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   The Masked Lovebird is a very popular species, second only to the Peach-faced Lovebirds, and is available in a number of attractive mutations!
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laurie - 2009-12-27
I have two Masked Love Birds, they both are about 1 year old, male and female.
I have set the cage with branches, etc. A bowl of seed. I'm trying to get them to
learn to notice food in different places (ex: bottom where the travel feeder is).
They have not noticed the water tube yet very well. We've had them for two months.
Does it take them awhile to learn the surroundings? Our finches see food on the bottom of the cage. I want these birds, like the parakeets, to learn food is also on the bottom (like the bath) so when we go on vacation, they'll go to the vacation feeder. What steps should I take to lead them to learn vegetables, feeders, etc?
I don't want to starve them.

Ramiza - 2009-04-28
Hi I have a blue female black masked lovebird who is sitting on 8 eggs but the father has died. Will she still incubate the eggs til they hatch and care for the little babies by herself or should I get another male? My male that died was a green black masked lovebird pure breed, both are pure breeds.

Samantha - 2008-12-04
i juss recently received 2 love birds from a friend, a black masked lovebird (roughly 6 yrs) and a pastel one (roughly 3yrs).
My male, the pastel one, has apparently made my female mean in the past. I was trying to change the food earlier and my female bit me so she could get out.

I'm new with lovebirds and am practically clueless. PLEASE give some advice on how I can start to handle them without losing a finger or two. I have a myspace as well..

carl - 2008-10-15
We just lost our little girl. We had her for eight years and she got sick. We took her to ITHICA M.Y. Cornell University Hospital. She died there and we are still just devastated. She was like our kid. We did everything with her and loved the devil out of her. Her name was Baby Bird.

Lydia Lugo - 2008-06-18
I also have a blackmasked lovebird. She had a mate but he open the cage door and left. Can anyone tell me about a suitable mate. concerned

Mike - 2007-05-28
NO NO NO... Sorry, but don't buy your bird a mirror. If you cannot afford to spend enough time (for a lovebird, at least 2 to 3 hours a day) with him or her, do not buy them! A mirror will make it so that a single lovebird will eventually become anti-social to you, his companion. The birds in the mirror become his companions and you will lose his trust little by little until he becomes just another wild lovebird! This is the same with ANY bird, not just lovebirds. If you want them to love you, keep mirrors away unless you are supervising with it and playing with them!

Vancouver, Canada - 2006-10-25
I have a sweet little blue masked lovebird who loves to whistle along to jazz music, running water, outside birds, etc. One of his favourite daily activities in bathing in his bird bath. Recently I've begun "clicker training" which helps him exercise his mind and body. Since then he has become even more eager to spend time with me.

Firemoon - 2006-09-25
...people breeding Masked Lovebirds to PeachFaced! For the purity of the line, as a breeder I wouldn't recommend this. In the wild they are not social to each other, but in captivity...nature takes over for procreation. If you love your Lovebirds, get them proper mates. If it has a ring around the eye then its mate should also. Peach Face and Whiteface(also a peachface variety) can be bred together. Fischer's Lovebirds should also be bred among Fischer's only. I wish you all happiness with your pets, but please...keep the lines pure.

Reece - 2006-05-31
I have a male green masked love bird and a female dutch blue love bird they get along great! im thinking about breeding any tips?

Britt - 2006-03-08
I love my lovebird its the coolest.