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   A hand-raised Dutch Blue Lovebird is extremely affectionate and playful. They are an excellent bird for a beginner as they are friendly, hardy, and easy to care for! 
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marissa - 2010-08-11
My lovebird snickers can somewhat be noisy and he does take some time to be tamed cause he isn't well tamed now but soon he will.

ammu - 2010-07-14
I like this african bird very 2 train these birds....

BK Jayaraman - 2010-07-13
I don't know what type of love birds I am having. But I have four birds in which two are plain white and yellow and the other two (blue and green) have some strips of different color (white and yellow) on their wings and head. Could you please help me to find it?

RaFa - 2010-06-29
Hi I have two types of lovebirds one Lovebird Peach-faced Lovebird Blue and Dutch partner if I can make them different? Please send me the answer to my email thanks.

KATHERINE - 2008-02-26
My little Dutch Blue is named Kiwi. She talks! I have had her since she was just 6 or 7 weeks old. Bought her from a breeder and finished hand feeding. She is single and I work at home so she can be out and with me at the computer whenever we want to socialize. She is as gentle as a lamb and is currently on a few eggs despite my efforts to avoid this. She allows me to feed her on the nest small bites of nuts, fresh veggies and bits of cheese from my fingers. She loves to crawl up my sweatshirt sleeve and come out the neck while saying "Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi". Amazingly, she doesn't scream or shriek at all. I have hand raised exotic birds for 28 years and this little girl is quite exceptional. I believe any animal is affected by the owner and recommend this type of pet to one who is patient and gentle. Quiet surroundings help and other people must not tease the little guys either. I hope Kiwi is around for 20 years or more.

kat - 2007-11-20
I love my lovebird, but I wouldn't call him a good pet for a beginner. Lovebirds require a large amount of time to remain hand tamed and can be somewhat dominating. In essence they're a big parrot in a little parrot body. My little guy has a Napoleon complex a mile wide, but that's what gives him his remarkable personality. Lovebirds can be great companions and each and every one has its own unique personality.

Eeks - 2006-12-12
I had a love bird unlike everyone elses. mine screamed all day long. she would swoop at your head and would not come near you. Yet when i got her she would sit on my shoulder and talk in my ear. Then one day she went nuts... maybe not all birds are happy and loving.

amber lynn - 2006-01-04
I currently have two wonderful lovebiirds. they are both supposed peach-faced lovebirds, but i just saw a picture of the Dutch-Blue lovebird, and now I am beginning to wonder about the true breed of the male. The other, the female, was purchased from a chain pet store. I do not recommend buying one from a large, chain-brand, pet store simply because the communication and socialization of the bird was very poor. but if you have your own favorite pet store (we bought our friendly male from OURS), owned by someone you can trust, go ahead and indulge yourself in one of these bright, cheery, beautiful animals. I warn you that, they're addicting, we bought one and a year later bought the other!
Oh yes, if you can get a love bird, the younger they are the more trainable, AND DON'T FORGET THE RESCUED ONEs!!

barry klopper - 2005-11-13
I have a love bird named charlie and have had him for 8 months, they are real characters, they love to play and do tricks to please you. This is the first bird i have owned and i completly love him(think thats were the name comes from) great beginner bird.