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Dina Richter - 2010-06-20
I've had Maxie Macaw now for 3 and a half years. We are inseparable. She finally lets me pet her and she will kiss me on the mouth. Someone told me that we are sexually bonded, because she won't let anyone else touch her. I believe that this is true; but who cares. There is one other lady that Maxie goes to, and this is because the woman save Maxie's life. I said to Maxie..."This is Donna, Maxie. Donna helped me find you when you flew away and she saved your life. I was shocked when Maxie stepped up on Donna's arm. Donna and I became emotional. I'm sorry that Maxie doesn't know how to say, Thank You; and Donna replied, Dina,... She Just Did!

Marie Powell - 2009-02-25
We have a male Harlequin macaw who is the most intelligent of all our parrots. We also have an african grey, blue fronted amazon, and two sun conures, but he runs rings around the other parrots in his ability to talk and communicate. He knows bad from good, yes and no and can say absolutely anything! He is a non stop talker and once when I wouldn't let the dog out because she had been out 3 times in a row, he did her bark and then said, "Want to go out?" and then laughed - this after I had just told the dog no to going out again! The other parrots can't get a word in edgewise. Everyone loves him and he will let just about anyone pick him up. I had no idea I would EVER have a macaw, but so glad we got him.

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Vicki - 2012-07-20
I have a 3 year old hand raised Red Front girl named 'Mango' and she is just amazing. So smart and inquisitive too. Just as said they feed off your mood or emotions too. She loves her outside cage on the porch some days in the afternoon and early evening just talking away and calling the dogs and horses and is so funny. She loves to learn new things dancing and certain programs on TV. Loves animal programs and hates the news programs when they get loud and argue back and forth.!!! Great vocal ability . She loves to cuddle and have to admit is the best when her wings are trimmed as otherwise she can really get into trouble or is fearless. She lives with me and my Great Dane , Chihuahuas and Aussie pup and my Bengal kitty 'Kiara' . That is what is in the house!! I absolutely Love her and She loves and thrives on 'Harrison's Pellet food and Goldenfeast Carribean II all natural food. She loves when I open her cage in the afternoon and let her pick out her yummy before putting some in her bowl. Everything else she has a habit of trying to deposit outside her cage.

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Janet Tuckwell - 2012-07-18
I have a 10 year old Catalina named Merlin who does in fact know more than 15 words/phrases. He is a rescue bird like most of mine and he was left alone in a cage over filled with toys for at least 10 days at a time. When I got him he hadn't been let out of his cage for about 4 years. At my house he is out on his T-Stand or walks on the floor. He has begun to scream when my rescued Goffin screams but I'm working on getting the Goffin not to scream as much. He LOVES to be held and to be hand fed and demands to drink out of your cup. He LOVES to be sprinkled with water and while you are squirting him he will say 'ahhh rain!' He is so silly! He dances, sings and like my other macaw he hocks up food to try to feed me lol. I breed blue and gold macaws and I'm thinking of saving a female baby from the first clutch to bond/breed with him so I can share with the rest of the world how pretty he is!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
    Catalinas are gorgeous.
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Anonymous - 2012-07-16
its cool

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Elysa - 2012-07-08
Love my bird. Want to set something for the rest of his life; after mine is over. Never would accept anyone in show business; who uses these birds for entertainment purposes..... I love my Mac and want only the best for him. Just want to put this out there; to see what happens...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-09
    Some birds (parrots) are just very natural hams.  They love to goof around.  I had one that would hang by his wing from the ceiling fan and pretend he was dead and then was staring at what they thought was a dead bird, he would jump on them.  He learned to break out of the house.  Some parrots are like people - just natural entertainers. 
gail seebaran - 2012-07-06
Cocoluckes is my babylove my macaw.............

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Kenneth - 2012-06-26
We have a pair of Severes set up to breed. The hen has stopped being social and now goes straight into the nesting box when we come to feed them instead of coming over to greet us. She also has stopped eating as much and ever refuses her favorite food...peanuts. Is this typical nesting behavior? Is this a sign she is getting ready to lay? We checked her vent and she doesn't appear to be sick.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-26
    It is definitely a sign that she intends to breed.  So if the male is cooperative and she actually lays the eggs in the nest box and she sits and incubates, and the eggs hatch and she feeds -    what I am trying to say is yes, breeding behavior but sometimes it takes a clutch or two for the pair to learn how to do it and raise the babes.  So keep your fingers crossed.
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Jen Morris - 2005-11-14
My neighbor has left her Military Macaw Ruby to me when she passes on. She has decided to leave her to me because she does not like anyone else but me. She only likes me because her owners had to keep taking her to the vet to find out why she is plucking. But no such luck in finding out why. Her owners and I believe that she is allergic to the feather dust her Umbrella Cockatoo produces. She also has a yellow-head Amazon. I love my neighbor and I hope that she is with us for many more years. I also love Ruby.

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  • martie werbacher - 2012-06-24
    My macaw also was plucking his feathers so I went and had his feathers trimmed/clipped and toenails done and he hasn't done it since and he looks beautiful.. My charlie (macaw) also talks alot thru the night when nobody is listening and or when it is just me n him in the early am..
  • Martie Werbacher - 2012-06-25
    My fiancee is 80 and he has also having his macaw willed to me, We found out that these birds have to be in a will otherwise whoever the next of kin can decide where and who the bird goes to... I was happy when my fiancees daughter was glad I wanted our bird charlie to be with me....
Matt - 2010-02-19
I've got an approx. 10 year old female Military. That was a good bird up till the day that the Male B&G that she was raised with died( he ended up with a heart condition. Now she is the MEANEST bird that I have ever seen. I also have a younger B&G that is like a big baby, but the Military can no longer be handled. In turn, she gets less attention, in turn gets meaner, because no one wants the blood, & scars that she can inflict. There are days that I feel like opening the front door and throwing her out. I know, thats cruel, and I wouldn't do it. I'm even afraid to proceed to try and tame her again, I've had a lot of birds, as many as 6 Macaws, 2 greys, a bunch of Canaries, & a boatload of Finches, all at the same time. All but 2 Macaws, and about 10 Gouldian finches remain, and I'm slowly getting out of the finch hobby. Any ideas as to what I should do. I now hate this bird, but she is so pretty. I think that she is a womans bird, because she will get real close to my daughter when she talks to her. But my daughter has seen what she can do, and won't have anything to do with touching her. HELP

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  • Brampton, Ontario - 2010-02-26
    Please don't give up. She is grieving. I am sure when she accepts a new companion and is over her sense of loss she will be sociable again.
    I have a 4 year old MM named Carlos. He is hilarious. He only lets me handle him but he talks to my daughter and grandson whenever they walk by. He yells Jordan when we are calling my grandson to dinner, he meows after the cats, feeds the dogs his pellets and says haha when they pick up the food. Peek A Boo is his favourite saying. He always says night when I put him back in his cage at bedtime, but he seems to know when we are putting him in his cage because we age going out. Then he always says BYE quite loudly and he sounds a little disgusted with us. I would love to know how you make out.

    Brampton, Ontario
  • David Turnbow - 2010-08-26

    I do not have much of a reply other than patience. I have rescued a blue and gold, a green wing, and a panama amazon. They were all the same way in the beginning, but now they are all very sweet birds. If you would want to place the bird I would gladly take her. Just a thought.

    Thank you, David
  • martie werbacher - 2012-06-24
    hi... I started dating my boyfriend 7 months ago and he has a military macaw. My boyfriends wife passed after haveing this bird for 17 years, my boyfriend said the military macaw stopped eating and was sooo depressed he thought he'd lose the bird. After taking him to the vet the vet said to post a pitchure if you have one on the cage, his bird came out of his depression but was ok but my boyfriend hasn't been able to handle but to feed him. Since IIve been here it has taken me months of patience for the bird and I to love... he now follows me everywhere.. please, try a picture and if you don't have one find one in a magazine or internet to post on his/her cage..

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