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DK - 2012-09-02
I have a Ruby macaw and 2 Blue and Gold Macaws and have been a macaw owner for around 30 some years now and when they get testy with me or snappy they have to go in a cage lower than what I stand for however long it takes them to humble down. This puts you in charge and the head of them and they then realize they cannot abuse or dominate you. It is true during normal breeding season is when this occurs in our home most. It seems like a hormone reaction.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-03
    Whether human or feathered, we have our moods.  I have found during mating season or molting season - I just like to drive my human up the wall.  It is just fun. 
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B.Kaissy - 2012-08-18
Hello, please help me. I have an african grey parrot. I have a closed balcony its about 6m x 5m, and I want to buy a blue and gold macaw. Can I put them both in the balcony. My biggest fear is that they might fight and maybe one of the birds will stop talking. please reply soon. thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-18
    Sure you canput them together in that sized space.  I would make sure they both have their own area/peches toys etc. but they will get along - except for an occasional spat which the grey will win.  They will talk to you in human English and they will develop a language where they can talk to each other.  Blue/Golds are pretty easy going.  I'd introduce them in some neutral territory and watch them.  They are going to be like having two kids.  The blue gold will think the grey has the better toy and the grey will think the blue gold has the better food etc but they should  be just fine.  My macaw tells on the grey all the time but the grey will climb all over the macaws perch. 
  • B.Kaissy - 2012-08-18
    Thank you a lot for helping me. Heading tommorow to buy the blue gold :D
  • A.Khalil - 2012-08-30
    Thanks a lot too Already have the blue gold macaw Heading to buy african grey :P
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Luis Estrada - 2011-09-25
I have a female milicinth macaw, anyone knows any breeders?

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  • Luis Estrada - 2012-08-29
    Want to sell my female milicinth macaw you can email at [ VERY RARE ] 6YEARS OLD
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Shy - 2006-09-25
My aunt has one of these. She was given a Shamrock and a Harlequin, both suposedly females. The Shamrock turned out to be a male and they raised 1 chick. She talked to the bird's breeder and the breeder told her the Shamrock/Harlequin cross was called a Christmas Macaw, "because they are mostly reds and greens." However, I don't know how acurate that is.

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  • Harumi - 2012-08-24
    Congrats Donna!!!I'm happy that there will be another Heidi book to look forarwd too!!! (Did you decide on a baby name?)I'm happy to say that B'girl had her final Level 5 gym meet yesterday and did very well. I think though, she was more excited that it was her last one, which means no more of the same floor music for 4 hours. She told me afterwards that she can't wait until next year and she thinks she's going to do really well. I'm so glad her excitement is back (she struggled a little last time this year with fear issues). I'm happy that I get to pull out the shorts!!! I've been wearing flip flops for awhile, but they are so much better when they are paired up with shorts!!! Oh and we got a new baby this week! We welcomed Fionna (aka Little Bit) into the family. She is a talker and loves to play with our other ratties tails. They are very good to her and have even let her push them out of their bed.
Anonymous - 2009-07-02
I bet it was the quad macaw.

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  • Carlos - 2012-08-24
    you already had a gray? If you rllaey don't have big bird experience you should get it before you get a rllaey big bird. Starting your big bird experience with a H Macaw would be like someone handing you the keys to a Vette.
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Lisa Windsor Windham - 2012-08-19
I have a Severe female and she was abused, took a lot of work but now she is amazing but she acts like she wants a companion. Would you get another Severe? Or what other can you put with her? Severe are very hard to find around here. Any suggestions or comments, please....

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    I am not sure what you mean by 'she acts like she wants a companion?'   So I will assume you don't want to breed and you believe it would just be more fun for your bird to have a bird friend so they have company when you aren't there.  OK?  I'd do a conure.  They get along with just about everything - they are lovable and do not have control issues - at least most of the time.  Severe is and will remain the boss and the conure - and get a young one that you can hold, cuddle, be lovable with and your severe will too.  Two separate cages - we don't want them thinking about bonding just about playing.  Conures are velcro birds.  They will stay by you and chances are when you aren't there will watch over the severed. 

    Conures run about $150 purchased direct from a breeder.  If you want to do an amazon - I'd do a laid back one that is affectionate and easier on training.  Panama, Yellow Shoulder or yellow face.  They talk but they are just much easier going than the napes or double yellow heads.  I think the severe would like the conure better - so maybe a panama down the road.
  • Lisa Windsor Windham - 2012-08-19
    Thank you for the info. I'm not really sure what she wants, over the past year, she has started acting like she was flirting with everything and gotten even more loving toward everything. About 5 months ago she laid an egg. This was the first time she'd ever done that before. We have a pair of cockatiels, and lovebirds, and we have raised lovebirds before. With my Severe, she was so mistreated that it took us a long time to get her to where she is. When we first rescued her, you couldn't touch her or anything, not she loves to cuddle and give kisses. All my birds have been rescues. So with her, whether it's a mate or just a companion, I want to get what makes her happy. My cockatiels are terrified of her. And she just needs something. My biggest problem has been trying to find a Severe in this area. I have found other minis but not a Severe and I've found a lot of gimmicks on the Internet. What would you think would be best in her case. She has really started trying to love on everything and trying to make a nest. Thank you very much for all the help, I'm just so unsure what to get her to really make her happy.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    OK  you don't care if she breeds?  You will most likely lose the pet quality that you have now.  She is picking up the hormonal scent from the other breeding pairs.  Doesn't mean she needs a mate.  If you want her to have a mate and Severs not around - you can pair her with another macaw about the same size, Illigers, red front, yellow collared.  Some will just say/be4lieve think this is absolutely awful - that you should never cross breed.  Well if you lived in scotland and I lived in Australia we would probably never meet so we won't breed.  But if you move to NYC and I move to NYC - we will meet and .....   
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rowena japitana - 2012-08-19
Macaw's are very beutiful and they have colorful wing's and they are friendly. They are special they are talkable and they follow what you said. They are really funny and I want them as my pet. Love their colors wings beaks tail feet I love them.

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Anonymous - 2012-07-31

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Gloria - 2012-07-30
We just moved to a new home. Our Green Wing Phoenix (he is 7 years old) is very grumpy. He keeps repeating hello over and over and is very noisey and doesn't seem to know what he wants. We are trying to figure out if it is the change, more traffic, or the fact that our son and his dog are staying with us for awhile. They are staying in the basement. Usually he is a very calm bird. Please comment.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-30
    Most birds, but I think macaws are great for it, take awhile to adjust to a new surrounding.  Sometimes they get aggravated if you just move furniture around.  They like the sameness of things.  Phoenix will adjust - and they are normally a quiter macaw.  He just doesn't like change and he is grumpy.  Sure, he is also being the GUARD with a new person and a DOG in the house but willl adjust.  It takes about a month though. 
  • Gloria - 2012-07-31
    Charlie, Thank you for your comments. We believe Phoenix will adjust. Everything is new and just not familiar.
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Tery Scott - 2012-07-27
I found Tody 26 years ago when I went with a friend to buy a parrot. We went to this house where the people were retiring, bought a motor home and were now planning to travel for their retirement. I have always been an animal lover and was so taken by her. I guess you gotta jump in to things sometime. She was my first big bird and boy what I have learned from her. I can do absolutely anything with her. At this point in life, her now being 28 I feel as if she is my daughter. I have gone through all the stages as she has matured. People have told me I should have got her a mate. If anything I have learned from my relationship with Tody is that the domesticated world is not ready for any pet that can out live you. People all to often buy them, much like I did on a whim only to find they have to re-home them when the owners life changes for what ever reason. Thank God I now live in a rural area where Tody is free to welcome in the new day, she can sleep out if it's warm or come in side if it's cold. These birds take a life time commitment. I should know, she out lasted 2 of my marriages. I should have known when she didn't like my spouse that it wasn't going to work. Now my concern is who do I will her to, as she will most likely out live me and the thought of her ever being in a situation where God forbid she were neglected of unloved is unthinkable to me. These birds can adjust to change but it takes an awful lot of time to win their trust and love. I've worked with abandoned and abused birds. This is the living fact that a Macaw or for that matter any large parrot is not a pet for just any one. Will my saying this make a difference, probably not but I feel better for having said it. To all you bird lovers out there, we are a special breed. My hats off to you all. Tery


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