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   The Lutino Peach-faced Lovebird, with it's golden yellow plumage and it's peachie face, is said by many to be the most beautiful of all lovebirds!
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shazia rahman - 2014-11-11
I want to buy lutino love bird..

awais - 2012-11-23
Hi, I have one pair of Lutino lovebirds and from last three months they are laying eggs but eggs do not hatch. You help me, what I do? and I have also mentioned that they lay 4 to 5 eggs and the female is sitting in the box, after 23 day what I do for eggs because eggs are still there after 23 days.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-23
    The female doesn't sit the eggs (incubate the egggs) until the last egg is laid.  So 23 - 25 days after the last eg is laid is when they should start hatching.  If they don't candle them or open them to see if the eggs were fertile and just throw them out.  If the eggs were fertile, she isn't sitting them as much as she should.  If the eggs were not fertile, then the male just isn't mature yet and you need to wait.  It takes a few clutches for practice before they get it right.
  • awais - 2012-11-23
    No, the female sit on the eggs
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-23
    She would sit the eggs for 23 - 25 days after the last eg was laid.  So if she laid her fist egg 23 days ago - wait till 30- 32 days before you throw the eggs out.  Or you can candle the eggs to see if fertile or possibly one might be pipping at this stage and you can hear it.  If it has only been 23 days - the eggs might be fertile as they usually sit consistently after the last egg is laid.  It takes a few days for her to lay 4 - 5 eggs.
  • rajesh - 2014-01-03
    some time it takes 30 days for egg to hatch , which has happened with my african lovebirds
  • Mosad Amer - 2014-01-28
    lutino love birds needs more observation ... you listen very early morning to voices comming from box ... in the begning ... voices are very weak and later will become stronger ... and if these not happend ... these means ... no babys will come and you have to remove eggs from box ... and in future dont open the box to much times and good luck
  • Maine Woods - 2014-05-10
    You shouldnt be breeding 2 lutino lovebirds, the eggs are not fertile or if they do have babies that hatch they will soon die.
  • SunnyDazeInFLA - 2014-09-02
    I had a beautiful lutino lovebird that was the love of my life. He came from 2 lutino parents. Even when they were all young they LOVED to have a 'chew fest'. I gave them cardboard boxes, literature, and crunchy brochures from places. They will definitely incorporate that into their nest and no that stuff never hurt them. I now have a peach faced lovebird that has mated with his girlfriend who is a black masked lovebird (blue). His girlfriend before that loved to make nests also. All birds have a distinct individual personality, so don't let other people scare you. Thank goodness for the internet, but I've noticed a lot of people will just try to scare the bejeebers out of you! With experience comes wisdom. I can honestly say hand feeding my little yellow guy was one of the greatest joys of my life, and I've never had a better companion than him. He absolutely loved watching TV while I was gone. (I always had kid movies recorded for him.) I guess I have to add that I bought my house for my birds, and I have 3 now that are never caged though cages are available and a cute 4 day old baby in a nest. Yes the lutinos have an absolutely heartwarming cheep when they harch. Best of luck with your new little flock!
nidhin - 2014-06-13
My lutino female has started building the next with palm fronds... only problem is she has been building it for over a week now. Do they usually take this much time?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    They will often fuss about with their nest until they lay eggs.
  • Mir mazhar roshan ali - 2014-07-15
    i wanna buy lutino love bird......but how much age is required to breed them ........and how to make nest box plzzzz reply...
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-07-22
    Check out the Breeding/Reproduction section on the Information and Care of Lovebirds page. The link is at the bottom of the introduction paragraph above. That will answer your age and nest box questions.
salwa - 2014-01-17
I have yellow red headed lotion love bird pair since 4 ,5 month back they have become completed (child to adult) but still no egg ....I would like to no how and when they will start to lay egg????

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-18
    It may be that they are simply too young. Lovebirds need to be at least 10 months old, though 12 to 13 months is better. To learn more about this see All About Lovebirds: Breeding/Reproduction
  • Slawa - 2014-03-13
    My lutino laid eggs but duration between 1st and 2nd was 5 days. It's the first time it laid an egg.
jai - 2014-02-25
I have a Dutch blue lovebird male and a Lutino female. Every time my Lutino lays eggs they do not hatch.The has been happening for the past year or so.What could be the problem?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-25
    It could be that you have 2 females, with one laying the eggs and the other acting 'male'. Lovebird eggs hatch in approximately 20-24 days, but if this is the case, then they are infertile and will end up looking a grey color.
rajesh - 2014-01-03
Hi , Rajesh here are bangalore , india . i have a peached face african lovebirds , first time it layed 6 egg out of which 3 hatched and as soon as all the 3 babies were 1 month old again my lovebirds started laying eggs i was very confused thinking it much be a fault egg i.e 9 eggs were layed out of which 4 has hatched and remaining 5 are not hatched why it is not hatching all the eggs should i do any arrangement so the bird can hatch all the eggs...

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-04
    It can take up to about 40 days for all the eggs to hatch. Laying new eggs at the end of 30 days is confusing. Because the female is abandoning some of the eggs before they hatch, it could be they are infertile. Also if any abandoned eggs do hatch, she will not take care of the chicks.

    It isn't easy to determine why some eggs don't hatch. Besides infertility, it could also be poor nutrition, bacterial infections, etc, and not all eggs are meant to hatch. Good nutrition is very important, it determines the quality and health of your lovebird breeding pairs and young.  I would also look at the environment to see if the female is aggitated. Make sure the cage is clean, it isn't too small. and check the nesting materials - try adding shredded (unscented) paper towels or dried grasses. Also have some activity stimulators in the cage, like toys, as these are very active birds even during breeding. Humidity is also very important for the successful hatching of lovebird eggs.
jany - 2010-06-03
Does the lutino lovebird ever speak like other parrots?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-06-04
    Lovebirds are not talkers. At least I have never heard of one that does.
  • Rajani Singh - 2013-10-28
    Yes they talk I have seen many videos on you tube.
  • Tariq Zaheer - 2013-12-29
    No it is only a love bird to love. Just enjoy the beauty.
Rosa Velazquez - 2013-12-03
What can I do so my lovebirds can breed?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    See the page All About Lovebirds, under the breeding section for some good information
LISA - 2013-09-28
I have two female lutino peach face lovebirds. One lives with a regular male peach face. She recently got out of her cage and was out for a few days. Her body now has the same color of pink marks all down her back and body as the color of her head. It is all over the part that is normally yellow. What can be wrong? The other female, who is in a cage alone, is still perfectly normal. Any suggestions ? I thought maybe another bird pecked at her if she was on the side of their cage, but in attempting to find out what could be wrong, it appears as though there may be a disease such as this. She is acting fine, by the way...eating and drinking. I'll watch for your answer.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-29
    I would look to see if she was injured as the discoloration sounds like it's from an external source.  Feathers will only change colors when a bird molts, then the old feathers fall out and are replaced with new. This takes a bit of time, and you can see the new feathers coming in. Feathers can change color somewhat with molts as they age, but I don't think that's what is going on. As long as she is eating and acting normal, and her stool is normal, she is probably okay.
Roy - 2013-09-01
Hi, This is Roy from India. Recently my Peach faced African love bird had laid 4 eggs. Out of that only 1 egg was successfully hatched. The baby bird is now almost 2 weeks old but it has developed Yellow feathers just like a Lutino. I am really really surprised as to how this happened . How a peach face give birth to lutino baby. Please help me in understanding this riddle. Thanks .

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-01
    I'm guesing an unintended accident of genetics, as the lutino lovebird is actually a mutation of the Peach Faced Lovebird.