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Stefan - 2012-02-14
My parrot doesnt want to step up other than that he is fine. He has started talking, and alyways wants to be in the same room but doesn't want to step up only when he feels like it. What treats can I give him.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-14
    No bird will 'step up' all the time unless really well trained. Sometimes they just want to hang out by themselves or play alone or sometimes they just don't want pet. If your macaw is putting his foot up and sticking it straight out when you are trying to get him to step up - then he is saying 'I have a headache or leave me alone to hang out'. Now if this is most of the time, I would say to put him on his perch or on your hand and say 'step up' When you say this place your entire hand directly underneath your birds chest and in front of his feet. Raise your hand gently and he will have no choice but to 'step up' I do this hand over hand 'step up' going from one hand to another with my birds sorta like a game. It would be as if they had to climb stairs. Now if for some reason they don't want to 'step up' right that second, I will give them their space. Think about why/when your macaw doesn't 'step up' My birds won't do it when strangers are in the house. They just look with the big eyes. If it is the majority of time - try the stair trick. Red fronts are usually quite attached to their humans and excellent pets. They normally like just haging out with their human but they do enjoy some alone walking/playing around time too.
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Atalanta Starnight - 2012-02-07
Don't do it! Don't get one. I have one. You won't be able to do anything else with your life other than babysit the macaw. They are adorable but very very needy. They have the emotional nature of a two year old and never grow up.

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  • Atalanta Starnight - 2012-02-07
    Oh and no matter how much attention you give it, once day they will pluck everything off (because you had to go to work or something) and you can't stop them.
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Jennifer - 2008-12-23
I have a 5 yr old gold/yellow macaw bird. I have had him for 3 yrs and he has been acting weird the last few days and don't know what he is doing or feeling or whats the matter with him. Let me tell you what he is doing. He (Oliver) sits in his swing and puts his butt up in the air and makes these weird sounds that I can't describe. Oliver is constantly wanting my finger to put between his beek and he goes back and forth if this makes any sense. When I got this bird he was a very mean and disturbed bird but now my children and I can hold and cuddle to him. He seems pretty happy most of the time unless we have company, then he yells a lot like he doesn't like a crowd. But like I said lately he has been acting like something is bothering him and didn't know if someone could give me a heads up what he is needing. I have tried doing some research and it's a dead end for me, so please help. Thank you Jennifer/Oliver

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  • Bryan - 2012-02-05

    Feb 05, 2012

    From what you are describing about your Blue and Gold macaw, doing the beak thing by nibbling and chewing on your finger and making certain noises he is bonding to you. by playing along with him he will soon regurgitate his food back to you, DO NOT get offended or grossed out, they do this to thier female Bird mate in the wild.

    Sometimes though they will bite harder than they should and it might hurt you. it is important that you set boundries to this behavior early on before it starts to get out of hand, Macaws are very intelligent, sensitive and loving creatures and you have to set boundries, just be firm, speak positive you don't have to yell at them loudly just a gentile somewhat sharp spoken NO!

    My wife and I have owned our female B&G macaw for 25 years we are the 3rd owners of her and she will play the beak thing with both of us. as for the squawking when company comes over.
    Several things are going on here,

    First Macaws are social birds, meaning they crave interaction with the family/crowd and or the flock, so make sure your bird is at or near where you and your friends are as they are extremely curious and very much like being the center of attention.

    Just rememeber on important thing!!! they are creatures of habit, if you start something and especially if they like if theylike it or get accustomed to it WILL demand it, and they seem to have super accurate clocks built into thier brains,our macaw demands her peanuts given to her at exactly 7:30 in the morning, this is the time my wife leaves for work in the morning, if she does not get them on time she will scream for them. this can be most annoying to us.

    They also crave attention and could be jealous of NOT getting any attention since you are paying attention to you friends or guests. so they scream for attention.

    A word of Caution if you bring your Macaw close to the action with your other guests and the bird is loose (outside its cage) on a open pertch monitor it closely so it does not lunge at you or guests out of jealously. Also NEVER EVER tease a Macaw as they have bad tempers and can easily hurt you or someone else.

    Also you should strongly caution your guests not to poke at your bird or provoke him or touch or pet him without your supervision or presence.
    thier beaks are large and powerful and they can inflict serious injury to you or anyone else. Sometimes they will bite without any warning or provocation
    and it will take you years of bonding and reading of your birds body language, they also read our body language and voice inflections as well, sometime they misinterpret our intentions and can become aggressive to you or others and we are left wandering what happened, what did I do?

    If you leave the birds immediate sight it might take flight or jump off it's perch out of fear from not being comfortable with your new unfamilar guests and if he has already bonded with you, he will not want you to seperate from him, Macaws mate and bond for life with thier choosen mate both out in the wild and in captivity, if they do not have a bird for a mate, Guess what??? they will choose their human care taker for their lifelong mate.

    All things aside, they are wonderful creatures and my wife and I continue to have many great moments with our Macaw, and our African Grey whom is Just way too Smart for his Britches (Grey Feathers) we both find ourselves having short meaninful conversations with our grey he answers us back with just the right words many times sentences at the right time with the proper tone and inflections if you were in the other room you would think you are talking to a human person. by the way our gray does the beak thing with me only since he has bonded with me, but my wife can stil do toher things with him I can't.

    Both of them may just outlive the both of us.

    Hope this helps you

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Randy Lykins - 2011-11-15
I have what you call a buffwing. The female is aprox. 7-8 years. Looks a lot like the picture however I was told she is a butterscotch macaw. Could you help clear this up?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-11-16
    I have never heard of a Butterscotch Macaw. Who told you this, was it a previous owner or someone at a pet store or breeding facility? I would guess that she is actually a Buffwing Macaw, simply because I have never heard of a Butterscotch Macaw.
  • Martin Alain - 2012-01-31
    The Buff wing Macaw is one of the largest Macaws. It is a hybrid cross of the Green Wing and the Buffon.

    We have a Buff wing and it easily rivals the king of macaws (Hyacinth) in size.

    The Buff wing is extremely socialable and outgoing (Green wing trait). You do need to ensure that this bird knows thay you are the boss (step up and step down commands)

    These birds make excellent talkers and are easily trained by their owners. Lots of socialization and out of cage time is what is required.
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Mickey - 2006-10-07
We have a maui sunset, and I wouldn't mind seeing/swapping pics of others to see the different variations in colors. Right now we're pretty clueless as to how Halyn will end up, and would love to see some more adult birds aside from the beautiful Mariah on this page, who I would like to see more pics of as well if anyone knows how to contact these people. Email is visionteacher at gmail dot com.


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  • Roxanne Rogers - 2012-01-25
    Where did you purchase Uno? Can you give me the name of a breeder?
    I've been looking for this type of macaw with no luck.

    Thank you
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Rebecca Stevenson - 2012-01-20
Your post made me laugh. Macaws are just so full of personality.

I'm 24 years old and have been looking for the perfect macaw for about a year now. Everyone keeps telling me I am crazy for taking on a long term commitment, but they don't realize I actually spend all my free time with my pets, I don't go out partying like most my age, I stay at home with my babies. I am a social gamers so computers are my form of socialization. (Sounds sad, but I have great friends, and enjoy life with them.)

The life span of a macaw is very frightening, which is why I have decided on one so early in life, most macaws I've met have outlived their owners who were much older than me, and now have severe depression and issues.

I've also have koi fish that currently are about 16 year old, I've been committed to their time and needs for almost my whole life. Koi can live longer than macaws, but indeed are easier to care for, but cost almost as much money in bills and supplies.

I first considered adoption, and I found a few macaws who were well socialized, and very friendly. I was very close to adopting this 24 year old greenwing, but someone else beat me to the punch.

Everyone I've met who owns a bird says they've never been happier. But recommend I get a baby macaw. I did consider this as well, I am in contact with a breeder who specializes in Camelot hybrid macaws, as well as dropping by a few stores so can meets macaws ands on.

I am also starting to volunteer with a macaw adoption, to get more hands on practice with macaws.

I would love to just go pick up a macaw tomorrow but a few things are holding me back. First off is noise. I adore the squawks of a demanding macaw, but neighbors might not. I've been researching on possible ways to entertain a macaw to keep the noise level down. Another scary trait is mating season. I hear macaws can become overwhelmed with hormones and many owners have been driven mad by the fuss. And the last is what happens if I need to travel for a week or two, trying to find a caretaker has proven a challenger. Plenty of vets, parrot stores, and airlines that allow pets in my area, but a babysitter is harder.

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Cindy - 2012-01-18
Can anyone tell me can a macaw have mushrooms?? We just bought our hahns 'Henry' and is three months old and is sexed a male. I just want to make sure we are not feeding him something he should not have.

Any help you can share would be appreciated.


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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-18
    Ovviously, your little macaw can eat anything that is a high quality see/nut/pellet mix for macaws. Additionally, he can eat anything that is nutricious that humans eat except no avocado. Chocolate and wine are not nutricious. I have fed mine meatloaf with mushrooms in it but realize some mushrooms are toxic to both humans and birds. I don't know how to tell the difference so unless you know - I wouldn't do it. Here is a list of things Macaw foods which lists foods ok for macaws and those not suggested such as salty or sugar. Hope it helps.
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Tania Davis - 2012-01-17
Having been owned by a Harlequin macaww, I must say they are beautiful! The behavior is typical macaww, you must try and change it young as when they get older it becomes a problem since they really never leave the "toddler" stage. Enjoy a long and healthy life. BTW mine would pinch bite and when you said oww she laugh at you!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-17
    I stopped mine from pinch biting. Scarlets actually. I would put my thumb in their beak when they went to pinch bite and do a figure 8 with their head. Took about a week but instead of pinch biting they would twist their head into a figure eight and go back and forth. It worked and it was humorous. Just a thought.
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Lynsey - 2012-01-15
I have a question ...... dont know if anyone knows or not i have a friend that said her Flame Macaw mated with her Millitary Macaw . Does anyone know what the babies would be called? just intrested thanks all!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    I don't know of a specific name for that cross. The Flame is a second generation hybrid and gorgeous. So although I can't find a specific name, I know they will be beautiful.
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robbie - 2008-05-31
I have my hahns macaws sitting on eggs right now, I'm all excited about that. They have had a couple of clutches before I got them and had three eggs out of each clutch hatch. So right now I noticed three eggs and have left them alone so they can do their thing, and I monitor the eggs only when they are out of the box eating. They are great little birds... I really enjoy my Hanzel and Gretel.


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