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   The Fischer's Lovebird is another friendly species of lovebird that makes an exceptional pet when hand-raised!
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Rakesh B Amudhappa - 2011-03-16
Are small clay pots enough for breeding homes of fischer love birds?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-03-24
    The pots need to be sized with the birds size in mind. If they can fit in it comfortably. The standard sizes of lovebird nesting boxes is 8x8x8 inches or 10x10x6 inches. If you have more than one nesting box, they should all be the same size. You can find more information about this at Lovebird Breeding. Good Luck!
AM - 2010-03-13
I have a lutino Fischer's lovebird and I don't know what gender it is. My lovebird is always willing to bite and makes a lot of noise no matter what I do. It is up in the middle of the night and will not stop playing on its swing. I've tried taking the swing out but my lovebird just starts to make noise and bites me. If you have any advice at all I will appreciate it if you leave it as a reply to my comment.

john nyc - 2009-01-08
I have a female Fischers Lovebird and she is a great bird. Always willing to come out of her cage and sit on my shoulder all day. She goes with me everywhere i go, stores, pet smart, and on all my erands. She is gender bias and will only let Men handle her and finds Women as threats, biting them packing a powerful bite in her small beak. There great birds when kept alone and find you as the mate. As you become her mate for life. If seperated from you, she will begin to deteriorate due to the fact she wont look to another person as her mate, as she looked to you.

Becca - 2008-02-16
I have a young fisher's lovebird, but she will not tame for me. I've worked with many birds and she is the only one that has been a problem.

Jason - 2008-02-09
Hello, i have two Ficher Lovebirds and I love them. And right now they have at least 3 eggs in their nest.

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-01-27
I have two lutino fischer lovebirds, two budgies and I am wanting to get another species of mutation lovebird. I am typing this because I want your advice (the reader's not dr jungle's) If you know of a species please e-mail me on

ikramtoor - 2007-08-11
Hello everybody. I am Ikram Toor from Pakistan. I have 16 pairs of green fishers and one pair of Lutino. We (me, my wife, and kids) enjoy with these very pretty members of our family.

rachel hall - 2006-10-25
i have two blue mutation lovebirds. they live in an indoor aviary and 3 weeks ago they had 4 chicks which i am handrearing. they are really lovely

.mosaddeq ahmed palash. - 2006-08-22
i am from banglash. i have 6 pairs of fisher love birds, all are beautiful. they are also cute & very sweet. thanks for your web.

mosaddeq ahmed palash.

mysto - 2006-07-09
i have lovebirds. they are wonderful!! each morning they 'talk' to the other birds outside. then they cuddle up and take a nap!!