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Janis - 2006-04-19
I have a 5 yr. old green napped lory. His name is Ziggy. I got him when he was 7 mo. old. He's quite a handful. While he is usually very playful & loving, he can also become overstimulated & go into attack mode. I think these birds do best with a fairly calm person. My bird says: come here, give me a kiss, get outta here, night night,wanna go outside, is it good, umm, yummy! He says much more, too much to list here.

Tracy and Jesska - 2006-04-08
I have a green naped rainbow lorikeet. He is a boy and his name is Bogan(as in westie). Me and my girlfriend decided to call him Bogan because we found him in the wild being attacked by a ferrel cat. He was all bloody and disgusting. He had lice, no shoes and he was homeless. We took him in without a second thought and now 3 years on we have taught him to talk. He is very good and says things like: Bogan, ya mum, sexy thang, i have nits, and lot's more.

Lisa Swords - 2006-04-08
My boyfriend found a young Rainbow Lorikeet on the road and we hand raised him. We had never had much to do with the breed before and were pleasantly surprised to find him to be extremely playful and entertaining. More like a kitten in his playful antics, we have developed a really close bond and he offers a great amount of companionship. He has learned to say quite a lot and mumbles and whistles all the time. They can be noisy and need lots of attention but it has all been extremely worthwhile. Also they become attached to the person in the household of the opposite sex. So our male bird prefers me to my boyfriend, though this isn't that much of a problem, he's just more cuddly with me. I definitely recommend these birds as pets.

*Sally* - 2006-03-29
I have a male rainbow lorikeet named Teeko and a male Eclectus named Tongo. Amazingly, they love each other! Teeko is a woderful bird that has filled my life with joy. I got him from a great breeder as a baby and he is now 7 years old. He is quite a jabber-mouth. He can say
I love you!
Sweet, sweet love!
Up, up to mama?
And much more. His favorite food would have to be fresh, moist pear and yummy apples. He loves them. He enjoys playing in his 2+2+2 foot cage and his big, BIG playground.
Teeko is a great bird, despite his special diet. I love m little guy.

Liana - 2006-01-26
we (as my family), have two rainbow lorikeets and they are called dick and fanny. they live outside in there cage which is 8 foot tall and about 3 feet wide so they are in a big cage. we talk to them everyday and play and feed them everyday. Dick can say things like g'day and how are ya and what ya doin..its really cool. Fanny is still figuring out how to talk. they love to talk to the wild birds, see all the things they havent seen before. we have had them for about 4 months. they are about 1yr old. i love them, they are so cute and special to our family. cya...liana

janine & richard - 2005-12-23
We have a 1 year old rainbow lorikeet, his name is Jerry! Jerry loves to kiss people and give the occasional bite. He can say a few different words. But most of all he loves to sing.... We love our bird i think he is very smart he does poo on command and loves the attention we give to him. I look forward to the many years we will have together.

Terri Cummins - 2005-12-10
I have Two Red Mollucan Lorikeets that are just beautiful birds that I see that you dont have listed on your Lorikeet display....They are very active birds I have Sugar she does everything with me eats, showers with me, everything but sleep with me. LOL. They do take special care too, love to eat a variety of foods as well as there nectar...Hope you soon get a pic of my birds on your site.

Martin Kandilas - 2005-10-29
I have a beautiful photograph of a wild Green Naped Rainbow Lorikeet taken at my home near Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia. We get upwards of 40 birds come to visit morning and night, and you can have the photo with my compliments to put on your site if you like. Give me an email address and I will gladly forward it. can send it, we have an upload format for photos at the bottom of each bird family page (underneath the thumbnail photos!)...and Thank you!

Norway - 2005-08-05
I have a 26 years old Green-naped Rainbow Lorikeet (Peppo). He has had a few homes and came to me just recently. He's the most special bird I have ever owned. He hasn't always been treated as nicely as now, so when he came he had plucked himself and wasn't very easy to handle. But now he is much better and he loves to cuddle. He talks, says his own name, and talks in his sleep.

Jean Santos - 2005-08-03
Im a parrot lover and have a few asian parrot species. I love my lories very much. I have 4 pairs of lories in my backyard aviary. I have also a lot of african love birds, several pairs of cockatiels, blue naped and blue backed parrots,a pair of rose ringnecked parakeets, pair of umbies, and a pair of eclectus r. vosmaeri. But the most striking parrots that i have are my rainbow lories. All of my friends admired the colors
of their feathers and their abilities to entertain by doing acrobatic treks. I enjoy reading your writings about parrots. So i hope you like my message about my feathered friends!


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