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   The Peach-faced Lovebird is a beautiful 'pocket parrot'. They come in a variety of colors and are the most commonly kept lovebirds!
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Pam - 2012-10-11
I got 'Blue' in March. He was about 8 weeks old-hand raised, very cuddly-I love him dearly. I work many hours and I felt bad about leaving him alone so much. (When I was home, I gave him loads of attention) I recently got another lovebird from the same breeder to keep him company. This one is about 8 weeks old, cuddly and not afraid of me. My problem is that Blue seems to hate this new bird. Not bonding with it at all. They are in separate cages and it's a good thing because when they are out together, all Blue wants to do is bite baby Rainbow's feet and fight. Is that normal?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-12
    It sounds like it will take them some time to become pals. It could be that your existing bird is very jealous of your limited amount of time. These birds are highly social and need ongoing interaction. They will most likely become more comfortable with each others companionship, and then they may well start to actually prefer each other, as that's not uncommon for lovebirds.
  • Pam - 2012-10-13
    Thanks for the response. It seems like they are getting along a little bit better now. I try to give them both alot of attention individually and togther. I think you are right on about Blue being jealous. He has had me all to himself for 7 months. Time will tell.
Mario Micallef - 2012-10-06
Just came in and saw the underside of our lovebird, drained in blood. He seems ok, same usual happy self, but we are worried. Can anyone out there suggest somthing? Could it be the food, he eats a lot of sunflower seeds. He is very intelligent, and I trained him, so that every time he wants to get out of the cage, he picks up a small bell, in his beak, and rings it for attention, till we open the cage door. It would be a tragedy, if he dies, he has been here now for more than four years.

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Edwin Rivera - 2012-09-17
Sad day...after 21 years our peach face lovebird died. My daughter named him Lucy when she was just a baby (4 yrs old) not knowing the difference between male or female,he was a male. I must say that Lucy was a big part of our family giving us many years of happiness. As most lovebirds, Lucy love flying around the house, taking faucet bathes and playing with us, including Roxie, our chihuahua. Lucy will be greatly missed.

Anonymous - 2012-09-13
I found a peach-faced lovebird in my tree outside. He stayed there for like 2 hours. I put some food in a cage and hung it in a branch. After about 10 minutes, he jumped right in! He doesn't seem to tamed, assuming no one claims him, how would I go about taming/bonding with him and how long would it be before we can let him out the cage without him flying around the house, trying to get away? Thanks a bunch!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-15
    You could let him out of his cage now, however, do it in a small room preferably without windows.  If you can just place the cage on the florr and sit down on the floor and try feeding him treats with your hand.  We don't know whether he has been a 'pet' and used to handling or not so just go slow.  Let him get used to the sounds of your home, your voice and the newness of the situation.  Watch him and his body language and look for him to be relaxed, easily fluffed, and they are curious creatures and will come to you.  I would do things like sit down in the bathrub with him and a towel in my lap.  I would try and pick him up - now i am not about to get bit so I'd watch but if he will just step up on my hand I would bring him to my chest and hold him against my chest and pet the top of his head.  Why the ub - they can't climb or seemingly can't fly out.  Why the towel - so he gets used to climbing up in my lap cuz I would put millet or some treat in my lap - cheerios.  Talk to him.  Go slow - you have plenty of time. 
Jasmine - 2012-09-11
My lovebirds had 4 eggs Aug, 25 2012 and they Still haven't hatch but they still sit on them. what should I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-11
    I would let them sit them for another 12 - 14 days.  Incubation for lovebirds is about 24 days from when they first sit the eggs which is usually when the last egg is laid.    You say they had 4 eggs on August 25th - Now is Sept 11th so only about 16-17 days - I don't know if the eggs are fertile or not - but in any case you should let them sit them the full 24 - 27 days.  They may not be fertile but you don't want them to try and double clutch (lay another clutch right away) as can lead to calcium deficiency -
Alyna - 2012-09-06
Hey I just got my amazing little yellow peach face Lola about 2 weeks ago and she wasn't hand raised so I'm slowly trying to encourage her to come out of her cage and get use to my hands. I was just wondering what the best way to encourage her to get use to my hand would be because I don't want to scare her! I was also wondering if there is anything else apart from her seed mix, millet and the ocassional bits of toast that I should be giving her because she really doesn't seem interested in any fruit or veg? (oh and I sadly got her wings clipped because I couldn't have a flying bird and I'm wondering if that would be affecting her trust? Also they could only tell me at the pet shop that she was between 1-6 mths so will that change how quickly she becomes hand raised?) Thanks!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    Being a young bird should help in winning her trust. Birds have great memories, but if she is truly that young, she won't have a lot of history to work around. You could try cherios, I've used them successfully. Some birds just don't warm up to fruits and veggies easily. It will still come down to being calm and patient though:)
Linda - 2012-08-19
I have a 4 month old peach-faced named Frasier. I've been noticing at times that he'll start scratching his head & then starts gagging (or hacking). Looks like he wants to bring up a fur ball like cats do. What is this? He'll do this several times in a row before he stops.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-19
    He is regugitating and it is normal.  When they want to show they love you or are smitten they will regurgitate their food in an attempt to feed you.  I mean they can't give you a diamond so they give you the oinly thing they can - their food.  It is just an affectionate gesture.  If he is on your head or shoulder just grab the beak and say 'not hungry but love you'   It is how mom feeds her babies also - and yours is pretty young -
Amy - 2012-08-15
We have a beautiful little Peach-faced Lovebird named Sherbert who is a bit of a brute and brat. She likes to bite when she isn't getting her way. She loves to run amok in the house and then when we try to catch her she'll bite hard. We've resorted to wearing oven mitts every time we try to grab her when out of the cage. She is in love with my husband and purrs and snuggles, but I'm afraid to even go near her. She'll get on your shoulder and bite when you try to get her off. I already have a human toddler, what do I do with a bird toddler? I hate to leave her in the cage all the time.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-16
    WOW - OK  She wants what she wants and she doesn't wish to go back in her cage.  That is it.  If most of the time she gets picked up to go back in her cage - and she doesn't want to - she is going to make you undertand any way she can that she wants to be with her 'FLOCK' and that is her human 'FLOCK'.  She does not wish to be alone.  How far away from family activities is her cage?  Can she see you?  Things like  do not eat in front of a 3 year old child as it will have a temper tantrum is true for a parrot also.  If she can hear you but not see you - she is not happy.  She will fly to where you are.  She will sit peacefully on your shoulder until she thinks you are going to 'PUT HER AWAY'  So best to have her safe place where she is part of the flock.  Biting - it isn't the top beak that bites - the strength is in the bottom beak.  The top beak is for climbing or holding.  When you think she is going to bite you can 1.  leave her alone   2.  yell 'NO' and clap  3.  grab her up by placing your thumb literally under her beak which will prevent her from biting and yell 'NO'    A kitchen mit is KING KONG or a COBRA snake coming at her and she is going to do whatever she thinks she has to to survive.  She can not bite you if you are holding her mouth closed.  If you grab her and hold her tightly against your chest with your thumb under her beak - she can not bite.  This will sound nuts but I had a bird that would bite - only one - and I finally called a trainor.  The trainor told me that when the bird looked like it was going to bite or attempted to bite to grab it yell 'JAIL' and put it in the bathtub, lights out (so in the dark) and count to 60.  First time no reaction but when I opened the bathroom door, there she was sitting in the center of the tub with this 'good as gold look on her face'  Second time she just looked at me and decided to bite anyway so back in the tub yelling 'JAIL' and she was as meek as a newborn lamb on the way out - in just 60 seconds.   Third time I yelled 'JAIL' and she shook like a dog after a bath and did not bite.  So think about where her cage is.  Think about the pecking order in the flock and is she not being included.  Hold her so she can't bite.  Then there is JAIL.  Hope this works.  Easier solution is to just let her love your husband.  If she has pair bonded with him - she is jealous of the other woman in his life and that is OK too.  They pick a mate and frequently become very protective of that mate - even when it is a human.
melani matthews - 2012-08-08
My peachfaced love bird flew into our house and he took to me right away but I think he was abused cause he won't land on my finger. He gets very scared but he will fly on my shoulder im trying for him to get used to my hand please help me.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-10
    Soulder is biggger to land on.   He will earn to trust you and step up on your finger, just give him some time.  Hold him close to your chest so he can hear your heart beat and just pet the top of his head.  He will start to get used to your fingers.
irene - 2012-07-26
How can I know my love bird age...I have i peach head and a blue mask...

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-26
    You really can't tell the age except possibly when they are very old.