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   A pretty little parrot, Blue Masked Lovebird makes an adorable pet. It is a most playful, charming and amusing excellent bird for the beginner!
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Teejay - 2012-02-16
Hey I have just got two new love birds. One is blue and other is violet and they freak out when ever I walk near the cage. I've been trying to calm them by talking to them lots and puting my hand in the cage ... What else can I do? =)

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  • hann - 2012-02-16
    Hi, what you already are doing I did with mine. So my suggestion is to keep on with that and you'll soon see some diffrence. But another thing I did was to open the cage and let them out A LOT like all the time and let them see what you're up to. And let them listening to U tube clips with other lovebirds, that usally triggers them. Hope this helps a little bit!
Shereen - 2011-12-17
How can I provide my birds Calcium?? Shall I feed them with well-Boiled egg shells??

-They are a couple one is Blue masked and the other is Black masked

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-17
    You can feed them scrambled eggs and just leave the shell in. They usually love that. You can also buy a cuttlebone and just put it in the cage or they have flavored calcium blocks.
Shereen - 2011-12-08
Hi, I have bought a pair of lovebirds, the female is Blue masked and the male is Black masked. they are very scared. whenever I got near the cage they getting worried and mainly the male fly to some of the corner of the cage. Is this normal behavior?
Regarding their diet, I eat only seed, I had offered them apples and Carrot but they didn't touch it. However I have read that they love fruits and vegetables!! why is that??
I was told not to add the wooden box -where they suppose to lay eggs- right away, I should give them time to get used to the cage before doing so, Is this right??
BTW they aged more than a one year.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-08
    They seem to be paired bond and I would set up thenest box as it is better they have the nest box. They if they breed the eggs wil just be laid somewhere in the cage without bedding. But they would be protective of their territory and of course if you put your hand in their safe place they think King Kong As far as fruits and vegatables they need to get used to them. I would try things like cheerios or cooked
    macoroni. Chicken those are things that they take to easier and fruits and veggies many don't like them.
Rhea KImmons - 2011-07-12
Our friend just found a blue masked lovebird in his backyard. Stays and comes to eat food he puts out. If it was a paired bird, what are the chances of finding where it came from. He has asked all the neighbors. Can they fly from quite a distance?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-12
    They usually stick around home but they can go miles and miles. Another problem is it could have flown out of a car or an RV. Also,it may not have had a mate. The chances of finding a birds owner is pretty rare.... unless it is less common bird and identified in some way. If you put it in the paper, you can have 100 calls all saying the bird belongs to them.
    Not fair but it happens. You can try though. It is difficult. Can you catch it? - pick it up and bring it on home.
Robin Hirsch - 2011-06-21
I have a blue masked lovebird who just lost his mate of 3 years. He is healthy - can he be "remated" safely? He is 3 yrs old. I have their babies (5) distributed in 3 other cages so he's not alone - just looks lonely.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-21
    Yes, he will accept and cherish another mate. Easiest way to introduce a new mate is to put the new mate in a cage next to your existing blue masked. Allow them a couple of weeks to get to know each other and play with each other on neutral territory. Then when you see they get along, just put them together.
mueez butt - 2011-05-12
My name is Mueez Butt and I have a blue masked love birds. Can you tell me how to breed?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-12
    Hi, click on the article regarding the blue masked lovebirds and that will provide you with some information. In the article there is another link for breeding lovebirds and that will give you more information. Sexual maturity ocurs at about a year old so you can't expect too much before then. You need 2 nest boxes - one for her to lay the eggs and one for them to sleep in. They won't sit the eggs until all the eggs are laid. You need to place nesting materials inside the cage so they can build their nest. Spring is usally breeding season so when spring comes give them lots of different kinds of food, seed, vegatables, scrambled eggs, calcium block etc. It might take one or two clutches before they getting the sitting and feeding down so don't get dissapointed. They will get it. Read the information in the two articles and if you have additional questions, write me back. OK?
Jahanzaib Bhatti - 2011-04-12
Dear Concern

I have just bought a blue mask love bird on last sunday. Since they have been moved to their new cage, I think they haven't eaten anything so far and they want stay inside the pot most of the time. They are of mature age and I think they are shy from other birds I have. They are in a cage which is in partition having one side with budgies. I am quite tense about it why they are not having feed? Are they shy from us or other birds. What will be best feed from them? Your kind guidance in this regard will be appreciated highly.


Jahanzaib Bhatti

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    My birds would go off food a few days prior to breeding. I would get so nervous and worried but they wouldn't eat and I'd think the worst. Then there would be eggs. It took me a few times to catch on and over a year before I wasn't worried anymore. This could be what is happening. Also, new cage and new scents and sounds could change their behaviors for a little while. Did you quarantine the birds? Parakeets can carry diseases that other birds are not immune to. Just is a fact - not that yours do or you don't take care of them, just that they are immune to certain things that other birds are not. I hope your love birds have just decidd to do the lovely thing and all is well. Millet, crunched up hard boiled egg, spinach, scrambled eggs are usually favorites.
  • Jahanzaib Bhatti - 2011-04-27
    Thanks for the reply dear. As you said, they have laid eggs and since then the female is hatching them. I don't know exactly the numbers of eggs but they are still pretty much shy. They don't come out of the pot when I stand in front of the cage. I have made the setup on the terrace of my house and there are so many other birds like cocktails, budgies and finches in different cages over there. I am scared that due to their shyness, they wont get the chicks from their eggs as I have heard that they won't lay eggs in this season. Your kind expertise in this regard is required.

    Thanks You

Kristal - 2009-05-16
I have a 4 month old blue masked lovie. He is the sweetest thing and then all of a sudden he bites. He loves giving and getting kisses. He also says "kiss me" very clearly. He's always eager to come out of the cage. I'll take him out, and then sit down on the couch and let him walk around. He's fine for about 5 minutes or so and then when my hand/finger approaches him, he gets into defensive mode. This happens even when there's no possible way he can feel 'cornered'. Whenever I try and distract him it doesn't work. He puffs his head up and will then lunge for my finger. When I try and correct nibbling of something he gets mad. I've never hit him or given him any reason to fear my hand. The funny part is, is he loves the face. He will not nibble anymore or anything. Just goes for the lips to give/get kisses. I've been working with him constantly for a month now, and I'm really at the point of no return. I hope someone can help me!

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  • kelvin - 2010-08-14
    In the birds world the social status is determined on the vertical level you are on. If you are eye to eye with him he is kind and gentle because you are on the same level. if he is lower(on the couch or coffee table) and you walk up standing over him he will go into defense mode. This same logic is why he is in love with your face, it sounds like you have a very affectionate friend that wants to be on your level. So Tip #1 lower yourself to his level and show affection before you try and pick him up
  • Jessica - 2011-03-02
    Excuse me, someone is selling me a blue mask lovebird for 25 dollars? Is it a good price? Like how much do they cost? Thank you.
Mathew Dooling - 2008-09-05
Can any one help me with my purple masked loved bird. I have hand raised it and kept it in a brooders box. It just got away from me and is no where to be seen. He is 5 weeks old and I would like to know how far they could fly away and how are there homing skills, are they good for there first time. Any suggestions on how to get him to come home. This will be his first night out of the brooders box, too.
help help help help

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  • Evan - 2010-11-09
    Having two perfectly paired masked Love Birds, I cannot imagine the feeling of losing them in this way. I had nightmares of them getting out of their cage and flying away (as they're wild), so I have them in a room where the door is kept shut. They are very well behaved, because one day, I found the cage door wide open but they were sitting there contentedly preening one another. I pray you find your Love Bird!
  • Plaaten - 2011-02-18
    Hello ,
    I am interested in your parrot please can I see the pictures of the parrot and more information? You can email me at
A human - 2006-03-25
I have a female Blue Masked Lovebird named Black Bean that I got from a breeder. Besides her, I also have two female Dutch Blue Lovebirds, Candy and Callie; and three female Masked Lovebirds, Shanta, Raccoona, and Miss CuddleMee. Of all the birds I have, Black Bean is the only one that is social and wants to be with me. In fact, she dislikes my other lovebirds and would rather spend the whole day cuddled under my chin cooing.
Black Bean is a very playful bird, but she favors her ladder and her dangly toy bell. She adores watching cartoons with me, and she knows how to say:
I love you
Black Bean
I'm a good bird
well, she got that right! I love her so much and deeply recommend a lovebird for any person that is willing to love these beauties.

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  • captnamericus - 2010-05-29
    I really liked what you have said about these beautiful birds especially the part that yours talks. I have read both that these little guys do and do not talk. I would like to know how clearly are their words(like those of a parrot?) and how long of a period did it take to learn each word and how long of a period for this big of a vocabulary. AMAZING. emailme anytime,T.Y!
  • logan - 2010-07-12
    My name is logan I am going to get a love bird but I need to no which is the
    most quiet type of love bird? Is black bean quiet?

    Thank you.