I picked. My Corey (B&G) is about 22 years old. His prior onwer had to return to a job out side the home. Corey had plucked quite a few of his feathers on his body and under his wings. I know he must like it here for they are returning. He is the most coolest pet I could every have. I also have dogs, and was known as the dog lady LOL!! Well, I will never replace any of my dogs, I love my birds. They are the most!!! They not only are there to love you and you give love but God gave them that outstanding color. Corey now tells us "I love" He was saying that his 3rd day here. That was not a words he said before. Awesome birds!!!
Tamar Russ 10-18-03

Darla - 2003-07-25
I also have a blue and gold macaw his name is kanui and he is the light of my life. (Talk about smart) he is sure alot of fun. He always puts a smile on my face when I think of the things he has done the night before .... He is the best......

Joanna Thalassinos - 2003-07-22
I have a blue and gold macaw. It is the most beautiful pet. It is very understanding and loves your companionship. I love my baby parrot and to be honest, I dont see my life with out him.