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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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scleveland - 2012-08-05
My mother has had white doves for probably 15 years now. She started with two and now has around 15... If the parents don't care for the young she will take them in.. As young as a few hours old. She even hatches Eggs if they are abandoned. They are very fun birds. We have had three or four that we can go on walks with them on our shoulders.. I have one she gave me to continue to hand feed because she had another new born as well and mine.. a male is so sweet and very easy to handle.. they are easy pets and my two year old Loves him and him my two year old :-)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-07
    They make wonderful pets.  People are talking about them laughing.  I had doves and i never heard them love just coo.  So soft and love the sound.
  • scleveland - 2012-08-08
    When they fly and land.. The hoo hoo hoo.. Coo sound .. Is what people call the laugh
  • scleveland - 2012-08-08
    When they fly and land.. The hoo hoo hoo.. Coo sound .. Is what people call the laugh
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-09
    OK  got it.  I always thought that that :what rhy say is laugh' was 'come and get me ma'  and I'd laugh and go get them
ayesha - 2012-08-08
I have a white dove one of them died but the others head is injured what do i do?

Tom Sharkey - 2012-07-25
We have a white dove now for about 6 years. Is it true the laughing and cooing of this dove means it is a male? This dove is now having a problem with it's beak. The top part crosses over sideways and the bottom part crosses over the other way, they do not come together as one. We have a cuttle bone, but the bird doesn't seem to use it, what can we do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-25
    The males coo - I never heard about the laughing.  Problem you have is called scissor beak and it is overgrown beak condition.  You can take it to a avian vet and WITHOUT putting it to sleep just file off both the bottom and top of the beak.  The dove won't like it but it is pretty much the same as cutting your finger nails or a dogs toenails.  Simple procedure, fast and doesn't hurt.  If it keeps growing like this, he is going to have major problems eating and possibly a break which could hurt.  Then you can put a lava rock in his cage, almonds in shell, concrete perch so he can chew and file down his beak as he needs to.  If the vet says he needs to use anesthetic - use a different vet.
  • janet - 2012-08-01
    Charlie, my male and females all laugh, can't believe you never heard them. there is no way its not laughing ... lol
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-01
    Seriously, I had doves and they made cooing sounds all the time.  I just loved it - but I never heard them laugh and they were right in the kitchen.  Might have to try again. 
  • Tom Sharkey - 2012-08-03
    Charles, Janet, Well, the beak has been restored to a neat-beak. Vet @ Summit Animal Hosp. did a fine job. At first those big dog nail clippers didn't do the job, so they used tiny pair of surgial scissors, clip clip and our 12 yr plus Dove (not 6) was as good as new. And it only cost $10. Now looking into those rocks, etc. for Coo Coo to do his own trim. While at the Vet, he gave out a good bunch of laughs, and everyone (3 others) got a big kick out of this. Once in a great while he will do the 'Happy Hop' with his two feet, just like that YOU TUBE VIDEO of that bird dancing awhile back. We know our bird is a male, not because he coos or laughs, but will hump my wifes hand at times. GOD Bless.....Tom
Debbie - 2012-07-14
As I was sitting on my deck in the middle of the night, a beautiful white dove appeared out of nowhere. It flew just above my head and very slowly under the eave and over the house. It majestically turned and went behind a huge tree in my yard and I didn't see it again. As this happened, I had cold chills but not fear...just kinda like a peace as everything seemed to stand still and quiet fell over everything. What does this mean? I know they are known in the Bible as signs of Peace. Has anyone else had anything similar happen? I feel very at ease now and had been very worried over some things. I feel it was a sign from God.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-07-26
    It could be a message from God:))) I am a christian but talk to God and ask him what it ment or talk to people at your church about it
mary - 2012-07-15
I have wrtten before about a white dove that came to my house 5-11, came every day all winter through, snow, cold ect in MI. This spring a white pigeon I assume, as it was much bigger, and banded they stayed around till 6-22 and I haven't seen either one since. Would they be nesting? If so why wouldn't they came back to a known food source? I'm so sad, they were the highlight of my day.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-15
    I am sorry.  I had a cardinal that would bang on my window and then front door and had to come in the house every day and fly into the dining room.  I would pick him up and pet him.  He then came in with his mate.  My guess is yours are nesting or they have joined a flock and they would go where the flock goes.  Maybe you would enjoy a little pet bird.  Just make sure you can hold it, handle it, pet it before you buy.  You want it just as friendly as a little puppy.
Caroline - 2012-07-06
There has been a white dove trying 2 get in my kitchen window 4 the last 12 hrs... I came out 2 do the washing up and again it was inside on my window ledge!!! I don't no wot 2 do???

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-06
    You don't have to do anything.  The dove is either seeing his reflection in the window and thinks there is a friend.  Or possibly, he is very tame and happens to think you are his home.  If you want, you can go out and just see if he is interested in you picking him up.  If he is that tame, you can just bring him in your home and then take him to an animal santuary.  Or you could keep him.  You can take some bread out there for him or bird seed if you have some or cheerios.  Don't be upset - whatever you decide is OK.
Boni Moretti - 2012-07-01
My sons found a white bird in street. It seems tame and allowed them to bring it in the house. We put it in an empty tiel cage and it is eating and drinking tiel food. It looks like a white dove but it has feathers all the way down to its feet. I don't see that in the photos of doves on the internet. It is all white with black eyes.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-02
    Depending on type, many doves and or pigeons have feathers running down the legs and even covering the feet.  Here are some images.

    Images at Bing
janet - 2012-06-16
ok my dove Sweetie (who is not so sweet) tries to bite me all the time , flaps me with her wing. I have had doves for 19 yrs never one like this. She has laid another egg today one last wed. 6 eggs since end of march . No babies yet. I know she is protecting her eggs but omg , why sooooo many eggs??????????

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-16
    Are you letting her keep the eggs.  If you remove them - she will lay another.  She is going to lay until she has a clutch she can sit of two eggs.  If you remove them, she wil just lay another egg.  Soon, there will be no more calcium and the eggs will be like a rubber ball.  The biting and flapping is protection.  Does she have a mate?  Is there another dove with her?  Could you have two females in the same cage/nest box?  Is she alone?  No possiblility of eggs being fertile?  If she has another dove with her in the cage and definitely not a female, possibly losing balance while mating.  you can place a second perch one inch in front of the perch they normally sit on and 2 inches above the perch they normally sit on.  This way the female can hang onto the bottom perch with her feet and the top perch with her beak.  Sometimes a mate is a little over zealous and keeps knocking the female off the perch so infertile eggs. 
  • janet - 2012-06-25
    Yes I let her sit the eggs for no less than 21 days, yes she has a mate, yes there are plenty of room, 2 perches, they start to mate but the male seems like he doesn't finish like he did with his mate of 8yrs. She has laid 6 eggs since May this morning while cleaning their cage one of the eggs were cracked open and empty. I hope I did the right thing by throwing it away. She is still sitting the egg, and playing with her toys at the same time...
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-25
    I have no clue then.  As far as I know you have done everything that can be done.  If you have fertile eggs from anothe pair, you can switch the eggs.  This female obviously wants some babies. 
Glen - 2012-06-23
My original pair are now 9! I have built a new larger cote and have just been told that the Doves may not recongise the new cote and fly off. Anyone with thoughts on this? I plan to replace the cote today. Many thanks

dave - 2012-04-21
I have had a pair of white Ring Neck doves for the last 4 months and they were 6 months old when I got them. I have seen them mating a few times, but there hasn't been any eggs. The female spends a lot of time sitting in the nest, but hasn't laid any eggs. What could be the reason ? What should I do ?

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  • Dave - 2012-04-25
    Thanks a bunch, really appreciate the help..
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-21
    They are very young yet and they need to practice and get it right. They are doing the normal mating breeding thing but a little young yet. Give them some time.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-22
    It is very difficult to tell the sex of a bird by the pelvic bone width. The pelvic bone in the female is usually wider than the male but this takes a long time to get familar with it and not necessaryily very accurate. Just a good shot. You have a young pair. Possibly, you have two males though. Many times if there are two males, one of them will assume the female roll and even sit in the nest box hoping for an egg. Yes, it is normal for them to flap their wings at each other - I don't know about doves but some birds do it in a mating ritual. You will just have to wait. Not all doves are secually mature at this age so the idea is there but no eggs. If there are no eggs in another 6 months - you probably have two fellas.
  • Dave - 2012-04-22
    Thanks a lot Charlie. I am new at this and I love my pair but I am really confused. Is it possible for both male and female to have the same pelvic bone structure? And also, is it normal for them to fight? They sometimes hit each other with their wings, but its not very often..
  • janet - 2012-04-22
    Hey Dave. I had 2 white doves for over 7 yrs. They mated several times daily and never laid a egg. And yes I am sure that one was male and one was female. The female had been ill due to a injury, she went to the avian vet on 2-11-12 he said she had a hematoma and she died on 4-12-12,very sad. I bought another female for my male on 4-13-12. She laid 2 eggs on 4-19-12. My ringneck female I had for 12 yrs with no mate laid eggs 1 at a time for 11yrs . So go figure!
  • Dave - 2012-04-23
    Thanks guys. It's funny but I never thought these cute little fellows will give me such a tough time. There's so much about them that is unclear. I so want them to raise off springs, but at the moment that doesn't seem to be happening. I am gonna get a new pair as I have lots of room for a few more and this time, I'll try to make sure its actually a pair :)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-23
    Don't give up hope yet, you may have a pair. The male does coo more often to attract the female. The female does approach the male and sorta try to get him to do his courtship thing with flapping the wings. It is said that doves reach sexual matuity around 3 months old, however, if they are in a flock, they can SEE what is going on around them. When they are not in a flock, they have to experiment and carry on and hope they get something right. It would be fun to get another pair and see the behavior differences and it may help you determine if you have the male/female pair. Good luck and enjoy.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-24
    Yes, if you can let them fly around a bit. I would think if you are just around them often enough, the female would get used to you and let you hold her. Just takes time and not being nervous. Separate cage on another pair.
  • Dave - 2012-04-23
    Thanks again Charlie, I'll keep this pair as it's my first ever. Is it a good idea to let them out of their cage for some play time everyday? i have them housed in a big enough cage for them to fly around and get some exercise. The female freaks out when I catch it so I am thinking I shouldn't disturb it too much. Also, can I put the new pair with the old one or should I get a separate cage for them ?
  • Dave - 2012-06-04
    Both my white doves turned out to be males. I got one replaced and got a new female. Within one week there were eggs, she is sitting happily on them now. I also got a new tangerine pair, they are also sitting on their eggs. If all goes well I'll have a few hatchlings in a few days, fingers crossed :)
  • Dave - 2012-06-04
    Does it take 21-22 days for the eggs to hatch or 13-14?? I have heard both..
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-04
    Incubation time for white doves is 14 - 15 days but they don't sit until after the last egg is laid. That could account for some of the disrepancy in the incubation time. So an egg is laid and possibly as long as 40 hours later, another egg is laid. Then she will start sitting the eggs and about 14 - 15 days later, the eggs should hatch. There is uaually a delay between the first egg hatching and the second egg hatching as well.
  • Dave - 2012-06-04
    Thanks. The white dove eggs are considerably smaller than the tangerine eggs, also the birds have not been eating as much as they did before they started sitting the eggs, is that normal ?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-04
    Yep, it is normal for them to go 'off' their food a little when laying eggs and starting to incubate.
  • Dave - 2012-06-05
    My tangerine eggs hatched today , so happy !
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-06
  • Dave - 2012-06-06
  • janet - 2012-06-07
    Congrats Dave on the hatching!!!!!!!!!!!! my second set of eggs don't look like they will be fertile again, its been 22 days since sweetie laid them, oh well maybe next time. sure would love baby doves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dave - 2012-06-14
    thanks Janet. One of my white dove eggs also hatched today. Waiting for the second one. I think your pair hasn't bonded yet. Give them a little time of luck ..
  • Dave - 2012-06-16
    How come one of my tangerine hatchlings is completely white ??