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   The Peach-faced Lovebird is a beautiful 'pocket parrot'. They come in a variety of colors and are the most commonly kept lovebirds!
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Monica - 2007-04-19
I bought my first lovebird yesterday. I picked him/her out of a small flock and was told that she might be nippy, as he/she was more used to contact with fellow birds rather than human contact. However, I have had absolutely no problems with him/her so far. Taylor rides around on my shoulder, runs from my boyfriend to the other shoulder, etc. Taylor is really rather friendly; I taught him/her to step up in about five minutes. She's still a bit hesitant, but is improving rapidly. She loves her swing, ladder, and a dangling ring toy, which she puts herself through in circles to play with. She is an absolute joy and is very active and it is fascinating to watch her play.

Amanda - 2007-04-11
Hi my name is Amanda. I recently purchased a Peach Faced Lovebird. I bought him hand trained. He is very unique in his own little way. His name is Yoshi! We are working on for him not to bite, he doesnt bite hard but still it would be nice to train him not to nibble at all. He loves to sit on his perch on top of his cage and walk around with me while I am doing stuff around the house. He is also a really big kisser, loves to give kisses. I am very glad I have purchased him. The purpose of getting one was for University to give me some company while away from home.

Wyatt caccia - 2007-04-08
hi my name is wyatt and i just got a peach face lovebird. it was a hard choice between him and a cockatiel, but i got the lovebird in the end. he is so sweet. he sits on my shoulder and is only 3 months old. he is so cute and has a cage big enough for a cockatoo. he is spoiled rotten. i am so happy to have him as a pet, his name is peaches. i am 11 years old, bye bye.

MitchyMitch - 2007-02-27
I just got 2 love birds, they are so funny and cute! They love to run around and are so much fun. Their names are Bonnie and Clyd because i got them from my Aunt and they would escape from their cage. They were hand raised and are the nicest, best pets. They have never bitten anyone, me or my family. they are awesome.

Kerri mae - 2007-02-08
I just bought a peach faced love bird. She is still young but not young enough. She cherps her head off when i put my hand in the cage. If im in the room with her she hardly cherps, I leave and she freaks out until I come back. I notice her small attachment to me when im not in the room but cant understand why she cherps her head off like shes being attacted when i place my hand in her cage. I hope she'll warm up towards me soon. Maybe i should of bought a baby bird.

Daisy and Clover's Mama - 2007-02-01
I bought two baby lovebirds, one wild coloring and one lutino, from a breeder at the stage of them just weaned.

They are very loud, ALL the time. I hear them outside from my second floor bedroom. I hear them every where on the first floor of the house and my house is fair sized.

They were very timid until they hit sexual maturity, which is relatively early, and then they became hormonal terrors. All of a sudden there was aggressive cage territorialness, fighting between the two, one was nesty and I couldn't get near her, and they both acted feral like they were used to captivity at all.

So, for four long years I've worked with them, almost in tears at times thinking that I may find a home for them, and finally in the last year they've come around.

There's only occasional biting when one is in a mood. And I have them separated now, cages side by side, after one tried to kill the other one. She tried to tear the other one's beak off and now she has a hole and wheezes when she gets her beak wet.

They like cuddling and will fall asleep if they crawl into your clothing and they get nice and warm. Mine like to stick out of the collar of my shirt like joeys.

It's a bit difficult to have them out of their cages like the larger parrots from long periods of time because they don't stay in one place, they go to the bathroom everywhere and you have to keep an eye on them all the time. They love to explore and they're very bold.

Lovebirds have been known to kill larger birds so keep that in mind if you have parrots or what not. They're also big toe biters.

I'm disappointed that they don't let me pet them but I'm working on that. They like kisses on their beaks and they'll lick your skin and groom your hair. Obviously only let them if you don't use chemicals and it's clean.

They should have as large as a cage as you can afford and have room for because they're both good flyer's and climbers. However, clipping their wings will curb aggressive behavior.

All in all, they're my babies, I accept them for who they are. It lights up their day just to come out and play with their mommy. And they always call to me to check in. I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Maggie - 2006-10-30
I just got a love bird that was hand fed but was then sort of neglected by the pet store just becuase it was one of the cheaper birds. Its name is georgia and she is basically terrified of my hand. she chirps her battle cry every time i get near her. I am hoping she will warm up to me. All i have to say is try to buy the birds very young while they still need an affectionate companion!

Leo mcGraynor - 2006-10-05
My friend introduced me to these beautiful and colourful birds eighteen months ago and i started out by building a large aviary and introducing 4 pairs. these were all standard in colour apart from one lutino. i now have 23 bids, separating the young, and swapping young birds for fresh breeding birds occassionally. They have totally captivated me, they are so social and the young so tame and affectionate. I have had my downs too, losing birds. a whole clutch almost fledged just recently! My wife is even getting into them.I have nursed birds back to health, hand reared chicks that were struggling, taking great pleasure from this little colony i have built up. I want to expand now and try one of the other species!

Earlene - 2006-09-14
I have 6 peach-face lovebirds. They all are fun to be with. I love listening to them sing. 1 pair is named Peaches and Cream, another pair is Bo and Hope, and the 3rd pair I haven't named yet. They aren't tamed butI do love them very much. They all talk to each other and they are all paired up.

jess - 2006-08-23
We (my family) have a little peach-faced lovebird named Fuu. Fuu was bred in our aviary but one bird took a disliking to her so we brought her inside. (It was really nasty). We then tamed Fuu which was pretty difficult because Fuu was raised by lovebirds. but we did it and now we don't want Fuu to go back into the aviary like she was supposed to. Fuu was born May 5 2006. Its odd because we took Fuu out to the aviary for a day when she was older and she hated it so we bought her back inside where she's really happy. Fuu likes to tweet when sudden sounds are made and she likes the vaccuum cleaner.