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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Anonymous - 2005-08-25
Blue and Gold Macaws the are cutest and sweetest birds ever. They maybe a life long commitment but they sure are worth every bit of love they give you.

Dean - 2005-08-23
love my blue and gold, [Tyler]. he is awesome. we take him on tour with us in our MEAT LOAF tribute and show when we are on tour. he lives in the tour bus.

Kirstin - 2005-07-27
15 words - not for Godzilla! Yes, he earned that name. When Godzilla wants our attention he will swing from the door of his cage and go through his vocabulary of 50 words and phrases. He will say, "Godzilla's a good bird, no I'm a bad bird, no I'm a good bird." He'll call the other animals by name and say "gimme a kiss". He can meow, bark and is learning to cluck like a chicken. He is also learning when asked what the bird says to say, "Birds don't talk". He answers the telephone, the door and says, "HI" in my EXACT tone of voice fooling my husband many times.

Clearly the best thing he says has to do with my husbands career. He is a cop. Godzilla LOVES to say, "BUCKLE UP" and with the accent of Sylvester Stallone, he says, "I AM THE LAW"!

Anonymous - 2005-07-16
I don't have a macaw but I'm reseaching them for my project. i have learned that a macaw can kill a small bull terrier. if i was to have a macaw i would call it snuffles

sincerely Louise Labudde

Jamie - 2005-05-15
Very intelligent and interesting birds. I have one that was actually trained to talk, and of course you can count on the fact that he does swear at times, too!

cameron - 2005-04-20
the bestest macaws ever!

Andres Parra - 2005-01-31
sorry for my english, i

Chris Wilson - 2005-01-30
Avocado is also a big no-no.

Kristi - 2005-01-18
I have 2 blu/golds. One is named Cookie (my first purchase ... she was formerly owned by another person and I bought her when she was almost two) who is now aprox 5 yrs old. Then I have Lacy, who is ten. I just purchased her about 3 months ago but have known of her for aprox 5 yrs. Lacy and Cookie (and most of my other birds) came from the same pet store. Lacy was purchased by someone who due to family situation needed to find another home for her. So she joined our flock a few months ago. Blu/Golds are my fav macaws. They seem to be the most laid back and open macaws I have had the pleasure to deal with. They aim to please the human they have contact with, they love to receive love as well as give it back. And when I stand back and see these two parrots, it amazes me that I am priviledged to have the trust that I do from them. I love all my birds and consider them my fids (feathered kids).

(PS ... Shay ... it is sometimes keeping these endangered species like we do that saves them from being extinct.)

Keith Allison - 2005-01-13
My wife and I have a great,and beautifull Blue and Gold named KoKo.
He is three years old , and we have had him/her since he was fourteen weeks old. He gets along with our labrador and two cats very well. actually he is the boss among our animals, but they have a very symbiotic relationship that could be on "funniest videos" every day. He can say numerous words and phrases, such as: Hello Koko, uh-oh, bad bird, good bird, peek-a-boo and much more. Every time he hears a knock on the door or the phone ring he answers Hello! My wife and I can both handle him and encourage others to do the same under supervision so that he will not go one sided. He does favor me more, but I worked with him at the start to be handled by my wife and friends, and it has made him an important member of the family.