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Connie Vasquez - 2008-10-28
I am the proud owner of a beautiful five-month-old BTM. She is amazing. So intelligent, mechanically inclinded (to say the least!), and absolutely loving. I researched, made purchases, and planned extensively for two years before acquiring her. She has a hugh cage, an upstairs and a downstairs hanging gym, tons of toys of all kinds, and she gets lots of love, time, and attention. I have only had her for three weeks, but I have already been able to take her out for long walks around the neighborhood (with a harness). She enjoys every new toy, food, and experience with zest. She passed the vet check with flying colors and appears very healthy and happy. We are lucky to have her in our lives. I was wondering though, how do I encourage more independent play while I am nearby? She wants to be right there with me when I am in the same room as her. I love spending interactive time with her, but I also realize it is healthy for her emotionally to be able to enjoy some independent play where we can just hang out in each other's company in the same toom together. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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vanessa - 2008-10-24
Hello, my name is vanessa. I own a scarlet macaw and I must say yeah he's moody, but I know him well enought to work around that. He is very affectionate and still bites every now again, but for the most part he's really sweet. He spends a lot of time flying around the house and outside from time to time. Luckly he's not a screamer, he calls us by name when he wants us. he also is very strong willed. If he can't get his way it's best to redirect his attention to somthing else. This bird gets a bad rap and I think it's because people don't really know how to manage with them. Me and my pretty boy are pretty well bonded and he can read minds which is pretty cool, and not somthing I hear about macaws too often or at all. Needless to say, he is a very special bird and a great family member. He needs lots of love. I think the scarlet macaw can be a good family pet, you just gotta have the knack and patience. Not a bird for just anyone.

allen - 2008-10-22
I have a blue and gold macaw and his name is ashton. He's still young, about 8 or 9 months old. He talks a little bit like "step up" but we can't get him to say anything else. Any ideas on how to get him to talk?

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Niurka - 2008-10-18
Hi, I glad to know that a lot of you have many experiences of with gold and blue macaws. On wednesday oct 15th I brought a one day old baby home to hand feed, since my friends has the parents who won't take care of the babies. Since my friend is an expert in hand feeding already, but couldn't take care of the baby, I decided to bring home this beautiful and amazing baby. My family (two daughters, husband and parents) were super happy with it. While I am at work my dad will be in the house babysitting and feeding the baby. Little that I know is that you can not change the temperature of the baby in the cage or box you have it since it could actually create what is called by crop slow-down. Unfortunately last night at 12:30am my baby macaw died from this since I by mistake lower the temperature of the heating pad thinking it was too hot. This is just an advise for those of you that are planning to have one or have one already. I will definitely be getting another one and I will be taking better care of it since I learned the hard way this time.
Thanks for sharing your comments in the web. May God Bless you ALL! Niurka

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McKenna Riley - 2008-10-17
I am thinking about getting a green-winged macaw and I needed some advice on what they might really like to eat, when they mostly like to mate, suggestions on size cages, and any other information that I might need. Thank You! Sincerly, McKenna Riley

ME - 2008-09-19
Green Wing Macaws are the most perfect bird you can have! They are smart, sweet, funny, and just the perfect Macaw. I really love these birds a lot.

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Steven Brunckhorst - 2008-08-30
Hello my name is Steven, mine and my moms macaw is named Harley. We bought him from an abusive house where things were thrown at his cage, he was screamed at to shut the f--k up, and at least one person would slap him off his perch. Since we got him we totally love and appreciate him, and he has calmed down a lot, but in the last few days he has been using his bad words more & lunging at my face more while he is in the cage. I take him out to the bathroom (he gives me kisses along the way) and I spray him with Molt Ease which really helps him when he is molting, but what worries me now is the length of his bottom bill; it is flaking and seems to bother him when he eats hard food like ham, hamburger,and brazial nuts. What length should a bottom bill be and how can they be shaved?

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Chloe - 2008-07-24
Hyacinth macaws are indeed the most beautiful, intelligent and gentle bitds!

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Christian - 2008-07-07
My Severe is named "Sasha" and is a rescued 20-year old. Although it was my wife's idea to get him, he is completely smitten with me and will have nothing to with her, except raised feathers and an open beak! He still has vestiges of phrases from his last owners, who were apparently a deaf old man and his wife. His vocabulary includes:

- "What? Whaaaat?"
- "Come here" when he sees me and "Go away" when he sees my wife and others
- He screams and then says "Be quiet"
- ...or sometimes "Please be quiet!"
-...or sometimes "oh my God be quiet!"
- When he stepped onto my hand he once said "Thank you sweetheart"
- "Sasha" or "Saaashaaaaaa..."
"Good Night" at night
- "Good Bye" said in a very mournful voice when I go out the front door.
- "Heeerrrre, Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty" said at night, apparently because prev. owners had cats they called in
- "Pretty Bird"
- Various sound effects, like dog growls and coughs, and "OW!" when he bites something

He was a holy terror when we got him, but has calmed down and I can now scritch him, carry him around and have him do tricks, like doing a 360 flip around his perch, giving him a "high 4" (instead of "high 5") and turn on command. Good bird that one.

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Barbara from Northern Germany - 2008-07-05
My ruby macaw named Rico entered my life about 6 years ago. I got her from a breeder when she was able to eat on her own. She was hand raised and very tame from day 1. She is a lovely and absolute pretty macaw. The feathers have this ruby glow and in size she is as big as a greenwing. The young lady developed into a good talker and performs little tricks and acrobatics - especially when she seems to get too little attention! Her appetite is enormous as well as the volume of her voice. But never the less - I would not give her away for anything in the world.


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