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Sonny - 2006-01-31
I purchased my Ruby from a breeder a little over a year ago. Having been a hand fed baby, he was very tame and extremely lovable right from the start. He just turned a year and a half old and his coloration keeps getting more and more vivid. He's also quite large bodied, in fact, a friend of mine has a Hyacinth and my Ruby's body is broader. that combined with the Scarlet's tail lengtht makes this bird truly striking. He has the intelligence of a Scarlet, and the demeaner of a Greenwing. I would whole heartedly recommend this hybrid to anyone interested in purchasing a Macaw.

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Lisa - 2006-01-22
I have a 2 1/2 yr old Harlequin Macaw and he is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to us ! He is so sweet and friendly, we often take him to the beach or to the park and people flock to him (he loves the attention). He is very mischevious loves to chew on anything in his reach. He has a large vocabulary for only 2 1/2. He started talking around 6 months his first words were "hello" and "I love you". He is very comical -- he laughs at all the appropreate times and loves his swing, he will swing all day long if you let him. He picked up the dogs name fairly quick... he loves to call the dog, who, i might add, is thouroughly confused by this! I would recommend a Harlequin to anyone planning on buying a macaw. they are very very entertaining but they do demand a lot of attention and LOVE!

Anonymous - 2006-01-21
These birds talk alot!!! They can get irratated very easily and when you make them mad they will let you know. When our Macaw bites someone or gets in trouble (he knows these things) he will scream "no". Also everytime we answer the phone he says hello about 3 times. Some how our bird also learned how to insult people... If you want a bird this would be a good choice to make they are very fast learners and would be just like another member of the family.

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enrique - 2006-01-11
Hello everyone! I have greenwing macaw named, APPLE! She is the most intellegent animal I have ever encountered. She has a life of made for a queen. She has 2 california king cages. One outside on the patio and one in the house. She loves walks by the beach and will stare at the ocean view on the patio.(we are in miami) She loves to cuddle and give kisses to my partner and I. She loves to cuddle and play games. Her best friend is our little pekanese dog. They play together and Apple talks to him all the time. We got her at 26 days old. And she started talking at 2 months. YES, 2 MONTHS. She is now 2 yrs and is the light of our life. She also never stops talking. She is a real Kathy chit chat. When we got her I would hold her and sing her a little silly song I made up called ,"baby bird" Still to the day she loves to be held like a baby and will go to sleep while hearing her little song. And a scratch on the head.
How we love our Apple!

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Irish - 2006-01-09
Hybrid macaws are undoubtedly beautiful, but you can't beat the "originals" for color, pattern and intensity, as well as known personalities!

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Sonya - 2006-01-08
I got my Hahn's macaw Raleigh Napole'hahn' 5 years ago as a 4 month old baby. He and I met at a pet show where his breeder had brought him along with multiple other baby parrots. The deciding point for me was his reaction to this 10 year old boy that came up to him and was poking towards his face with a finger. Suddenly, he looked intently at the child, flashed his eyes and yelled "boo!" He child ran away in surprise and I knew that I had to have him. Since then he has grown to be the ruling animal member of our family barking with the dogs, calling them over by name to try to bite them, yelling hello whenever the phone rings, reminding us when it is time to wake up or go to sleep by appropriately asking for "breakfast" and adamantly screaming "night night". He also tells people that he is a "Hokie Bird" (appropriate for a Va. Tech alumni and loves to play peek-a-boo, kiss and cuddle under your chin. I would highly recommend this bird to someone looking to have an easy going, flexible and small parrot. This is a commitment though since these birds live an average of 40 years and will always have the mentality of a mischevious 3 year old constantly playing games to see what type of reaction they can get from you. Fun!

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Maryann Johnston - 2006-01-07
I share my house with 8 macaws. I find my Bluethroat to be the sweetest next to my Hyacinth. He absolutely loves to cuddle and will go to anyone. He does not have a preferred companion and loves to spend time equally with both my husband and I. He is the master mechanic of the group and succeeded in taking his cage doors off within a few days of arriving in our home. I have met other BTMs and have not found them to be as loveable. I feel a lot of it has to do with socialization as a baby. he can be loud at times and his vocabulary is not as good as the Greenwings. Oscar is 3 years old.

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Tamee B. - 2006-01-02
I just lost my fiance to a eight month bout with lung cancer. We have been together for five years. When I met him he had a Severe Macaw.
He got her in 1976. she is very selective as she was caught in the wild. He had to tame her. She would bite his fingers all the way to the bone and tear it back but he persisted until she finely fell in love with him.
He named her Mandy because he said she had to be a female because she was a real bitch. Well about 8 years ago she proved him right by laying an egg.
I am one of the lucky few she has allowed to even touch her. She makes grown men flinch in fear. She is mine because Jeff asked me to take care of her...and...she wants to eat everyone else.
For me she is a sweetie. She coos to me, trys to feed me, shares my breakfast, and rolls over when she is happy and lets me scratch her tummy. She misses her dad right now though. ME TO!

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Lynne Burrow - 2005-12-30
I have a 6 month old BnG who I have had since she was 9 weeks old. She has been DNA'd as female. She is the best pet I have ever owned. She is always ready for snuggles and companionship. Better than any dog!! So much personality and entertainment. I can't believe I waited 34 years to be owned by her!! She was definitely worth waiting for and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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LUIS - 2005-12-30
It is true, birds are most breath taking in the wild however, now that they are being bred in captivity for pets, we can only hope that people do their homework because these birds do require a lot of time and real know how, they aren't your common canary! I keep telling people, macaws are not cats or dogs, they are birds that have a completely different psychology! In my opinion, if you don't like screeching, you have no business owning a macaw or any bird for that matter! Birds screech when their needs aren't being met therefore it is not the bird's fault and the "owner" should look for another home for their bird instead of subjecting an animal to such conditions! I've had my scarlet for a little less than a year now and she is the most beautiful playful bird I have ever owned and definitely not a screecher! Here's to many happy scarlet macaw owners!


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