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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Brandy - 2010-08-27
I have a question for anyone I have a 4 month old blue and gold baby macaw and her eyes are black and a lil white in them but they have a little red also is it something I need to worry about? Please let me know.. asap.

tina - 2010-05-06
Hi ya there I have got a blue and gold macaw nine months old only had her for a month and was wondering if any one had any ideas the outside bit of her throat under her beak looks a little bit red on either side and was just wondering if any one had any ideas what it could be as all round the hole looks red.

Letty - 2010-01-25
Hello all. Well I'm getting a male B&G, he is 7 months old and was weaned by the person I'm buying from. My question is I'm wondering if once I bring him home will he consider me as his mommie/owner. Will he still be considered as a young/baby that will be allow me to handle him or will I have to work with him. Is this still an age where they consider you their mommie, or will he already be use to this breeder and I will have to work with him and train him to trust me.

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  • Mike Hodges - 2010-03-03
    All birds require some time investment and some work for them to trust you. Trust is the key word. Being a young bird, in a very short time, with a little love and some time investment, it won't be long before your B&G will be your best pal. Half the time mine follows me around like a puppy. It's pathetic...but we love him and wouldn't trade him for anything. You'll be glad you invested the time later on. Good luck.
Lannette - 2009-05-09
I have a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw, and she has been part of the family for 20 years now, her name is Lacy. When I first looked at her at the pet store it was love at first sight. I spent every Sunday at the pet store to visit and feed her, even though there was "Do Not Touch Signs" BIRD WILL BITE, (she had several differnt homes (5) and they would always bring her back due to biting) all over her cage.Each Sunday she would eat out my hands and we became close. Then one Sunday the manager at the pet store came to me and told me I would never see her again because she was going to shipped to another store because this store was closing. Needless to say she became part of our family that day, the pet store deliverd her, cage, food and vet. visits for 1 year that afternnon. The love grew, and she greets me with hello every afternoon when I get home from work. Lacy is very spoiled by my husband and I and we love her very much, so proud to have her in our family.


Cathy - 2009-02-13
I was very fortunate to have a blue and gold macaw at one time. Her name was Jammie and she was my world. I was fortunate enough to live across the street from a man who raised macaws and was responsible for training Officer Bird. I worked for a vet who was an avian vet and had acquired my first macaw who was very very deformed and was not expected to live more than 2 months. He was given to me and named Mikey due to the fact he loved food...."give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything" Mikey live to a ripe old age of 11 months and he had a wonderful life. But I was crushed when he left me so I cried all the time and was very depressed. I started being drawn to the neighbor across the street due to the fact he raised macaws, amongst other birds. He started teaching m how to train them and how to deal with their behaviors. Very very much to my surprise, one day him and his wife called me into their livingroom and had a tiny 4 wk old baby and asked what I thought.....well, I was so happy to be able to play with a tiny baby. They then told me that she was mine....they were going to allow me to buy her. I told them I couldn't afford her but thank you. They told me that they would take $300 for her and payments of whatever I could afford. I was so shocked and thankful and agreed to pay them off as soon as possible. They allowed me to take her at that time. I was so scared for some reason after losing Mikey I was afraid I would do something wrong that would make her die. I kept her in a box on my bed next to me and for the first 2 weeks I think she hated me or so it seemed. We came to finally love each other and what a relationship that was. She and I would talk to each other all the time and every night when I got home from work we would have an hour of playtime. That belonged to her....always. Times got rough and I had to have a "friend" watch her for me and while watching her....she decided to move and then make her number unlisted. I miss Jammie so much and would give anything to find her. I will never forget her .....

maartje - 2009-01-26
please see your answer at the community forum. Search for my name


armando - 2009-01-24
I have a B&G Male aprox.12 years old, at times he could be the sweetest but other times he just wants to scream. I purchased him from a family that did not have enough time for him anymore because of their childrens activities. They had him since little together with a female scarlet macaw. Unfortionaly, about two years, ago the scarlet macaw flew away after 29 years. So needless to say, they were very sad.
I have an african congo grey, eclectus male & female, and a catalina macaw. I tried putting him together with my catalina but they just fight for must of the day, and I just don't have the time to re-train the B&G to get along with the rest of my birds.
So if any body is interested in a smart big and good looking male B&G that talks in
english & spanish, e-mail me for pictures and will talk price. I also have a cage with cover if you need it. Thanks

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  • Susie - 2010-03-17
    Hi there, We would be very interested in the B&G macaw. We recently lost Diego, who we adopted 6 years ago. We know we cannot replace him, but we are eager to replace the experience of living with one of these birds again. We have a large home, large yard, live in the Colorado mountains and have a lot of love to give. Please email pictures, and more info on the B&G's personality, habits, likes and dislikes. Many thanks
  • Susie - 2010-03-17
    Hi there, We would be very interested in the B&G macaw. We recently lost Diego, who we adopted 6 years ago. We know we cannot replace him, but we are eager to replace the experience of living with one of these birds again. We have a large home, large yard, live in the Colorado mountains and have a lot of love to give. Please email pictures, and more info on the B&G's personality, habits, likes and dislikes. Many thanks
Matt Smith - 2008-12-07
My name is Matt Smith. We have 2 Congo African Grey Parrots and a Conure. We just buried one of our Beautiful Congo's today. Very Sad Day... he was only 8. We are waiting results from the autopsy. It has been the hardest 3 days we've had in a long time. His Name is Sam. We called him Sammy Sam. Norman Loved him, he was our other Congo. They were best friends. We are looking forward to STELLA our Blue and Gold. She should be home on the 13 of December 2008. We have been watching her via email. We Love you SAMMY and will always miss you.... "HI Sam"
Mommy and Daddy.

Kara - 2008-12-02
I have a Blue and Gold Macaw named Frenchy. I've had her about 4 months now and love her. She's 2 years old and I bought her from a lady that didn't have much time for her anymore. I started out with a cockatiel, conure, and quaker parrot. So a blue and gold was different at first, but we fell in love with her. I've always wanted a blue and gold and I'm so thrilled to have one now. Some of the things she can say are Frenchy dancin, hello, step up, shut up, hush, and she hums good girl.

Niurka - 2008-10-18
Hi, I glad to know that a lot of you have many experiences of with gold and blue macaws. On wednesday oct 15th I brought a one day old baby home to hand feed, since my friends has the parents who won't take care of the babies. Since my friend is an expert in hand feeding already, but couldn't take care of the baby, I decided to bring home this beautiful and amazing baby. My family (two daughters, husband and parents) were super happy with it. While I am at work my dad will be in the house babysitting and feeding the baby. Little that I know is that you can not change the temperature of the baby in the cage or box you have it since it could actually create what is called by crop slow-down. Unfortunately last night at 12:30am my baby macaw died from this since I by mistake lower the temperature of the heating pad thinking it was too hot. This is just an advise for those of you that are planning to have one or have one already. I will definitely be getting another one and I will be taking better care of it since I learned the hard way this time.
Thanks for sharing your comments in the web. May God Bless you ALL! Niurka