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Tanner Kay - 2007-01-05
I think military macaws are the coolest pets ever. I just recently got one and i have bonded with it more than anybody else could. His name is Fred Kay and he is really protective of me.

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  • ann - 2011-06-05
    That's great! I hope all goes well. Just be sure to socialize him and make sure he does not become hormonal. Good luck with your new birdybaby!
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roberta lathrop - 2011-05-14
Hi everyone- I have just adopted a 12 yr blue and gold named Teeka. He is truly a handful. I have wanted a macaw since I was 10 yrs old. Well at 44 I finally found a deal I couldn't resist. Ha, well after a week, of adopting Teeka, I was like,,,,what in heavens name was I thinking. It is like having a 2yr old all over again. If i am making dinner, and don't get him a dish right away, he will go to his food dish and fling all his food out of the bowl and squack like a spoiled brat. I have had him now for 2 months now and after numerous bites and black and blue swelling arms, I do think I may be gaining his trust. He definetely does not like woman, which is heart crushing as I was getting the bird of my dreams. On a good note, he loves my husband and son. His vocabulary was a bit distrubing when we first got him, but as I have learned to ignore his poor word choice, the less he says them, and is saying much nicer words these days. But what a messy bird, I clean his cage and play stand daily, and not 5 minutes after I do that, he is either shredding the paper on the bottom of the cage, or throwing his food around, or pooping all over....literally feels like i have a two year old again.
He is very chatty and makes me chuckle daily, so I definetely don't regret my purchase, but really hope he begins to enjoy my company as much as he does my husbands. I do have a question as far as bathing goes, I have been putting him in the shower once a week, as he is very dusty all the time, and he is constantly putting his beautiful feathers in his poop, gross.
How often should a parrot be placed in the shower? I hate to think I am over cleansing him.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-14
    Congratulations and welcome to the world of 2 year old dressed in feathers. It will get better. Bathing. I don't believe you can over bathe them - there is definitely a rainy season where they come from. I would do mine 3 - 4 times a week and he loved it. Paper on the bottom just gets totally shredded so you can try a bird bedding. If you can place a shelf in the cage (they have them) large crocks may work better than bowels. My blue gold actually took his entire cage apart by unscrewing all the bolts. I put it back together with new bolts and lock nuts. He should have a perch in addition to his cage and it would be easier to work with him on the perch - by a lot. How is he getting poop on his feathers? Maybe the cage could be set up differently. A macaw is a 2 - 3 year old child and he will become quite affectionate and he will learn to please you. Of course you have to complete your macaw training classes that will be taught by him first.
  • roberta - 2011-05-15
    Hi Cheryl-
    thank you for update. when Teeka is on his play stand, he sits there and poops on it all day, then drags his tail thru it....I tried putting bird bedding on the bottom of the play stand but I found that he would sit there and eat the bedding, and didnt think that would be very good for his digestive system.
    He sits on that stand all day and listens to the radio and dances, its amazing cute.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-15
    I'll try not to be confusing here. It sounds like the wooden perch Teeka is standing on is to low and her tail is dragging on the bed of the perch. Is that the case? If so, is it possible to raise the height of the wooden perch by adding another wooden perch on top of it? Get a large branch from a tree and just hose it down and let it dry. Drill a hole through both ends of the tree limb and the perch you are using. Bolt them together. I don't know the perch you are using but that could raise the perch the height of the tree limb - possibly 3 inches and might work.
  • roberta - 2011-05-15
    he has one of the stainless steel perchs with the two feeder trays and the big round stainless steel tray at the bottom, his tail feathers just touch it when he is sitting up, but he loves to climb down from the perch and walk all over the tray, just dont know what else to try. If he didnt walk all over the tray their wouldnt be an issue, but he loves to slide down the pole to the bottom where the tray is, so he can clean up what ever treats he drops.
    and of cource his poop is so watery that it just smears...any suggestions?\
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-15
    OK I think I got it. It is a round bottom perch with a U and then a sorta like dowel rod with two feeder dishes. Is that correct? Macaws really can't stand on round dowel rods (most birds can't) as their feet are larger and they get cramps from trying. It would be like you walking on the dowel rod. Just can't do it. You need a large variable diameter wooden perch for your Teeka. You can buy one (used or new) or you can make one. I would look up various perches that are available for macaws and then decide if you want to make or purchase. You do need some wood that is 2 - 3 inches deep - like a limb of a tree. Your Teeka is coming down from the perch because his feet hurt trying to hang on to it. Don't use smooth manzanita either cuz too slippery. I have seen home made perches that have a plywood bottom with a large limb bolted to the bottom and then a perch on the top. So the distance from the bottom to the top of the perch is more like 3 feet. You can always bolt or drill food bowels into a limb.
  • Anonymous - 2011-05-18
    Thank you Cheryl. I am going to look into these this weekend:)
    will keep you updated!
  • PJ - 2011-05-28
    Hi, I have had my Green Wing Macaw for about 10 years now. The bad language will eventually take a back seat to any words that you teach your bird. Ignoring the bad words is a very good way to alter their language. It works. As for the bathings. I have a misting showerhead in my shower and that is what I use. My bird loves it and she gets her shower just about once a week. She seems happy with that and it keeps her feathers clean and shiny. Also, all birds have a certain amount of "feather dust" and you don't want to deplete it completely. So, once a week is about right for birdy showers.
Rosangela lennon - 2011-05-15
Hi, I got a female Golden and Blue Macaw. I rescued her 1 1/2 ago she is 12 years old. I need your help. I have been taking care of her taking her to thee vet, but they can't find out what happen to her. She closes her right eye every 45 days, and sleeps for 3 days. Please can some body help me to fiend out what's wrong with him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-16
    She is actually closing her right eye every 45 days and remains completely still sleeping for 3 days? Doesn't eat or move for 3 days? Has she been doing this since you got her - every 45 days? Never heard of anything like this at all but will see if I can get some info. I did have an Umbrella and for no reason that I know of she would start "clicking" and she would "click" for hours. I did the vet thing and the question thing and never got to the bottom of it. I finally decided she just liked to "click" for some odd reason. She is fine, always been find and is 15 now. If you can, let me know more though. OK?
abner - 2009-08-05
I have a blue gold macaw and he is 16 years old. My family has had him for quite a while, well since before I was born. He went well with my parents till last year. We came back from vacation and he attacks them. He bites his legs when he sees him and screams, but hes really well with me and my sister. He gets out of his cage and destroys things like furniture. We put newspaper in his cage whenever he uses the bathroom and recently hes been tearing it up, so we decided to switch to cardboard but he continues. We bought toys to see if thats the problem but he continues. What I want to know is that natural for this kind of bird or is it just that bird.

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  • Crystal B - 2010-02-23
    My blue gold macaw tears up the newspaper at the bottom of the cage as well. We replaced it with cork board and found it both easier to clean and she doesnt touch it. She is a very messy eater and dumps his bowl all the time. She has toys and still continues to do that, I think it's normal. We also opened up the cage more and let her out the whole day but she still continues to go in there and tear it up.
  • brandon - 2010-02-28
    Macaws or any other bird shouldn't be able to get to their substrate. There should be a grate between his living area and substrate. But their favorite thing to do is destroy stuff. You can even make cheap toys by putting paper shreds in a paper bag. They love that as much as a $20 toy. Sometimes they don't like certain people, but the fact that it is recent is pretty puzzling to me.
  • Jane - 2010-03-13
    He is just mad at them because they went on vacation & left him. We have a 12 year old blue and gold. He loves us dearly, but when we have to leave him alone he grieves and he gets mad at us. It's funny, but since my husband is his favorite, he usually gets mad at me & when we return from a vacation, he feels that he needs to "punish" me in some way. Birds are very much an eye for an eye kind of species - he was hurt, he needs to hurt me. Mind you, he doesn't bite me hard, but I found that if I let him pinch me & then afterward I tell him how sorry I am that we had to leave him - he forgives me & he gets over being mad at me sooner rather than later & the bad behavior stops.
  • Bubba\'s Mom - 2010-04-19
    What you're describing is what I went through with my 20 year old BG a few years back. Your bird is becoming mature. The tearing up of the paper is an attempt to nest. The hormones can make them very cranky and frustrated. Mine became a green eyed monster! My suggestion is to limit light. No more than 12 hours of light a day. This helps keep them out of mating mode.

    Are you sure you have a male? I was assured by my breeder that my baby was a male. After 17 years HE laid 3 eggs! They didn't have genetic testing back then. Limiting her light has kept her from laying eggs since. Also, avian vets do have medications to help if needed. Consult with your vet.

    Hope this helps!
  • Patty - 2010-06-16
    I have a 3-year-old severe macaw who has started to tear up the newspaper on the bottom of her cage. We recently acquired a 23 year-old African Grey and she is having a hard time adapting to not being the only bird in the house. She will hang from the corner of her cage, flutter her wings and yell and screech and I have to cover her up. This has never happened before. I am wondering if she is trying to make a nest?
  • Ashleigh - 2010-06-16
    I don't really know about the 'biting your parents' part but it is very common for macaws, all macaws to bite furniture.

    I think(not sure) that the biting your parents is because he wants attention form them but I suggest taking him to a avairy specially for big parrots, see what they say :)

    I Hope that helps!!
  • justin - 2010-08-28
    I have 1 macaw and 2 cockatoos they are all so nice and by the way you should put a tray in the bottom or like put towel I don't know but yup that's really it oh yea and my macaw is 2 and my cockatoo is 5 and the other 1 is 3.
  • Todd - 2010-09-02
    Hey Abner, sounds like your bird suffered some trauma recently. I have a 17yo B&G. If your bird suddenly gets violent, it's had something happen to it, or it has a mental problem that will have to be worked through.I'm thinking it was trauma. B&G's are a very forgiving bird, and you just need to establish yourself as the alpha in the relationship. Who watched the bird while you were on vacation? That's when the trauma occurred!
  • rocky w. - 2010-09-10
    We had one and she was wonderful but they have the mind of a 5 year old. What I would think is happening is that he is mad. He was raised by your parents, right? If the one that he was attached to or loved the most (the person who most fed him as a baby) left for a week or two or even ignored him, he would get mad and throw a fit like a 5 year old. He is good with because he is trying to make the one that he was attached to jealous of you. You just have to remember that they are like spoiled little kids. But you gotta love em.
  • Chris - 2010-10-02
    I just rescued a blue and gold Macaw and he came to us for this same reasons This is a very common problem and I can say it is the environment Stress is the main this also him food can lead to behavior problems also make sure your NOT! feeding his any Sunflower seeds to your bird as I have put it in the past is Sun Flower seeds is like use eating cocaine it is very bad they get hooked on the THC and the Oils hurt there stomach and liver problems. The bag of food that came with the bird was 85% sun flower seeds. Today it's been all most a week and with the diet change and fresh fruit and Veg's he has made a 180° degree turn around and with a stress free and being with other birds Sam is back to his ever loving self and is going to make a good addition to the center.

    South Coast Rescue
  • Shawna - 2010-10-21
    I'm no expert or anything but I have known macaws that were like that. We have one and he has to be monitored as he will destroy everything as well. We have a stand that hangs from the ceiling that my husband made so he can't get to anything in the house and we just put a sheet down on the floor to catch poopies. Our macaw is daddies boy and I can't touch him or he bites. The only one that handles him is daddy so I think it's just a trust thing with them. Also I have learned that at a certain age they go into puberty and get kinda unruly for a couple of years but it passes. I have been reading up on them cuz I've been trying to figure ours out and I heard that if they lack vitamins they can be cranky. I've been trying to give him daily vegges and fruit to help. Either way don't worry too much about yours cuz I think they are emotional birds and very smart. Almost like humans with the trust issues and the stubborn traits LOL Hope this helped & you are not alone!
  • Shawna - 2010-10-21
    Also keep newspaper away from parrots. Our cockatoo was getting sick from the toxins in the inks and we changed to paper towels. He got better right away! They are ingesting these inks as they chew them up!
  • spring - 2010-10-31
    I have a 5 month old mcaw i've called her bella even though i don't know the sex of the bird. she tends to be a one person bird she very intellegent and starting to talk.
  • Sarah - 2010-11-10
    That is one of this type of bird's favorite thing to do, is to be destructive. However, lots of attention, baths, and replaceable toys, as well as making them work for their food in hidden places, generally calms a little of this bad behavior.
  • Barbara Pasko - 2011-03-31
    The biting of your parents is more then likely caused by "abandonment issues". The bird cannot get over the fact that he was left alone without his family. I fight that when every time my daughter and her family comes up for a visit, Syd, my B&G screams the whole time. Since in Syd's mind, Erin left her. So I try some special things that are just for her. If the weather is above 45 degrees, I make sure her wings are clipped and take her for a car ride - it's a one on one time with her and I, and she loves it! - She usually is in a much better mood for a few days too. Also, join a bird club - get him out among other birds, their behavior tends to improve when they get out of the house, just like us. They also love to "people watch" Go to a park or just sit at an outside table at a hamburger joint with a friend and have lunch. Your bird will feel like royalty. Plus, all the attention he will draw. I never let anyone attempt to pet Syd - I just explain that she is a "biter" and they tend to back off quickly. Other things - play ball - get a large wiffle ball and have at it - mine can throw a good 6 - 8 ft! and she will even get on the floor and retrieve it at times too. This is a good attitude adjustment game when she is in her "season" It tends to relieve some of her built up energies and frustrations. What's more fun that trying to bean mom with a ball! B & G Macaws need a daily average of 40 mins or more of attention, either direct or passive (like just being in the same room with them and talk to them from time to time) or else they become like spoiled toddlers having a fit. And remember - never let the bird win! They love dominance, and reacting to a bite is them winning.
  • Robert - 2011-04-22
    I know that this has been written a while ago, but i hope I am not to late. I hope that your family still has the family pet.
    I am a amateur bird owner - but i can tell you that birds tend to mutilate themselves and become destructive when they feel that there masters have abandoned them. Even though we know this to be not true. I do not know how to brake a bird of these types of behavior but I know some people who have been bird owners for more years then I have that are on my Facebook page, if you would like to look me up, my name on facebook is my real name Robby Michael Williamson. I can get you in contact with them there..
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Mike - 2011-04-03
Where the author said "Harligold"; I think they meant "Starlight". I believe the author meant to say that a Starlight Macaw comes from the union of a Miligold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-04
    Yes, the Starlight is a hybrid derived from the Scarlet and the Milligold. It is a beautiful bird and offers the much in the way of personality. Enjoy her.
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Random - 2011-02-20
I own one and I was told they are called hyarlet or scarlicinth macaw.

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jackie moore - 2011-02-20
What would a red front and a scarlet make or a red front and a military?

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Adele Bloom - 2009-09-08
Today, I just went out and found a baby Camelot in our Scarlet Macaw and Catalina Macaw's nesting box, She still has one egg,
She bit my husband when he went to look.. all Macaws are different. I have a baby 3 months old, (handfed) Military who will not let me put her down.. her parents are very quiet, but she is a screamer if she cannot be held, or at feeding time, She sure lets me know.. I also raised and handfed a baby Scarlet Macaw.. she refuses to let anyone near me or my husband . She is a year old now and is trying to teach the other baby to "Step Up" .. I love Macaws. I have to watch her or she will pull the Military's feathers, and may try to hurt her.. when one is out, the other is up, my bedroom is a mess.. but I really don't care, because they love me so much.

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christian - 2011-01-25
My family is owned by a female blue throated macaw. She is about 4 1/2 yrs old now and has become very temperamental. She use to be very affectionate, but now will only permit us to hold her as long as no attempt is made to pet or cuddle. She also is very vocal (screaming, very loudly). She is free flighted and has range of the house. Interesting enough, she will destroy anything placed in her cage, but is content to sit and watch without any destructive behavior while roaming the house. She is very aloof, and does not care to interact with people.

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Angie - 2010-08-12
We just got a male Severe Macaw that we are still hand feeding, and I am just a little confused to what can I feed him. Also I would like tips about how can I teach him to talk. He does get nippy with my kids and @ times w/me but he seems to be catching and understanding what NO means. I have a green cheek conure but they don't get along. Please if anybody has any tips please tell me soon.

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  • Denise Carlin - 2011-01-07
    Hi Angie,
    When I got my severe, he loved to be hand fed and wasn't really interested in eating other food until one day when I was holding him and eating a banana. I offered him some and he loved it. He then began to eat more things. He loves "people" food. Yes, really work with him and the biting as that beak is lethal. I just kept working with my bird and now he talks a lot. Good luck, Denise

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