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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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Joanne - 2006-07-14
Great site lots of info...... My Maiden name was dove and one appears when my oldest daughter started confirmation classes. Then a wild one fell out of our palm tree. We fed her bird formula through a straw, and advanced to a baby nipple with a syringe inside so she could put her skinny beak in and we could feed her. She was taken outside every day and stayed with us until Mothers day. when me and my girls got home she flew away. Miss her much.....but I knew she would when she did not need me anymore. Got a white dove for my Birthday I am hooked on these beauties. So gentle and cute. I am not sure if I will name her FLUFF (the marshmallow stuff) or OLIVE (skinny head and leggy like olive oil) LOL

kaleb - 2006-06-07
I have a pretty white dove, she is so fun. Her name is snowy. She is still a chick and full of energy. I also have a parakeet named chester. They have to share a cage together but they don't fight. lol kaleb 6/7/06

pat thompson - 2006-05-31
I absolutely adore my precious Dove, Snowflake. She has the sweetest disposition and loves to be held and cuddled which she insists I do every day. Her cage is near a phone in our home and at Halloween we have all kinds of comments as to what is "that sound" when she laughs and takes every advantage to show off her talents.
I did not know that these were called Java Doves and have been looking on the internet , in vain, for information on these bird's. I was watching a program on TV about magicians and learned that they were called Java Doves. Needless to say the first thing this morning I went on the internet and found this site. Thank you for sharing your information on these sweet creatures I am happy to know they can live for several years in captivity. It will be a very sad day when we lose her. We are not too far from Atlanta and think that she may be one of the ones from the opening ceremony that were let go. We have had her 10 years.

renee - 2006-04-26
I got MY dove, "Snowflake" from my sister in law about 10 years ago. I love her to death, and people laugh when I say she has outlasted 2 of my marriages. She coos, and loves to eat cookie crumbs, and when I let her out of the cage (which I have to make sure the CAT is not around), she loves to fly around, then lands on my head. Sometimes, she has her "accident" which rolls off ME, then I have to find it. I am going to be very sad when she goes, she is a member of the family

shelly 557 - 2006-04-07
i just found my white dove at a horses barn. it was hurt so i decided to bring it back to health, luckily it worked. now she is snuggling under the blankey with me, lol. her name is lilly she is very special to me .....thank for all the information!

jinx - 2006-04-02
i just got my dove and im not sure if it is a boy or girl but all i know is that it is beautiful.
it is a white ringnecked dove and i came on this site looking for information and i got some, thank you!!

brisa - 2005-11-09
I have a dove THAT IS NOT SOCIAL and loves to sit in front of the mirror. it will coo and coo and coo, and somtimes makes this laughing sound sorta weird. it is completly white and is very beautiful and has large wings and red eyes. it doesn't like to be petted or held or touched. it likes to stare at itself so much, and laugh and coo at itself, yet it doesn't like anyone else.

brisa - 2005-11-09
i found my dove in my back yard and it appeared to be tame so i kept it

Irene Marchionni - 2005-11-06
My dove is a very special one. I began to travel this spring and summer, at last without the worry of petsitters. About two days after returning from a pilgrimage to Ireland, my doubting husband and I were on the back deck in the evening, having coffee and discussing End Times and the authenticity of the Irish visionary. Not ten minutes into the discussion, as if Heaven was listening, comes the sound of the flutter of wings from over the roof behind us. And to our utter amazement, between us lands this white dove! We looked at each other - speechless. Finally, all I could say is "here's your confirmation about authenticity!" So, we named him Spirit!
Spirit is so intelligent, amusing and gentle. He is a poor flyer so he truely must have dropped out of heaven! He does make to the the curtain rods and our shoulders and heads but tires quickly and sometimes just 'falls' out of the air!. He loves to be kissed, and cuddled and will bury his head inside my sweat jacket and coo up a storm. He is alllllways looking for affection and kisses back. We have to be careful not to step on him since you never when he is around your feet. His constant companions are a red rubber lobster (whose antenas are an object of his affection) and a white styrofoam dove called Baby, which he has mutilated in frustration, trying to elicit a response! He is absoutely in love with my husband's giant white sneakers but has been known to croon to a crumpled paper towel, too!
Spirit is currently hopping from my head to the keyboard because I am not paying attention to him while I type. He has a way of showing you he's happy when you call his name, by breaking his pace every few steps to do a little hop as he comes to you - it's so funny!
His favorite foods so far are safflower and small sunflower seeds but slowly he is expanding his menu.
He keeps me company by following me around like a puppy when I'm out in the garden, somtimes picking at the weeds as I pull them up. At times he tests his wings but usually ends up falling into a bush or the flowers.
Everyone in our family has come to see the dove who dropped out of the sky and each wants a turn sitting him when we hit the road for a spell! Who is more blessed than this dove?

ggregsgirl - 2005-09-17
i have 9 white doves and love them as much as my kids. if i am in another room and call one of them they will fly around till they find mom and then stomp on me and make a laughing noise. i have so many stories of my birds, from they're diet to things they do. they love ice cream even thought they will take very little bites, let their beaks get warm, and then take more. they like tea and coffee with sugar and milk, and they like cookies, pizza, ect. so i agree they are so affectionate. i have one who will stick her whole head in your mouth and peak at your tongue and lips, and she does it to give kisses. i say give kisses and open my mouth and she will as well as she has tried to drink out of my mouth. a little gross but shes my baby and i have had her 11 years and still going. she gets an attitude and everything, typical girl lol! well i hope to share more stories and my birds are on a website called webshots under community photos and then birds and a subcatagory is doves. the name your looking for is ggregsgirl if you care to check it out. my daughter has rescued a baby wild dove it fell out of the nest. she saw it in the road and ran to get it before it was hit. i tried to save it so i put it in the cage with a pair of my doves. and oh my god they started to feed and care for it as if it was their own. so now he is my "mudpuddle", his real is baby and hes so lovable. hes on the site as well. if i can download pic here i will put my birds on here as well. there are 8 white, one brown. everytime i have a dove i end up with a male or female then the second will be whatever the first baby wasnt. so in result i have 4 pairs male and female, and one without a mate. they are a joy to have.