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Ralph - 2005-07-22
I have a lutino lovebird. Her name is Mini and she is a great joy to have in our home.

They are vary smart birds.

kristian - 2005-07-21
I love the lutino lovebird. they are the most beautiful of all lovebirds. very easy to train

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Steven Wright - 2005-07-12
I love my BlueMasked Love birds. I'm now breeding them.

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Emily Da Great - 2005-07-12
I have two black masked lovebirds. Their names are Lucy and Ricky, from " I Love Lucy". They are very affectionate to one another, but are very timid toward me. I know for a fact that they were not hand fed as babies. I strongly encourage buyers to buy hand fed chicks. Otherwise, they may not want to be around you.

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Breann Rodman - 2005-06-28
I recently got a peached-faced lovebird as gift from my dad for christmas last year. Her name is Peaches. Lovebirds are so cute and interesting that I wrote a two-page report on Lovebirds for my biology class this past school year. I spoil my lovebird with fruits and vegetables. It is so funny because I have Peaches and Delilah in the same cage together, and they get along so well. I think my Lovebird is falling in love with my parakeet because of the way they get along with each other. I asked my Biology teacher if I could mix my lovebird's DNA with my parakeet's DNA, and she said it's possible if you do it in a laboratory, but they'll never have babies together. If that should ever happen, I could create a new species of bird. I'll call it, "the Loveakeet!" Lovebirds make great pets because they love you, and whoever/whatever it is around. Lovebirds are the coolest!


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