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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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Dan Molnar - 2007-02-17
We have had our Java dove named Puffy for 32 years! He has been a hearty pet with a gentle disposition. Our children have been giving him lots of attention and keep him young.

wert6y - 2006-12-17
Around June 2006, I went over to my neigbor's and she said she had a dove. She said "I've been trying to get rid of her", so I bought it from her. I named it snowball. My brother and I bonded with it fast, she loves to fly around.

Meagan - 2006-12-04
I have had "Grace" for about three years and he is very territorial and he thinks that I am his mate. He is always bowing at me. So I am now working on getting a female to keep him company.

sue - 2006-09-24
We've had "Baby" for 7 years now and I have never had a pet that has loved me so unconditionally. It was wonderful reading all of the other comments, recognizing everything they say and feel about their doves, I feel the same way. I found her at a park where one of our daughters was playing softball. The umpires kept shooing her away, and she kept picking bugs and grit. After 3 games, she was still hanging around. I also slowly approached her and realized she was someone's pet because her wings were clipped. I brought her home in an empty cooler and she has been a treasure ever since. I recently found out these birds can live a very long time. I nearly cried with joy to discover I'll have her for a long time to come. Thanks for letting me share my feelings about Baby!

Joanne - 2006-07-14
Great site lots of info...... My Maiden name was dove and one appears when my oldest daughter started confirmation classes. Then a wild one fell out of our palm tree. We fed her bird formula through a straw, and advanced to a baby nipple with a syringe inside so she could put her skinny beak in and we could feed her. She was taken outside every day and stayed with us until Mothers day. when me and my girls got home she flew away. Miss her much.....but I knew she would when she did not need me anymore. Got a white dove for my Birthday I am hooked on these beauties. So gentle and cute. I am not sure if I will name her FLUFF (the marshmallow stuff) or OLIVE (skinny head and leggy like olive oil) LOL

kaleb - 2006-06-07
I have a pretty white dove, she is so fun. Her name is snowy. She is still a chick and full of energy. I also have a parakeet named chester. They have to share a cage together but they don't fight. lol kaleb 6/7/06

pat thompson - 2006-05-31
I absolutely adore my precious Dove, Snowflake. She has the sweetest disposition and loves to be held and cuddled which she insists I do every day. Her cage is near a phone in our home and at Halloween we have all kinds of comments as to what is "that sound" when she laughs and takes every advantage to show off her talents.
I did not know that these were called Java Doves and have been looking on the internet , in vain, for information on these bird's. I was watching a program on TV about magicians and learned that they were called Java Doves. Needless to say the first thing this morning I went on the internet and found this site. Thank you for sharing your information on these sweet creatures I am happy to know they can live for several years in captivity. It will be a very sad day when we lose her. We are not too far from Atlanta and think that she may be one of the ones from the opening ceremony that were let go. We have had her 10 years.

sally - 2006-04-30
This is the story of our first dove that happened in the summer of 2005:

My daughter, packing for her move back into our home, was standing in her kitchen with the kitchen door to her deck open. She looked up just as a white dove landed gently upon the railing of the deck. She was stunned, and just stood there watching it for a whole five minutes, too afraid to move lest she frighten it away. Instead of it being scared off, it just began preening and cooing. So she carefully crept outside, with water and food, and tiptoed over, very slowly. Again instead of being frightened away, it just continued preening and cooing. She stayed frozen in place for another five minutes. Finally, realizing that it was not really frightened of her at all, she crept nearer and just placed her hands over it, gently cupped the sweet bird in her palm, and brought it inside.

My daughter brought it home to me after stopping just long enought to purchase some supplies. My daughters had brought me another bird once, our past favorite, a magpie. That time i had been asking for a baby raven. Magpies are the smallest member of the raven family. Recently i had begun "asking for" (intending) another baby raven, even if it ended up being not exactly a member of the raven family. I knew in my heart that something was on its way, but I had no idea this was what it was--and i am VERY pleased. She is the most tame and sweet-natured bird i have ever had. She insists on attention. She seems to be broody (ready to sit on eggs - i don't know if you're a country girl or not), and loves bits of "people" food, bits of corn, etc., especially when we feed it to her ourselves.

Right after i wrote the above (the day it happened) i went to look again at this beautiful bird. In the space of time that i wrote, she had laid an egg. That was it. I officially named her "Lily". Now, Lily is a free-flying member of our family. I have four more that i purchased from a pet store and have prepared a dovecote for them. I want to encourage the breeding of these birds because of the visual statement they make for love, peace, and beauty.

renee - 2006-04-26
I got MY dove, "Snowflake" from my sister in law about 10 years ago. I love her to death, and people laugh when I say she has outlasted 2 of my marriages. She coos, and loves to eat cookie crumbs, and when I let her out of the cage (which I have to make sure the CAT is not around), she loves to fly around, then lands on my head. Sometimes, she has her "accident" which rolls off ME, then I have to find it. I am going to be very sad when she goes, she is a member of the family

shelly 557 - 2006-04-07
i just found my white dove at a horses barn. it was hurt so i decided to bring it back to health, luckily it worked. now she is snuggling under the blankey with me, lol. her name is lilly she is very special to me .....thank for all the information!