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   The Peach-faced Lovebird is a beautiful 'pocket parrot'. They come in a variety of colors and are the most commonly kept lovebirds!
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Linda Newkirk - 2008-11-07
We acquired "Charlie" from my daughter's friend who had 2 to begin with. She gave the first away as the 2 birds were fighting all the time. She tried to keep "Charlie" but her 3 year old daughter was afraid of "him" so that is how we acquired the bird. I have other breeds of birds at home and didn't give it a thought about bringing in a new one. From the start "Charlie" would escape the cage and fly about the room. I have had to wire shut the doors to keep "Charlie" in while I am not at home. Once home "Charlie" gets to come out to fly about. The biggest problem is the biting! Everyone is afraid of "Charlie" landing on them because of the biting. Now "Charlie" has laid 4 eggs so she is definitely not a "Charlie" and I have no way of knowing if they are furtile or not as I have no idea how long the sperm stays alive before the female lays her eggs. She is extremely protective of the eggs and will not leave them. We have had to feed her near the nest and put the water near her as she will not leave her eggs. If they are not fertile how do we go about getting them away from her???

leslie pulver - 2008-10-13
We have a lovebird that does the same thing as kathy lewis. Please help us, we have one female that recently laid 8 eggs.

Debbie Shook - 2008-09-28
I have a female peachfaced lovebird as well as a male peachfaced lovebird. My female birds feathers are turning all red on her wings, thighs, and underbelly. I have never seen this before, so I went down to our local pet store and asked the owner why that was happening. She had no idea and also never heard of that happening before. Nothing has changed, same diet, same exercise, I'm just confusing, the male birds feathers are the color that they are suppose to be. She is about 6 years old, she use to lay eggs (unfertilized), but she hasn't for a long long time now. I would greatly appreciate it someone could help me out with some answers. Hope to hear from you real soon!! Sincerely, Debbie Shook

Deborah Jascur - 2008-09-08
Our Peach Faced lovebird, Smooch, is 18 years old. We watched him feather out in the pet shop, and finally bought him all those years ago. While he appears to have had a stroke, he still eats well and his feathers look good. He has outlived all of our other birds and has just become much quieter in the past few months.

MM - 2008-07-23
Editor's Note: A bit of a correction to the following post is "This is a place to ask for help with your birds, but your responses will be in the Animal-World Community Forum - in the bird section." This is not the place to ask for help with your birds. Join a parrot forum with a message board to ask questions.

Kathy Lewis - 2008-07-02
We need help!! Our son bought two Peach faced Lovebirds from two different pet stores. The first bird, Nicky is very skiterish but does not bite. It will step up & stay on for a while then it flies back to the cage. Very little contact with the other bird except for little preening. Most of the time Nicky is in the cornor of the cage sleeping.

The other bird.... is very scary!! We then named it Cobra because it strikes like a snake!! It is the meanest bird I have ever seen.. It draws blood. On day it was on my son's arm, then ran up to his neck & started to bite into him. Lots of blood...none from the bird. We do not know what to do. Why is it so mean. Out of the cage it is nicer, however you never know when it will bite. We are not teasing it or mean. It will run against the cage when someone walks by, slqamming into the bars. In addition to that, it is attempting to mate with the bird tent in the cage almost non stop. Only once did we see Cobra & Nicky mate. He has even gone after toys & millet in that way. Any suggestions please!!

Al in Florida - 2008-05-02
I got little Albie about a week and a half ago during his weening period. He accepts pellet, nibbles on seed, plays in the sink, and is a joy to have around. He's about 9 weeks old. He steps up readily and perches on my shoulder - didn't have to work on that with him. He loves to hide in my shirt and burrows in my armpit. He's very affectionate and enjoyes preening my facial hair. It's my first bird and I love him and the experience very much.

-e- - 2007-10-19
The photo courtesy of Mona Warren is a hybrid of a peach-faced and one of the eye-rings species. Hybridizing between the various lovebird species does not occur in the wild in Africa and importing wild birds to the US has all but stopped. It is also not something that should be encouraged in US aviculture. That's not to say that a hybrid lovebird does not deserve a loving, caring pet home, or that a hybrid lovebird will not make for a wonderful companion.

Barry - 2007-08-05
Our Lovebirds are really great! We just bought them, and they are lovely!!

m. powell - 2007-04-26
i have kept and bred most types of lovebirds for many years, mainly without problems. the best pair by far has been a pair of peachfaced, which i paired myself. i can never be sure as to what colour chicks the. will produce! i have had normals, lutinos, blues, greys and one total albino! they do have a flight to themselves, whilst all my other lovebirds are bred in the collony system. all birds are kept outside all year round, inside accomodation is provided in winter, but the birds prefer to stay outside, and (occassionly bread)! all birds are fed on mormal seed mix, plus veg & fruit.