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  "Zazu" is a very nice Green-naped Rainbow Lorikeet that is about 10-12 weeks old.
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Chanda - 2007-06-15
My rainbow lori is named FRUIT LOOP, he is hilarious. He talks ALOT! He says... sweet bird, pretty bird, sexy bird, loud bird, hi bye hello come here stop, give me a kiss, and the he makes the kissing sound. He is the smartest bird I have ever had. He plays all the time and likes to take baths. He LOVES kids and dogs.

anonymos - 2007-04-29
hi i have a rainbow lorikeet. his name is cheekyboy. he is really funny. he love's me and he will sit on my shoulder and whisper sweet little secrets in my ears. well thats what i call it, he really just whistles. i have had cheekyboy for nearly two yrs, i got him as a baby. he HATES my boyfriend! i keep trying to make him talk by repeating the words over and over again but he just wont say anything, but he has a heck of a wolf whistle on him. they are so funny.

Theresa - 2007-02-01
My first bird was a Green Naped and she was the best friend you could ever have, I didn't even need to cage her because she was so well behaved. When she died I thought my world would end she was my "child" and I loved her so much it broke my heart. However, my husband seeing my pain spent a week researching breeders in the USA and found a home breeder who dealt with zoos and museums only, after telling her my story she was touched and decided she would help him out. She had two breeding pairs from three different countries. So at a total cost of $800, this was sexing all five chicks, certifying them and a plane ticket for the cockpit, I had a female from one clutch and a male from the other, Arthur and Guinevere. Then a year later we adopted a 8 year old one, Raini. In total I currently have five birds, only the three are Green Naped, plus now we have a baby on the way in the incubator. Birds are the best pets even with the mess and noise, and RAINBOWS are the best of them all, I love my little family and I never see my life without a bird in it, especially Green Naped Rainbows.

Joel - 2006-11-21
Hello everybody. I have two rainbow lorikeets and would just like to say that they're one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Rua is two years old and Mr Jingles 1 year old. Mr Jingles is hand tamed and is quite friendly with anyone and Rua is the shyer one of the two, but they're still both great pets.

Susan Saleeby - 2006-07-14

Hello Bird People:

You might remember my two articles on Lorys' which I typed
to Animal World some time ago concerning the passing of my
very beloved Lory, Jammy. I first told you about the beautiful
birdy and how we came upon this wonderful creature. And, I
further told you how his life on this earth came to a halt
some weeks ago.

Since Jammy's passing, the house seemed so very still and quiet,
that we could hardly stand it. Even my two Macaws seemed
affected by this silence. Jammy, God rest his soul, brought
such life to this house. You Lory owners surely know what I mean
by this sentence.

Well, I knew that Jammy could NEVER be replace; it just could
not happen. I did know, however, that something had to be
added to this house to give it life once again.

I searched the web and came upon the parrot, Caique. I read
much information about it, and I found that this might be the
answer to the tense quiet in our home since Jammy's passing.
My husband found a breeder on the web the very next morning,
and we found a breeder who had two babies for sale very near
to our residence. We visited the breeder and the rest is

Peaches, our Caique (Kai-eek), is just three months old now,
and she is just the answer. She has several traits of the
Lory, if you will, and she is small and very pretty. She
chirps, and she can "wolf whistle", and I taught her to say
"pretty" already. However, I don't care if she speaks or
not. She is here mainly to supply some happiness, chirping,
and just plain life to our family.

As you Lory owners know, nothing can EVER replace your pets;
however, Peaches is spunky, and she supplies the noise and
life that was obviously missing in our home.

Jammy was truly a gift from God, and there is no doubt in my
mind about that. If you read my last articles, you will see
how we came to own that wonderful, intelligent creature.
I see that life must go on, and I know Jammy would approve;
he would have loved Peaches.

Well, Lory people, take care, God bless you and your pets
and have a great summer.

Cynthia Oberlies - 2006-06-10
My best friend is named Tangy who is a beautiful 14yr old green-naped Rainbow Lori who is affectionately loving, a vocally demanding talker, more adventurous then the man down under - The Crocodile Hunter, and as intelligent as Little Einstein. I have had Tangy since a hatchling and, as any proud mother, I have weened, potty-trained(yes she is potty trained), and raised my little girl to be the most outgoing social performer. She often takes trips with me and my husband to meet the local people in our neighborhood where she lightens the hearts of everyone. I am proud to be told how amazingly beautiful and loving she is! I love talking and introducing Tangy and sharing with everyone her infectious laughter and constant chatter of "Mommy-mommy, Come her, I love you, Give me kisses". When I was recently married, I worried about her ability to adjust to my husband. And true to her loving nature, she took my husband, Frank, into our little clutch. Now, Tangy and Frank spend time together with Tangy preening his eyelashes, giving him kisses, and hopping around him for attention. Even though Rainbow Loriies are not for everyone; they need alot of social interaction, their diet must be watched closely, but most of all, they need alot of love in order to raise a healthy-well adjusted bird like Tangy, I believe everyone should have the pleasure of owning a little Tangy of their own..

Sammy - 2006-05-24
I was so pleased to find this web-site!!! I have never known anyone with a Rainbow Lorikeet/Bluey and so was very interested in all of the informative commentary! Today I will be "fetching" my little Rain-Birdie from our local pet store, Arcata Pets. I visited with and admired my new baby for several weeks before coming into some unexpected funding! He will come home to my little Meyers Parrot, a young African Grey Congo, two budgies, and two cockatiels! My Senegal Parrot was dragged off by a neighbors cat about two months ago so after today I feel our family will once again be complete! I am often the only human in my big house and don't know what I would do if I were not able to come home to my dogs and birds! The entertainment and LOVE provided by my animals is something I simply could not "happily" live without! Thank you for this lovely site you have provided!!!

Susan Saleeby - 2006-05-20

I recently posted a very detailed articleon the passing of the most beautiful, intelligent, and loving
pet I could ever imagine having. Remember Jammy?

I recently observed in a local pet shop, lorys feeding on pellets, according to the owner especially made for lorys. These pellets were dry, and the baby was
feeding on them; I was astounded by this.

I have read just recently that the nectar diets are the best because of the special physiology of this particular
bird. It was stated that a pelleted diet could result
in major consequences regarding the health of the lory.
The lory needs a moist diet to properly digest and
eliminate. The pelleted diet, I believe, implemented
in the pet shops and the like, is being used for the
purpose of making the droppings more solid as those of
other parrot species. Of course, this would be appealing
to unsuspecting folks shopping for a pet bird.

Jammy, my beloved rainbow lory, passed away at 20+ years of age. Jammy was fed the Necton Lory Powder formula. He absolutely
loved this diet. The only difference is that Jammy chose to mix the powder with water instead of feeding on the nectar in fluid form. Jammy received his vitamins and minerals in this diet, and he
lived a happy and beautiful life. Also, Jammy received fresh fruits and veges each day.

Be VERY careful when choosing a diet for your lorys. There are several really
good diets available to you. I believe there is also a diet called "Lory Life".
Do NOT use the dry pellets; I believe this will cause a very dangerous and life-threatening situation, and ultimately shorten the life of your lory, as well as
possibily causing great physical pain.

Well, several weeks have passed since Jammy met with
the Lord; however, I know he was a happy little
fella, and he enjoyed his life almost until the end.
As far as I am concerned, there is a BIG void in our
lifes and a strange stillness in this house which
has to be corrected.

Jammy will always be ALIVE in my heart forever; I am
sure you lory people understand. God bless you and
your pets and stay happy and healthy.

Susan Saleeby

Susan Saleeby - 2006-05-05

Twenty years or so ago, I was appearing at a gig (I am a
professional singer) at a country club. While I was awaiting
the wedding to begin, I stepped onto the patio of the club
where the cocktail party was being held prior to the actual
wedding reception.

I was astounded to see a beautiful bird sitting on a man's
arm drinking some of the man's Manhattan. I could not believe
what I was seeing. My husband, also an entertainer, told me
to remove the bird from the man's arm because, of course,
although amusing, the parrot should not be drinking such a drink.
My husband told me to take the bird home and place him in an
empty cage. I had several birds at the time; however, I could
not recognize the correct breed of this particular bird.

While travelling to an evening gig in New York, I took along my
bird encyclopedia. At last, I found this particular bird to be
a Green-Naped Rainbow Lory. I also read further to find the
background, habits, and most important, the fact that the bird
required a special diet.

When I returned that evening, I could not believe how happy and
playful the bird was, even after such a trying day. I place
ads in the newspaper to find the owner; however, nobody
responded and, of course, the rest is history. We named this
beautiful, beautiful birdy Jammy because I thoughy it looked as
though he was wearing his p.j.'s. My husband thought since it
was now a musician's pet, he would be "jammin'"

Jammy was the most beautiful, wonderful, playful, loving, and
intelligent birdy I have ever seen. Jammy was my best buddy,
and he loved me just as much. His pictures show his incredible
beauty. I miss him soooo much, I am really sick over his
departure. He brought so much joy to all of us including
our other three parrots. He had so much love to give, and he
truly loved, laughed, talked, whistled, sang, and danced for us.
The tears just won't stop for me; I just find this to be
unbearable, totally unbearable.

Approximately five (5) years ago, when Jammy was l5+ years of age,
I noticed a bump on the underside of Jammy's abdomen back near
his vent area. The Vet told me that the x-ray showed this to be
a tumor, and that it was a good size. To remove it was
dangerous according to the Vet, a wonderful doctor. He said the
tumor could be attached to another organ, and it was in the best
interest of Jammy to just leave him alone. Jammy was stressed to
be in the Vet's office, and the doctor noted Jammy had a small
seizure while he was on the table. Jammy, however, was fine
following this problem, and he was taken home to enjoy the rest
of his life, as the Lord would see it. I thought there were only
days or weeks until the end for Jammy.

As each year passed, Jammy was still "Jammin'". He brought so
much joy into all of our lives that you could not imagine.
I decided not to return him to the Vet's office because of the
stress involved, and Jammy went strong for five (5) additional
years until the evening before last.

Several days ago, I noticed Jammy to be a bit quieter than usual;
he was not as active, and he looked sleepy. That was not in
Jammy's character at all. The next morning I noticed that he
did not eliminate his waste as usual, and that was NOT at all
normal; I began to really worry. That evening I returned hom
to find that Jammy looked strained, and could not eliminate his
waste again. I knew immediately that he was in trouble.

I called my husband to Jammy's room, and John placed him in a
towel, as I began to remove some material from Jammy's beautiful
feathers. I filled a bottle with warm water to clean the vent
in case Jammy was encrusted with the material preventing him from
eliminatiion.Jammy had a seizure, and then
immediately after that he was gone. We were horrified and
unbelievably scared, and began to call him back and move him, and
I even began "mouth to mouth" on Jam; however, we finally accepted
the fact that he was with the Lord and his pal, Joey who died
several weeks ago at the age of 24+. Joey was a Plumhead,
and they were great pals to the end.

Everything is sooooo quiet in our house. My macaw, Andy, actually
left his cage and walked to the edge of his room to look around
the corner to the place where Jam was housed. Finally, today
I saw Andy in the room talking and talking, and then he returned
to his own cage next door. I know Andy realizes something is
very wrong because they were all buddies, if you will.

My final thoughts are that simply birds are incredibly intelligent
creatures. Of course, some are more than others; however, I
believe that they are not taken seriously by many people.

Jammy will AlWAYS remain close to my heart and soul. The house
is not at all normal since he departed. My tears are just
as plentiful as they were, and I know they will not be dry
too soon.

One last thing, after Jammy passed, I noticed a rather large, soft
pouch on Jammy's underside, and I figured that most likely
was from the problem of elimination for a day or so. There was
no time to get him to the Vet, just no time at all.

I want to know if 20+ years was an average age for this type of
bird. Could you please tell me what you think.

Thank you and excuse me for such a lengthy letter; however, I
still don't want to get Jammy go; however, he must.

Sincerely, Susan Saleeby - WE LOVED THIS BIRDY SO MUCH

Pauline - 2006-04-28
Thank goodness both my husband and I are self-employed and home a lot, our little "time-waster" called Whittaker manages to get our attention all day long, he wouldn't have it any other way, with both of us wrapped around his talon. What an incredible pet, so expressive and communicative, never happier than roaming all over one or the other of us and being hand-fed (make delighted grunting noises as he eats). I love how he will snuggle around your neck early in the morning if you are still sleepy and don't want to get up yet - (he wakes us just after dawn). Says "shut up" when he's chortling with laughter and play-fighting like a kitten on his back. His tones are so recognizably human. Whittaker rules the house, calling our names if we leave the room. My husband calls him "six inches of arrogance" and the "green $5 dragon". He's fantastic and hilarious.