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   The Fischer's Lovebird is another friendly species of lovebird that makes an exceptional pet when hand-raised!
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Amanda - 2006-06-09
I have one black masked female and one fischer male. They just hatched their first clutch together a few days ago. I am so excited. We didnt even know they were going to mate. We thought they were both males...such a cute and pleasant surprise!

alenbryan - 2006-02-12
i really love my fischer lovebirds they are very cute and lovable. i found them very sweet and caring to their partners

/[*)>aebirdhouse - 2005-10-23
my fischers *three* found the best time chasing each other through wooden cola crate. it hangs up high on a wall. its a keeper, pricey, and ive only used it for displaying tins and things. BIRDTOYS! and yes, they commenced to toss all the whatsits from the squares onto the floor. and there is just enough room for them to squirm through and in and out. FUNNY FUNNIES!

Gilca - 2005-07-31
I recently got a pair Fischer's Lovebird. Basically i only keep and breed budgies, they were the first type of parrots i fell in love with and still haven't gotten over. But my love birds are also amazing. They were completely new for me so out of respect i named them Mr and Mrs Smith, although it was a little hard to distinguish the Mr from Mrs. But they are absolutely darlings. I used to think budgies were noisy but they surpass everyone. I simply love them, they are bundle of energy. Sometime they will make noise to call attention and when some one looks at them they try to hide their faces in each other. They love to chew any thing that is chewable (or even not). We call them our little destructomatic T47s.
They have not started breeding but i cannot wait to have little lovebirds.