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   The Peach-faced Lovebird is a beautiful 'pocket parrot'. They come in a variety of colors and are the most commonly kept lovebirds!
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Natalie - 2005-09-09
I have 3 peach faced love birds whose names are: Joey (boy), Jesse (boy) and Melody (girl).I love them so much because they are tame and i can play with them all the time. they are a great pet for anyone who hasn't had birds before. every night i bring them inside so they don't get cold and they are my alarm clock in the morning; they wake me up at about 6.30am!! i love them so much and if anything happened to them i would soooo freak out!!!

Anonymous - 2005-08-31
I have two peached faced lovebird...Buddy and Holly. I got Buddy first. He was the first bird i ever owned. I have baby snakes too and he was jealous of them, so I bought him a mate(that is where Holly comes in). I hand fed both of them formula for the first two months of their life. Buddy and Holly were caged together from the start. The other day Holly refused her food. Then a few hours later I saw Buddy and Holly at the food bowl...and buddy was teaching her how to eat. Now they are very close and inseperable and live in the office at the zoo i work at. Lovebirds are great.

alma - 2005-08-19
my lovebird is named little one. we thought it was a male but it turned out that it was a female. she was very tame until we decided to buy a mate for her, then she turned very agressive. but i still love her. i hand raised her babys they are so cute, they look just like her

Mike - 2005-08-15
I bought a peachface lovebird yesterday and his name is zazu. He loves his cage and all of his toys this is a very good experience
for someones 1st bird. i love zazu.

Asima - 2005-08-08
My lovebird is so cute, I love her very much. she looks like the one down there, and it's soo funny when she puffs up, lol. well her cage is next to my bed and guess what? she is my alarm clock for school.

Jennifer Dodge - 2005-08-05
My parents bought my little sister a Lutino, Peach-Faced mix Lovebird, and a Cockatail. They are so different it's amazing. The Cockatail (Walter) is about 11 months older I get along with the Lovebird (Chi-Chi) and as I am writing this she is on my back. haha. I have never thought that I could be so close to a BIRD! I have always been good with birds. I have taken the time to raise storm abandoned birds but this is completly different. Chi Chi is my baby! My younger sister doesn't may much attention being only 7 years old, so I take the liberty and play with her. I guess being the oldest (18) has it's rewards! Chi Chi is beautiful, and I love being aroung her. I get excited when I am coming home. She's such an affectionate bird.

Breann Rodman - 2005-06-28
I recently got a peached-faced lovebird as gift from my dad for christmas last year. Her name is Peaches. Lovebirds are so cute and interesting that I wrote a two-page report on Lovebirds for my biology class this past school year. I spoil my lovebird with fruits and vegetables. It is so funny because I have Peaches and Delilah in the same cage together, and they get along so well. I think my Lovebird is falling in love with my parakeet because of the way they get along with each other. I asked my Biology teacher if I could mix my lovebird's DNA with my parakeet's DNA, and she said it's possible if you do it in a laboratory, but they'll never have babies together. If that should ever happen, I could create a new species of bird. I'll call it, "the Loveakeet!" Lovebirds make great pets because they love you, and whoever/whatever it is around. Lovebirds are the coolest!