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The beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw is a champion of large Macaws in color and personality!
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Tommy VanVleet - 2012-12-28
I just got a blue and gold macaw. She's bout 10 years old with an awesome personality she plucks her feathers. She's been plucking her whole life and the owners tried almost everything. She's still a beautiful bird just won't leave her chest, legs, and tip of wing feathers alone...... The other problem I have with her is I don't know how to bond with her, she's was super sweet too me at her other owners house but now she's so skiddish around me, I can barely pick her up anymore. Am I doing somethin wrong??? Or does this just take time for our bond to be closer. And as for the feather plucking what should I do about that?? Need desperate help.!! I don't wanna lose her or have her hate me! Please help me!!!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-29
    It will take some time to get your macaw to become comfortable with you and its new home.  Parrots bond with their owners and become very withdrawn with that type of change.  You will just need to recreate a bond and earn the birds trust.  The plucking can be a number of things.  Can be stress or even the mix of foods.  I would get a vet that specializes in large birds give it a physical and look for medical reasons as well.  Good luck with your new friend.
A.Khalil - 2012-08-30
What should I do to my new african grey first week?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-30
    African Greys are more timid/shy thanmany birds.  They don't deal with a lot of commotion, children running around, doors slamming etc.  They will adjust to most things but are a more timid more - way more timid than a macaw.  So the first week, just let him settle in.  Let him get used to the  sounds and smeels and sights of his new home.  Talk tohim and put words to his actions.  He probably won't move around a lot - just enough initially to eat and drink.  But if he flaps his waings say something like 'pretty' or 'show off'.  'step up' is obvious.  Id' take him from room to room and tell him what things are like bed, chair, window, sofa etc.  It is a way of the two of you getting to know each other.  Once he settles in - he will train you so just listen and you will be fine.  They like to be close to you, they like being able to find a safe place with their cage (so against a wall - not a window).  Indroduce a new toy or item outside the cage until he is used to it and accepts it.  Think 3 year old shy child dressed in feathers and put sounds and words to anything you can think of.  They do love to talk.
  • Mohammed Ahmed - 2012-11-20
    Keep the bird clean and warm, pet the bird and smile at it. They love it. Repeat words that you want him to learn, they do learn quick. if you or any one you know of, have birds to give away due to care issues, feel free to let me know. :) i love birds
linda - 2012-07-02
I adopted a 6 yr old macaw named Blue, from Crystal, a lady I work with. Her Dr. advised her to rid her home of Blue, whom she hand raised, and Blues parents, due to Crystals allergies and breathing problems. Blue was never handled by anyone other than Crystal and she only took about 3 days to get used to me and allow me to touch her and she now steps up for me once she comes down from the security of her cage. She will allow me to pet her on her cage but bites terribly hard if I try to get her to step up while on the cage, so I coax her down to the floor and then I can hold her. My husband and 3 teenage kids (the kids are very kind, calm, gentle animal lovers) have been trying to make friends with her by giving her treats which she will accept, my husband even had her licking cream off his finger, then in the next instant she will lash out and bite. She still bites me pretty hard when she feels like it. She seems very interested in my six year old son, he probably spends the most time around her cause her cage is in our florida room where he plays his video games. She really seems to love watching him play his games and shes always dancing along to the music. I am scared to let him try to pet her because she is unpredictable but she does seem to be very calm when I'm holding her or letting her sit in my lap and he is close by. A couple of times she has tried to approach him when shes off her cage walking around on the floor but I get scared and tell him to move away from her cause his little fingers are so little and cute I don't want them injured by her. Could I please get some reccomendations about training videos, and maybe some trust building exercises or something like that cause I feel like maybe I'm holding her back from developing a relationship with my 6 yr old out of my fear she may injure him.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-07-02
    Chet Womach has good training videos.,  you could check them out to see if they can help: Parrot Training Techniques.
  • jolenne - 2012-10-28
    If you still have any guestions feel free to contact me at I have alot of bird experience. I own everything from lovebirds to macaws..and have a lot of training experience. Another lady mentioned chet he is great. Chet and his brother have a ton on wonderful training videos out..but mostly for misbehaving. Anyway if you want you can contact me.
Michelle - 2012-05-23
I bought a blue and gold, supposed to be a female, she's 9, have had her about 1 1/2 yrs and she has never layed an egg, is she supposed to be or could she be a male? Other then that she is a very good bird, talk like you wouldn't believe. I have counted 50 or more things she says, and she seems to learn quickly, you tell her to dance and she dances, you make noises at her and she repeats them, she loves to go for rides in the car or walks in the yard, she's like my kid, me and granddaughter sing her a song 1 bella 2 bella and when we get to 4 she says 5 lol, she amazes me all the time, she screams then tells herself to shut up lol, she cracks up laughing and coughs most awesome pet I have ever owned, I also have a red lored amazon and he is quite the talker too, way too kewl, they are part of the family for sure, spoiled rotten

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  • Michelle - 2012-05-23
    Here r some things she says, hi, hello, bye bye, whats up, are you ok, mama, shut up, mmmmmmmmm is that good uh huh, good girl, bella, pretty bird, no. When u give her something and she drops it she says uh oh, pretty girl, thats good, when the phone rings she says hello, uh huh, uh huh, ok, alright, bye bye, she cracks up laughing which is so funny, she coughs, just like my sister in law lol, we count and get to 4, she says five, trying to get her to start at one. I make noises at her she repeats them, tell her to dance she dances, she sings the banana split song, la la la lalalala, this bird is very smart, no other word for her but amazing, she picks things up quite easily, she even calls my sons name, matttttttttt lol, shes my buddy I spend the whole day messing with her, she my baby thats for sure, I love this bird
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-23
    Parrots are absolutely amazing to me. I wouldn't be slanted in any way. They are definitely part of the family for sure. I have actually gotten into arguments with a couple of mine. OK Blue/Gold and egg laying. At some time she may lay an egg - just let her sit it if she wants. However, it may never happen. I have no idea why some female parrots will just lay an egg and others can be 35 years old and lay an egg for the first time. Others never do. Hormones - just have no idea. She could be a boy but it is usually the gals that talk the most - or she just doesn't feel any desire to lay an egg.
  • Michelle - 2012-05-23
    She also says, come here and come on and whatever, proud of her, can ya tell sorry gotta brag a bit, anything I say I guarantee ya that bird is going to repeat, spend alot of time with your bird and u will be amazed at what they can do, seems like everyday she says something new in the morning when I go past her cage, hello, mama, she's a trip says things at the moment she should, they say these birds have the mentality of a 5 yr old child I believe it, sometimes I tell her to come here and she says no and she don't come either lol truly an amazing animal and I'm sure anyone who owns one would agree with me on that on,
  • Michelle - 2012-05-23
    ty for the input charlie, thought about having her sexed, but not planning on breeding so not a big thing, maybe she will surprise me one day with an egg,
  • jolenne - 2012-10-28
    If you still have any questions and would like to talk you can reach me at I own two blue and golds and have alot of big and small bird experience.
gloria - 2012-08-15
I bought b g macaw the owner said it's about 2 yr old. They never had a lot of time with it as work. It seems to have took to my partener whose male, and it brings its food back up when he goes near. He can stroke its head and it will go on his arm, but if I go near it lunges at me and may bite my partener but if it's in cage I can go near and touch his beak but nothing else but if my partner comes by it gets ansty again. I want it to be a happy loving bird ,we have had it about 4 months,

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-15
    My guess here is that the blue/gold bonded with someone that looks like or reminds her of your partner.  Could be height, scent, hair color, voice - anything but the Blue Gold feels safe with your partner and is bonded.  The regurgitation is their way of saying 'I love you'.  A parrot doesn't have money or jewelry and can't buy things at a store so they give the only thing they have to give and that is their food.  Yes, inconvienant at times but you can just grab the beak and say 'love you but not hungry now'   I wouldn't reject or yell at the behavior as it is their way of saying how much they love you.  As for you - hey over time when the blue gold is more secure in your partners love - it may let you hold/pick up and pet but possibly not.  It has bonded pretty well with your partner but often they will accept other members of the flock.  If this blue gold has not been loved/socialized - maybe time will just solve all the problems.  if not - then let your parner love this creature and just go get a conure ---  Conures get along with all including the blue gold.  Get a young hand fed one from a breeder that is barely weaned.  One other thing - possibly you are getting the wrath of the blue gold for the neglect of the previous owner.  It may work out in time but I believe it is an older bird - past the age of two and has 'mated' with your partner. 
yolan - 2012-05-31
I am giving out a special pair of Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots to any loving and caring home due to my relocation . They are home raised and all registered. I have raised them from babies to maturity. These sweet macaws have a great vocabulary and they love to sing. . These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird manual i have prepared to help any new home take good care of them.They are very friendly and will make perfect pets.Contact me for more information and pictures.
Email :

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  • kamran nawaz - 2012-06-01
    Hi its Kamran I am intrested in keeping your because I have lot of birds in my home. I love to keep them. I live in kolkatta if u think I am the right person then u can call me in this number 09831818806 or mail me
  • WARNING - 2012-09-19
    This is most likely a scam. There are lots of these going around on the web right now. They get you excited, ask you lots of questions, gain your trust. Then they say they want to ship the birds to your home. You wire them the money for shipping costs, but never get the birds. Please be very careful!
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-19
    Thank you for WARNING ---   sometimes things are there and I and others just do not see them.  I had a fella write me to purchase a male hyacinth but the bird was in some foreign country and had to go through quarantine.  I mean the hyacinth was free but the shipping was thousands.  I knew just enough to know there was no Hyacinth stuck someplace in the US Foreign Embassy.  But the way they write the ad or email - sounds so legitimate.  I have seen complete websites with total lists of baby birds that you canpurchase.  The prices are about 50% of what you can buy them for in the US.  One big problem - you can't buy them from anothe country and bring them here and these are scams.  Scary. 
B.Kaissy - 2012-08-18
Hello, please help me. I have an african grey parrot. I have a closed balcony its about 6m x 5m, and I want to buy a blue and gold macaw. Can I put them both in the balcony. My biggest fear is that they might fight and maybe one of the birds will stop talking. please reply soon. thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-18
    Sure you canput them together in that sized space.  I would make sure they both have their own area/peches toys etc. but they will get along - except for an occasional spat which the grey will win.  They will talk to you in human English and they will develop a language where they can talk to each other.  Blue/Golds are pretty easy going.  I'd introduce them in some neutral territory and watch them.  They are going to be like having two kids.  The blue gold will think the grey has the better toy and the grey will think the blue gold has the better food etc but they should  be just fine.  My macaw tells on the grey all the time but the grey will climb all over the macaws perch. 
  • B.Kaissy - 2012-08-18
    Thank you a lot for helping me. Heading tommorow to buy the blue gold :D
  • A.Khalil - 2012-08-30
    Thanks a lot too Already have the blue gold macaw Heading to buy african grey :P
Elysa - 2012-07-08
Love my bird. Want to set something for the rest of his life; after mine is over. Never would accept anyone in show business; who uses these birds for entertainment purposes..... I love my Mac and want only the best for him. Just want to put this out there; to see what happens...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-09
    Some birds (parrots) are just very natural hams.  They love to goof around.  I had one that would hang by his wing from the ceiling fan and pretend he was dead and then was staring at what they thought was a dead bird, he would jump on them.  He learned to break out of the house.  Some parrots are like people - just natural entertainers. 
gail seebaran - 2012-07-06
Cocoluckes is my babylove my macaw.............

Theresa Pratt - 2012-04-15
Oh our blue and gold already says step up hello hi and far out and love you. He's trying to say other stuff just can't make it out yet. He or she is very well behaved. He feeds my large dog and my dog washed his face. He's beat my cat up and knocked him off the railing to the floor below. The guy is such a sweet little guy with a great personality. I need to know how long do you syringe feed them. I don't want him to become dependent on it and not want to eat on his own my neighbor said he should be eating so i've been trying to cut 1 feeding out and givng him the scrambbled eggs baked sweet potato cooked mixed vegetables fresh cooked green beans fresh fruit and he only knibbles

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-17
    From what I gather from your previous question - this little fella is about 10 months old. You can cut back his feedings to 60 cc before you or he goes to bed - just to make sure his belly is full before bed. Gradullay reduce him down to no feedings -- maybe reduce down 10 cc a night for a week. So first week 60 cc each night. Second week 50 cc's, third week 40 cc's. Are you giving him macaw seed mix? Also give him cracked walnuts, cheerios, ritz crackers with honey on them. Macaws eat a lot of protecin more so than vegatables. They do like cooked sweet potatoes but not really into a lot of fruits. Chicken, tuna, macoroni --- Sounds like you are having fun though.