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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Steven Brunckhorst - 2008-08-30
Hello my name is Steven, mine and my moms macaw is named Harley. We bought him from an abusive house where things were thrown at his cage, he was screamed at to shut the f--k up, and at least one person would slap him off his perch. Since we got him we totally love and appreciate him, and he has calmed down a lot, but in the last few days he has been using his bad words more & lunging at my face more while he is in the cage. I take him out to the bathroom (he gives me kisses along the way) and I spray him with Molt Ease which really helps him when he is molting, but what worries me now is the length of his bottom bill; it is flaking and seems to bother him when he eats hard food like ham, hamburger,and brazial nuts. What length should a bottom bill be and how can they be shaved?

andre davis - 2007-08-12
Hi, my wife and I have a 7 old named Nelly a.ka. Nellygirl. she is a very sweet and loveable bird that fits in with the family. she is definitely mamas baby. she gets more love than me or our 3 girls. she loves anyone with food, she says words like want some(food), hello, whats up, ooch, un-unhh, step up, and when you wave your hand in the form of hi she says hi. and she can mimic anybody's sound (our kids taught her that). NELLY loves to groom mom and dad all the time. we love her so much that we plan on getting her a mate (she thinks mom is her mate).

Christopher J. Steadman - 2007-07-15
My wife, Rebecca, purchased my first B&G for my birthday day. Any one who has really ever known me has known that I wanted a B&G for a very long time. Since this is my first B&G it has been a learning experience. I never knew that they would be such a kick in the pants to own. Jack is now 8 months old and is already talking. He says love you Jack, good night, and he also says my wife's name. He is by far the smartest animal I have ever owned. I started seeing him, at the breeder's, as soon as possible, to earn his trust and bond with him. Jack takes naps with me, and plays like a cat all the time with me and my wife. My wife has taught him to do what we call dead bird. In which he lays on his back in her hand with his head laying down her forearm, and lays there like a dead bird. However dead birds dont squack, which we are working on. Jack is a member of our family. He eats, plays, and goes almost everywhere with us. I would highly recommend B&G's for almost anyone. Soon Jack will be saying Semper Fi and other Marine Corps things. I love my bird and always will.

Mike Penny - 2007-05-20
We have a B&G, 2 year old named Diego. He's great, matter of fact he's sitting on my shoulder right now as I type this. But he is LOUD! He screams so loud if you are eating in front of him that it makes your blood curdle. He's almost always affectionate and talkative. He loves to hug and kiss. He loves to go on walks and is always walking around the house too. He's just like having another kid, only more needy..LOL... I recommend a B&G for anyone who is willing to commit to a pet for quite possibly the rest of your life. Too often though these birds are given up because people are infatuated with the idea and don't know what they are getting themselves into.
Too Love a bird is too Love for Life, remember that.

renee - 2007-03-12
pretty good website you got here!!

i love macaws but i hate it how you encourage people to keep them as pets its horrible so im not to happy with that but its a good site for information...

Jonie - 2007-01-31
My Blue and Gold, Comet, is the sweetest thing. Though he is big, he is very cuddly and gentle (though everyone gets cranky). He gets along very well with my Scarlet Macaw Ralph. He even likes to say hi to my cockatiels Joey and Mico and my Sun Conure, Lucas. He loves to play on his 3 playstands around the house and boogie in his outdoor aviary with Ralph. His favorite foods are chicken, veggie pizza, and fresh pineapple,and he loves to toss around peas that are still in the pod! These animals are beautiful and amazing companions, but you do have to be experienced to have these birds.

Mike - 2006-12-08
hello i have a 1yr old blue and gold macaw. his name is sammie. he talks a lot, hello is most common, steps up and down and laughs. he is my baby. when he gets loud and screams i tell him im going to tickle him. he repeats im going to tickle u and laughs over and over. he is spoiled and great with the rest of my family, but his my bird and they can tell. he follows me thru the house from one end to the other. great companion if raise right. lots of fun.

brandon - 2006-11-13
I have 6 macaws in my living room. Pete (yellow collar), Goose (4 F y/o miltary), Joe Joe(11 y/o F BG), Burt(20 y/o M BG), Sunny(8 y/o F BG), and Rowdy (8 y/o M BG).I found out that the blue and golds are the most loving macaws to have. I don't have any thing against the others but they are awesome. They share my home with an Umbrella cockatoo (Zipper 5 y/o m) which is the noisest of the bunch. I like how they talk to each other. Goose will yell "Bye" and Burt will follow "where you goin." When the phone rings they yell "Hello" and "what you doing", "Alright", "ok" and "Bye." If I have to recommend a pet bird it would have to be a Blue and Gold Macaw.

Jeremy Stevens - 2006-09-03
Hi,I have a B&G Macaw. He is 4 Months old and we are having so much fun. What a wonderfull Bird :-) Thanks to Animal World for the free Information that they share on Macaws. This website helped alot, Thank you

George - 2006-07-17
I have a B&G Macaw I got from my brother. he could not keep her in his apartment, she's just too-noisy and the neighbors complained about it. She's constantly screaming and anyone can hear her from quite a long distance. She's very affectionate with me. for some reason she prefers men as opposed to women. She calls me father in spanish (papa) and calls my wife loca with means crazy in spanish. She's very adorable when she wants to be, and quite aggressive for no apparent reason at times as well. Either way she's a great addition to our family