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Ian Banks - 2004-07-06
I have a 1 year old Green Naped Lorikeet called Ruby. I could not agree more with so many of the comments I have read here, they make the very best companions and Ruby is no exception. She mimics a great deal and takes great pleasure in mimicking the sound of the Microwave finishing; a great way to get me out of the front room and gain my attention. I have taken some great photos of her and placed them on my website. Take a look

Danielle - 2004-06-28
I have a year old lorikeet called Toot. Toot is very amazing and loves attention. He loves to get out of his cage to fly around. He loves to chat. He says: Hello,Come on,Come,Whatcha doin?, Whats that?,Whats that smell? And he also says my husbands name, which is Robert. Toot also says a lot of other words, but these are the main words he says. I love this bird a great deal and i cant imagine my life without him.

Linda - 2004-06-18
Ive just got a rainbow lorikeet, she is most beautiful and only 6-8 weeks old. she is quite fiesty at the moment. its proving difficult for me to keep handling her, her nails are sharp! and she constantly bites my hands and if on my neck goes for a mole i have :/ hopefully things will get better!

Stacey - 2004-06-17
I have a 4 1/2-5 week old rainbow lorikeet crossed with a red naped lorikeet and if you walk past the cage without getting her out she starts making weird noises and wont shut up until you get her out. She loves cuddles and is such a sweetie.

To anyone who wishes to get one you will have a great pet but I urge you to please find out all you can beforehand and make sure you have enough time to spend with him or her.

Stacey - 2004-06-17
i have a 5 week old lorikeet who loves to come out of her cage. if you leave him/her in the cage he/she will start to make all sorts of weired noises and wont shutup untill she is let out. Scooby is a real sweety.

I urge anyone whishing to buy a lorrikeet to please reasearch as much as possible first and to ensure you can spend adequate time with your bird.

Karen Bretana - 2004-03-16
I have a rainbow loriket. Her name is Skittles. We got her from Petco about 2 years ago. She is a very loving bird. She gives kisses, makes all kinds of sounds, and talks. She loves to talk to our other red lory named Gookie. They are in seperate cages. We bought them these plastic bird baths and they sleep in them. These birds amaze me. They are so intelligent and so much fun. When Gookie is getting to loud, Skittles will shout "SHUTUP". They will mimic you so you must watch what you say. They are a lot of work but well worth it.

Bridget - 2004-02-27
We have a girl Rainbow Lorikeet that we got suddenly and knew nothing about pet birds at all!She is a sweetie that plays soccer on the floor with a cat ball with a bell (but no catnip) in it and loves to give kisses and take noisy,splashy baths in a pyrex brownie pan.She even said my name after 3 days with us!She is so funny when she plays she could get Frankenstein out of a bad mood.I love her so much and never knew what I was missing until she came our way.We still have to think of a girl name for her because we thought she was a he until the DNA results came in last week. Princess would be appropriate,LOL.

steph - 2004-01-15
i have a green naped rainbow lorikeet called billy,his original owner could not look after him,unfortunatly he has lost his feathers around his neck.he is such a lovely bird which as discribed as a clown does fit very well indeed.
his last owner visits him regulary and has him on his back and looks as if he is having his tummy tiggled,he has a lovely personality and says a few words.
very cool pet untill he bites lol.he also gives you kisses and loves to taste your tounge.

Marks - 2003-10-20
I have a pet lorikeet named JoJo who is a very talkative bird. He says at least 40 different words including the normal ones such as hello and whatcha doin, and also says things such as hey baby and sings. this bird also is very playful and only is attached to me (will bite everyone else). He pretends to be shot if your hand looks like a gun and many other tricks. This species of bird is great to have as a pet!

Bryan - 2003-10-04
We have two Green Napped Lorries in our house. When we first got them {Fred and Barney} they had not had alot of good owners and were quite scared of people. This has changed for the better since we have had them for almost three years. I enjoy the playful spirit both birds have. I have heard them called the clowns of the bird world, and this fits them perfectly. Never before have I seen a bird roll on its back and grab my fingers while still on its back. I also have never had a bird who one minute could bite my finger then come up lick my nose. These two have really taken my heart, they are just so very loving.


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