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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Mike - 2006-12-08
hello i have a 1yr old blue and gold macaw. his name is sammie. he talks a lot, hello is most common, steps up and down and laughs. he is my baby. when he gets loud and screams i tell him im going to tickle him. he repeats im going to tickle u and laughs over and over. he is spoiled and great with the rest of my family, but his my bird and they can tell. he follows me thru the house from one end to the other. great companion if raise right. lots of fun.

brandon - 2006-11-13
I have 6 macaws in my living room. Pete (yellow collar), Goose (4 F y/o miltary), Joe Joe(11 y/o F BG), Burt(20 y/o M BG), Sunny(8 y/o F BG), and Rowdy (8 y/o M BG).I found out that the blue and golds are the most loving macaws to have. I don't have any thing against the others but they are awesome. They share my home with an Umbrella cockatoo (Zipper 5 y/o m) which is the noisest of the bunch. I like how they talk to each other. Goose will yell "Bye" and Burt will follow "where you goin." When the phone rings they yell "Hello" and "what you doing", "Alright", "ok" and "Bye." If I have to recommend a pet bird it would have to be a Blue and Gold Macaw.

Jeremy Stevens - 2006-09-03
Hi,I have a B&G Macaw. He is 4 Months old and we are having so much fun. What a wonderfull Bird :-) Thanks to Animal World for the free Information that they share on Macaws. This website helped alot, Thank you

George - 2006-07-17
I have a B&G Macaw I got from my brother. he could not keep her in his apartment, she's just too-noisy and the neighbors complained about it. She's constantly screaming and anyone can hear her from quite a long distance. She's very affectionate with me. for some reason she prefers men as opposed to women. She calls me father in spanish (papa) and calls my wife loca with means crazy in spanish. She's very adorable when she wants to be, and quite aggressive for no apparent reason at times as well. Either way she's a great addition to our family

Rob - 2006-07-02
I Just adopted Rebecca, a supposedly female and very neglected B&G. Her dishes were dirty and all I found her with was a lil green slime for water and the scurge of the bird world, those damn sunflower seeds to eat. Her chest feathers where gone and she looked like she had never been groomed. Well, we went from her tryin to kill me last Monday night when I brought her home ( in her cage mind you-forget tryin to get her out and into a carrier) to having her groomed Yesterday (Sat. morning) Now shes a happy camper and a changed bird. She sits with me & doesnt do more than a lil nibble on my (wait let me count em) fingers and seems to be bonding already w/me.I always wanted a bigger bird like this but could never afford one. Have to believe the universe brought us together!!

Elianet - 2006-05-02
i had a blue and gold macaw, but it was just recently got stolen. i will be getting a new one, hopefully this month thatim buying off the internet. its much better and hopefully it turns out good.

Taryn - 2006-03-25
I have a male Blue and Gold Macaw named Sun Belly. I got him from a well known breeder. Sun Belly is a beautiful, outgoing sweetheart that is an amazingly playful bird with a gentle and loving personality. His cage, a 5 by 5 by 5 California cage with a playtop, is located in the family room where attention is abundant. He can say a weak 'Hello' and a cute 'I'm Sun Belly!' She is very popular with people since he comes to work with me and sits no a stand in the lobby.
I really love him more than anything and he is spoiled rotten...In a sweet sort of way. :)

Sammy - 2006-03-05
i have many birds and other animals that i take care of and this site helped me alot with learning more about them.

Lynne Burrow - 2005-12-30
I have a 6 month old BnG who I have had since she was 9 weeks old. She has been DNA'd as female. She is the best pet I have ever owned. She is always ready for snuggles and companionship. Better than any dog!! So much personality and entertainment. I can't believe I waited 34 years to be owned by her!! She was definitely worth waiting for and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

regina - 2005-10-12
I have a B&G named McDuff. He is about 34- 38 yrs old. He was given to my mother on my 5th birthday b/c his previous owners could not afford him. Now I am 21 and in a new home and he is still with me. McDuff calls me Moma and He calls himself Bird. He has his own sunroom which he Loves and never wants to leave. He follows me everywhere and I think they are the sweetest animals alive (on their good days). The wierd thing is he doesnt fly. So he is somewhat skinny on his chest, he just walks and climbs everywhere.