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  "Zazu" is a very nice Green-naped Rainbow Lorikeet that is about 10-12 weeks old.
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Shelly & Jody Ward - 2003-08-17
We have 2 of these fun birds. Freckle and Jeckle both came from the same breeding pair, and we believe them both to be boys. We have raised them since they were each 6 months old like our children. They are very lovable, smart and entertaining.
Unfortunalty our lives have changed and we are in a situation where we need to find them a new home. They are very loud and someone should have room for an aviary in their yard for them to play during the day.
We live on our boat in San Diego and find that the places we intend to travel will not allow us to take them with us. Please write to us if you are interested and tell us your situation.

Cleo - 2003-08-07
I have a female Rainbow Lori parrot. Parrots are my favorite, especially the green naped rainbow lorikeet.
from: Bird lover Cleo