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Carlos Armand DuBoise - 2011-02-20
As of today I now have two Maui Sunset (2/20/2011) males. Both were given me as I must have a MaCaw sign on my head. But like Mir above he is a sweetie. It puzzles me I see none of the negative traits the former three owners warned me about. I just have to stand my ground as he is very Alpha. These are wonderful birds as are all my companions. No pictures yet but they will come soon.

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Cheryl - 2005-05-06
I purchased the hyacinth/military hybrid from a Dr. Miller in Miami about 15 years ago. My first milicinth I named Samari and he was the most intelligent macaw I had and I had a bunch of them. He never ever used his beak, to climb up a person, on a shoulder even if a person he did not know squeezed him. His favorite trick was pretending he was dead - hanging from a light fixture and when someone would walk by he would jump on them. He turned the water on in the kitchen sink and showered. There is no end to how wonderfully gentle and smart this fella was.

Jo - 2008-09-18
I am extremely saddened at how far someone that calls themselves a breeder will go to make a hybrid. A Hyacinth is an endangered creature and should only be bred as a Hyacinth.

I realize (sadly) there is no governing of breeders and they have free will to breed however and whatever they want together and that includes mixing and matching. I would only hope their moral thinking will drive them to do the right thing.

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Sheila in Upstate N.Y. - 2005-09-30
I have a year old blue and gold name Baloo. He is my baby. He has been mine since he was just over a month old and has bonded totally with me. He goes to my 2 boys and husband once in a while, especially if they are eating. He will follow me around the house saying "up, up" and when he really wants up he says "upupupupupup". He has learned a few other words like hello and peak-a-boo, but they don't quite come out clearly, he's getting there. He loves to give kisses to anyone that wants one. He will sit and watch TV with me and just lay in my arms. When he is really cuddly, he will lay on his back like a dog and want his belly rubbed. He also has his very playful moods and wants to wrestle. When we sit at the table to eat, I have to make him his own special plate or I won't be able to eat in peace, none of us will be able to eat without getting our toes pecked at. He has learned how to climb all the furniture, even the office chair at our computer. Baloo is a very jealous bird. We have a quaker, a blue front amazon, and 4 cockatiels and Baloo does not like it when any of us hold them instead of him. He wants to be the number 1 bird in our house. He does not have to worry though, he is my number 1 bird!!

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Denise Carlin - 2010-10-02
I have had my severe macaw, Mac for about 10 years. He is very clever and many times unscrews things I have attaching things in his cage, like his water bottle. I even tighten the bolts as tight as I can and he still can get them off. Does anyone else have an industrious severe macaw? I am often amazed at how smart he is!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-08
    I use small padlocks to hold toys in my macaws cages. Actually had one that picked a padlock.
  • brenda samrow - 2012-03-08
    I have a 4 yr old named Kid.He's always unscrewing his toys and getting out of his escape proof cage. Sometimes he can't get enough attention and other times its best to leave him alone. He's in a cage with a cockatoo and they have the darndest conversations. I just adore them.
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chris Biro - 2009-11-27
I would avoid hiring someone to help me train freeflight unless they have many years experience doing so themselves. The womachs are internet marketers claiming to be bird trainers. I have been freeflying parrots since 1993 and do not consider womachs a reliable or credible resource. Be very careful if you rely on their information. Chris Biro
EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for your point of view Chris. Keeping pet birds safe is a first priority! Their bio states they have years of training experience, and they have a money-back offer on the bird training videos they offer on the internet. So the bottom line is: research, make your own informed decision, and only try the products you feel comfortable with.

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Bobby - 2009-10-30
According to my interpretations of color mutation pigment extremity diferences,
I feel that the particular "Hyarlet Macaws(I name it myself)" is strong co-evidence agaisnt hybriding the Macaws.
Raising greater than 28 Hyacinth Blues, raising extreme yellow stripes, 30 scarlets macaws feel that this combination should be a total Failures. We probably walks further than nature but nature knows their own way better.

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Cindy P. - 2007-09-18
My Commando is an 8 year old miligold macaw. We adopted him from the Humane Society just over 1 year ago, being his second owner. He was not abused per say, but neglected somewhat due to a new baby in the home. We feel so blessed to have him! He is IN LOVE with my 12 year old daughter, allowing her to swing him in a blanket, making kissing noises and laughing the entire time! He says just about everything, too. If I come up to his cage at night, he always whispers, "I love you", everytime! He comes with me to the local elementary school, with some of my other animals, and shows off while I talk about his background. He is the perfect animal ambassador, and always says "goodbye!" to the kids when we leave. He is a big part of our family. (Hopefully they'll let me add a picture later..)While not for everyone, this macaw was a perfect fit for us!

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Eva J. Blanco - 2008-10-03
Hello, My name is Eva and my husband just bought me an Illiger for my birthday about 1 1/2 months ago. When he purchased "Chulo" he was about 1 month old. Since we've had him, he's been very isolated. He gets very agitated whenever we try to talk to him or touch him. He does not like for anyone to talk to him or whistle at him. I have tried leaving the cage door open so that he can walk around the house and he refuses to come out whenever we are around, but he will come out if we leave the door to the cage open and leave the room. I don't know what to do, I don't want to get rid of my baby Chulo but I feel he is not happy with us.

If anyone knows what we're doing wrong, please let us know!!!!!

Eva J. Blanco
Delano California

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  • Jeff - 2010-03-01
    You got Chulo at too early of an age, He shouldn't have been removed from the nest that early. Be careful with his diet and watch that he get enough Protien. Patients and love is all you can really offer this baby Illiger's. Make sure he gets plenty of Avian Vet visits until he is around 6 mos old.
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Gaz - 2009-03-06
In life, you get what you give. A green wing does take a lot of work, but the rewards are worth every minute of it. You get a companion like no other. A big red dinosour that loves nothing more than to cuddle up and have its feathers stroked, a friend who loves to play, loyalty like you'd never imagine and an intellegence that challenges yours!
Mine is called Dino because my friend who has two Blue & Yellow Macaws said he looked like a big dinosour standing next to them. Many ask about the cage size, well I couldn't afford one I personaly feel would be big enough for him, so he has his own room with branches jammed between the walls. During the day I take him out for hours at a time and plonk him on a chair next to me or let him run around the patio and even take him for walks around town, which he loves. But please, anyone thinking of getting one, they do take a big commitment in time. They do sometimes squalk extremely loud, which may well upset your neighbours, and until you teach them not to bite hard, they can do damage to you and you simply cannot leave them unattended outside of their cage. They bite through everything, including electric cables! Are you REALLY ready for that commitment?


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