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Anonymous - 2005-07-17
I have a 1 year old rainbow lorikeet(marbles) and he has copied my whistles, hellos, the phone, microwave, fire truck and more. i recommend a rainbow lorikeet for any one who loves animals. they are very entertaining and hours of fun for the whole family. but make sure everyone has their fair share because marbles attacks everyone but me and only i can put him in his cage and touch hie toys. anyway they are fab birds and i love him.

Stephanie Dawn - 2005-05-15
I have a Lori named Jose - He is about 5 yrs old and I have had him a week - I just love him! He talks, gives kisses, says I love you, pretty & sexy bird - he can sound just like my cordless phone and even mimics the sound of the tone when dialing. He loves to be out of his cage but only likes to be handled by me. Lori's are great birds to have. He has to have soft toys because they are soft beaked birds.

Ronny - 2005-03-05
Your site is very nice, compliment!

Eddie - 2005-03-05
i have a lori. I dont know how old, but it hates being around people. it bites everytime i let it out of the cage and try to handle it.

kayleen - 2005-03-01
I have a green-naped lory named Coco who is 15 months old. We bought him from a breeder when he was a tiny grey chick, he surprised all my friends with his beauty, of which he reminds us of every day! He is the absolute life and soul of our home, he says words such as "hello Coco, where is my baby, and be quiet Coco" I am looking forward to a wonderful life with my cheeky yet friendly baby. He is like a toddler who will never grow up, but thats the way we like it.

Sarah - 2005-02-11
I just want everyone out there to be very careful when they choose a toy for their precious Lori. A lot of toys have metal chains which can be a health hazard. Because Lories have a mop like tongue they love the taste of anything-in particular metal. Also be careful with the choice of cage.Some cages are made from cheap metal. Im only speaking from first hand. My Charrlee past away due to my ignorance and lack of education towards his toys. I miss him every day. Like other Lori owners I had to buy another because the house was totally quiet without their beautiful yet cheeky personality. I am now much more aware about these precious lories

Margaret - 2005-02-03
I got my rainbow lorikeet from a breeder I worked for, I named her Little Foot. I got her when she was four weeks old and now she is about 9 months. Ever since she was little she would shout "WOW!" now she says "Its ok", laughs, smooches, dances and screams with my sun conures. I am trying to teach her "I love you" next...she is such a joy and i couldnt picture life with out her..

Kristi - 2005-01-18
I have a Rainbow Lory named Jester (aprox 5 yrs old now)who is awesome. I bought her in a pet store (who is a most awesome store for birds in our area) aprox 3 years ago where she was left by a former owner. Jester was very cage territorial when first purchased. With alot of work (and battle worn hands mind you!!), Jester proved those problems could be overcome. Jester has a minimum vocab of 20 - 25 words/phrases with picking up new ones each year. The potential to learn seems wide open for Jester. Jester is a clown and an able bodied acrobat who has lots of love in her heart. Anyone who passes a lory over due to the report of the mess that comes with a lory (which can be contained with the use of a blanket or sheet over most of the cage ... throw in washer ... viola ... mess gone!!) is very short sighted and loses the chance to share their life with an outstanding companion bird.

Pokies Dad - 2005-01-05
My Rainbow Lorie, "Pokaroo" or Pokie as we called him was a comical actor. Sadly he passed away on 12.17.04 due to liver failure. In his 9 years of life, I believe he thought he was people. Commanding a 50 plus word vocabulary he constantly has my wife and I in tears with laughter. He would call our two cats, my wife and I, our grand kids, and demand his supper. His greetings of "Hi Guys" when we returned home to "See Ya, See Ya Later" when we left for work will be sadly missed.
His loveable nature and the nature of the breed has us looking for another young bird to try and fill the void. I would whole heartily recommend a lory to anyone looking for a loveable companion...
On a side note, if your lory developes any sort of beak discolouration, tender feet or lameness take him to your avian vet.

Eli - 2004-07-12
My lorikeet was given to me by a vet surgeon when i took my budgie up there for a check up. Her name is Cherry but somehow she gets called Cheryl. she is full of personality and very loving to me only ... she is almost like a bodyguard. if someone slaps me or puts there hand on me she lunges and bites them HARD! hehehehe! she sleeps on the head of my bed and snuggles in the morning. i must say she has brought a lot of joy into my life :)


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