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   A pretty little parrot, Blue Masked Lovebird makes an adorable pet. It is a most playful, charming and amusing excellent bird for the beginner!
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kathy - 2010-01-28
I have 3 lovebirds, two are bluemasked and one red head. They are 8 months old and I'm trying to train them and I do not want to tramatize them. I talk to them and whistle and need help with their training. They have their own room in and out of cage, so they can not get hurt by hitting walls or getting lost upstairs or down until they are trained. Their names are Frick, Frat and Flick

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  • missy - 2010-05-23
    You cannot train them to talk but you can train them to follow you around try hand feeding to gain their trust.
Tammy - 2009-08-19
We have a couple of wild Blue masked love birds that showed up in Happy Jack AZ. We have watched them for a few days now. We unfortunately do not have our camera with us. Does anyone know where they are heading from here?

JULIE WATKINS - 2007-01-04
I just lost my blue-masked lovebird. His favorite was kissing my 13 year old dog! They were well bonded. The bird often chirped, only in the morning and early afternoon, and in the evening when it wanted attention. Loved to take a bath. I recommend this type of bird, easy to take care of.

The Bird Girl - 2006-04-17
I work at a petshop, and a couple of days ago my manager brought in a sick Blue-Masked lovebird. So I adopted it. I named him Spaz (not too sure if it's a male or a female), and took him to a doctor..but he didn't really know what was wrong, he just said that Spaz did seem sick because he wasn't fighting him. I've had lovebirds before, but I really hope he's going to be alright, because this bird is special. The first day, I would walk around with him on my shoulder, and I take him to work everyday. He doesn't bite, he doesn't try and fly away, and he loves giving me kisses (nibbling). I love him!

brandon - 2006-02-26
nice website you guys got here

Shanae - 2006-02-25
I just received my 2 blue faces and I am hoping that they are a male and female. They are relaxed finally and they realized that they can trust me. I'm looking forward to extend their lease or boundaries.

donna - 2005-10-12
I love my blue masked lovebirds, they have mated and I hope my female will lay fertile eggs!!! I recommend these birds to anyone who loves birds.

Jameelah Young - 2005-07-24
My new Blue Masked Lovebird is so adorable! We are already bonding!

Steven Wright - 2005-07-12
I love my BlueMasked Love birds. I'm now breeding them.