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john - 2009-09-23
Bama sez "Hi There". Just an update on my life with my Greenwing Macaw Bama. He and I are doing great and enjoying life. I have learned a lot from him over the past year. Training has been on going and fun for both of us most of the time. I have been blessed with a mild mannered guy who takes most everything in stride. If you read my post below from a year ago you know of my two chocolate labs Ty and JJ. Bama gets along well with both and they have taken to taking food from Bama. In the beginning Bama would drop half of everything he ate. Well as you can guess it didn't take long for two starving labs to figure that out, LOL. Now both Ty and JJ will sit and wait for Bama to feed them snacks from his meal. Bama has a varied diet of his peleted food along with fruit and veggies and what ever I am having. So all three of them can't wait for meal times. Ty is the bravest of the two dogs and will lick Bama's beak clean which stimulates Bama's feed instinct I think. Seeing them share spaghetti like Lady and Tramp is hysterical. Hope you enjoy this GWM true story.

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Dina Richter - 2009-08-27
It's been almost 3years since I brought Maxie Macaw into my home. I remember asking everyone when will she start to really love me and let me pet her....
I was told that birds can take a long time, not weeks, or months; but sometimes years.
It seemed like an eternity; but here we are just 2 months shy of 3 years,.....and
Yes,...Finally I can say that Maxie Loves me as much as I love her. I was on a reclining chair and she climbed onto my stomach, walked up my chest to my face where she started kissing me, while I caressed her body. It was worth waiting for.
She is a one in a million bird....and we love each other more everyday!

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Anonymous - 2009-08-21
Beautiful bird.

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COLLEEN HOWARD - 2009-08-07
My Lucy is a severe and I love her. She can be very loving and then the next minute very protective. She loves to say Hi to our Timneh and blue and gold. She actually taught the Blue and Gold how to wave hello. Lucy turned 9 this month and had her own "Birdie Bread cake" to celebrate her day. Lucy also loves to get down and walk on the floor and play with her toys in the toy box I made for her. Happy Birthday Lucy Aug 1.

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  • Lauren - 2010-05-19
    So your blue and gold gets along with Lucy? Are they in the same cage?
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James - 2009-06-30
i have had a scarlet, a green wing, 2 military macaws and a camelot macaw. i have just bought a scarlet macaw egg from my local parrot shop. but i cant remember how long he said it would take to wean so that is my question???

ps i bought all my macaws when they were about 5 years old

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marty - 2009-05-16
THANKS! for the information, I got everything I wanted to know! TX:)

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Christopher - 2009-05-10
We purchased a Miligold Macaw last year from a local pet store. Zachary, our Miligold Macaw, is 1 Year and 2 Months old. (Hatch Date: March 25, 2008) We actually found him just a few days after he hatched. We went to visit him almost everyday. We even participated in some of his feedings. Zachary is the most well behaved Macaw we have ever encountered. We believe he's so nice because he saw us almost everyday before we were able to take him home. He has never bitten ANYONE and loves strangers! (Unbelieveable, huh?) He LOVES showers! He does sometimes get loud when we leave because he hates being alone. I live in an apartment and the neighbors say that they never hear him. He can say "Zachary" & "Hellooooo". It is so cute! Zachary has not grown attached to one person. (Thankfully) He loves both me and my boyfriend. Zachary is like a little dog. He loves to be rolled onto his back and for you to rub his tummy. He his unfortunately very destructive, as are all Macaws of this size. After people pet Zachary, we warn them that not all Macaws are as nice and gentle as he is. we tell them not to just go up to any Macaw and attempt to pet it. We've had my terrible experiences with other birds, so we know all too well what can happen. We Love Zachary more than anything. He is apart of us now and he will be with us for the rest of my life.
I would definitely reccomend a Miligold Macaw because of their sweet personality, lovely coloring, and because they are just all together wonderful birds!!!

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Lannette - 2009-05-09
I have a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw, and she has been part of the family for 20 years now, her name is Lacy. When I first looked at her at the pet store it was love at first sight. I spent every Sunday at the pet store to visit and feed her, even though there was "Do Not Touch Signs" BIRD WILL BITE, (she had several differnt homes (5) and they would always bring her back due to biting) all over her cage.Each Sunday she would eat out my hands and we became close. Then one Sunday the manager at the pet store came to me and told me I would never see her again because she was going to shipped to another store because this store was closing. Needless to say she became part of our family that day, the pet store deliverd her, cage, food and vet. visits for 1 year that afternnon. The love grew, and she greets me with hello every afternoon when I get home from work. Lacy is very spoiled by my husband and I and we love her very much, so proud to have her in our family.


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Connie Vasquez - 2009-04-07
My BTM was hatched early June 2008 and I can't believe she is 11 months old. Tika is quite amazing. I cannot imagine my life without her. Her intelligence shouldn't surprise me by now, but every day she manages to come up with something new. Tika has not begun to talk yet, but when she is alone she makes lots of sounds as if she is carrying on a very animated conversation with herself. I suppose words will be next. Tika practices flying everyday. She is very accurate and quite a perfectionist. People who have been introduced to her are always amazed at how loving and acrobatic she is. She makes a great BTM ambassador of sorts. My next project is building an outdoor aviary for good weather play time. I'd love to read about others who have succeeded in this undertaking. Hugs and scrithces to all - Connie Vasquez

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roberta - 2009-03-10
Hi all, my 10 year old beautiful baby is Java. I got him at 2-weeks old. I fell in love. He is just like a big dog in temperament, but I am really his only love and he is kind to others but prefers mum. He shares the big bird room with his "brother" albert, the african grey. They like one another and they really do act like 2 siblings, 2 kids. I enjoyed the info on the harlequins and now I know who his dad was, the greenwing.


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