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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Anonymous - 2005-07-16
I don't have a macaw but I'm reseaching them for my project. i have learned that a macaw can kill a small bull terrier. if i was to have a macaw i would call it snuffles

sincerely Louise Labudde

Jamie - 2005-05-15
Very intelligent and interesting birds. I have one that was actually trained to talk, and of course you can count on the fact that he does swear at times, too!

cameron - 2005-04-20
the bestest macaws ever!

Andres Parra - 2005-01-31
sorry for my english, i

Chris Wilson - 2005-01-30
Avocado is also a big no-no.

Kristi - 2005-01-18
I have 2 blu/golds. One is named Cookie (my first purchase ... she was formerly owned by another person and I bought her when she was almost two) who is now aprox 5 yrs old. Then I have Lacy, who is ten. I just purchased her about 3 months ago but have known of her for aprox 5 yrs. Lacy and Cookie (and most of my other birds) came from the same pet store. Lacy was purchased by someone who due to family situation needed to find another home for her. So she joined our flock a few months ago. Blu/Golds are my fav macaws. They seem to be the most laid back and open macaws I have had the pleasure to deal with. They aim to please the human they have contact with, they love to receive love as well as give it back. And when I stand back and see these two parrots, it amazes me that I am priviledged to have the trust that I do from them. I love all my birds and consider them my fids (feathered kids).

(PS ... Shay ... it is sometimes keeping these endangered species like we do that saves them from being extinct.)

Keith Allison - 2005-01-13
My wife and I have a great,and beautifull Blue and Gold named KoKo.
He is three years old , and we have had him/her since he was fourteen weeks old. He gets along with our labrador and two cats very well. actually he is the boss among our animals, but they have a very symbiotic relationship that could be on "funniest videos" every day. He can say numerous words and phrases, such as: Hello Koko, uh-oh, bad bird, good bird, peek-a-boo and much more. Every time he hears a knock on the door or the phone ring he answers Hello! My wife and I can both handle him and encourage others to do the same under supervision so that he will not go one sided. He does favor me more, but I worked with him at the start to be handled by my wife and friends, and it has made him an important member of the family.

Cindy Steele - 2004-11-09
I have a male B&G named Jasper. He is now 2 1/2. We adopted him from the breeder when he was 1 yr old. He is definately a mama boy and I cannot imagine my life without him. Sometimes my husband thinks I love Jasper more than him. LOL. Jasper has an extensive vocabulary. He is now saying "Mama" and I say "yes sweetheart", and then he says "I love you mama" and I answer "I love you to Jasper". He is truely a joy and one of the loves of my life. C. Steele

patrick denton - 2004-09-16
Hi, Ihave a Blue n Gold Macaw named Buddy he is 2 1/2 yrs old i have had him for 2 yrs .although i have a family Buddy will only let me handle him . he trusts me completly and will lay down next to me when i nap,he is so smart that he amazes me other macaws i have read about he is very good ae watching me put things together then proceeds to take them apart ,he is truley a member of my family for life.. patrick & buddy

darling denise Buffington - 2004-06-15
hello fellow parrot lovers. I have two CAGs one cockatoo and my new 3 year old blue and gold who is a rescue. in fact three out of four of my babies are rescues. heres the question to anyone out there.
Kala, my new babe has fit in and settled very nicely with our family and is a part of the flock, with all my others being boys cept my 18 year old female CAG I have never had to deal with, well female puberty! And Shes got it big time, she tore all the papers from the bottom of her cage. I tried brown paper bags, white paper towels, due to not wanting her to get sick from ink, until finally I used old regular towels to line the bottom of her cage now, she has dragged all the towels up, made a nest, wont poop in her cage and the other am laid her first egg. unfertilized since I dont breed. WoW! What do I do! have lots of different options but love your site and would love an answer how do I get her up off the floor from her home made nest, and poop in her cage again? I am getting her HIgh Potency food to make up for the calcium loss and her health is wonderful the egg was perfect, but my my; she just wants to you know
what all the time I here her in her cage LOL, and I am at odds of just what to do thanks!