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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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Cat Rebennack - 2008-02-16
When a white dove flies to your arm for food on a New York City roof, it sort of gets your attention!
I'd recently lost my German pointer of 17 years, "Lucy," and was wondering what breed of dog I might have next. One morning last Spring, I noticed this gorgeous white "pigeon" hanging around with a "possi" of 3 grey pigeons and one mourning dove. I fed this crew on my roofdeck every day. She began to wait for me by my window every morning for breakfast until one day, clearly impatient, she flew straight to my arm before I filled the feeder.
Well, this was no ordinary pigeon! (So I thought....) When she didn't even flinch when my dogs came near her, it was time to research this exceptional creature. So, after a thorough educational sojourn via my cellphone camera and the web,(and, after making certain there was no "Mr. Dove" lurking in her shadow,) I knew she would not make it through a NYC winter and "Banshee" joined my entourage of one pug, one chihuahua, and now, one beautiful, smart and excessively affectionate white ringneck dove. What a perfect pet! Who knew????

Gail - 2007-04-14
You know, I never thought I'd fall in love with a bird...let alone a white dove. But this little thing has done nothing more than stolen my heart. I just found out that she is a girl (after a year of not knowing for sure), because she laid an egg in my hair! WOW!!! What a trip! She likes to fly around and get into stuff; make lots of noise. I call her Sweetie Pie, a fitting name for my little "Terror-dactil". What a love, there's nothing like it.

Wynn Smith - 2007-02-19
Generally when people use the term "white dove" they are referring to a bird that can be used for ceremonial release. We must educate people on this subject. Too many people are releasing domesticated ringneck doves into the wild where they can't survive and they die. A better alternative is one of white homing pigeons referred to as a "Release Dove" or "Release Duv". These birds are bred for their homing ability and return safely home after a release. A "Release Dove" is typically a white racing pigeon that is as big and muscled as a typical racing pigeon. These are bred to race home as quickly as possible. In contrast, a "Release Duv" is not a racing pigeon, but a smaller white pigeon with homing ability, that has been specifically bred for ceremonial release. They tend to be tamer, smaller, and a bit more onamental. They circle well and they return home from long distances, having been crossed with endurance breeds such as the tippler.

Dan Molnar - 2007-02-17
We have had our Java dove named Puffy for 32 years! He has been a hearty pet with a gentle disposition. Our children have been giving him lots of attention and keep him young.

wert6y - 2006-12-17
Around June 2006, I went over to my neigbor's and she said she had a dove. She said "I've been trying to get rid of her", so I bought it from her. I named it snowball. My brother and I bonded with it fast, she loves to fly around.

Meagan - 2006-12-04
I have had "Grace" for about three years and he is very territorial and he thinks that I am his mate. He is always bowing at me. So I am now working on getting a female to keep him company.

sue - 2006-09-24
We've had "Baby" for 7 years now and I have never had a pet that has loved me so unconditionally. It was wonderful reading all of the other comments, recognizing everything they say and feel about their doves, I feel the same way. I found her at a park where one of our daughters was playing softball. The umpires kept shooing her away, and she kept picking bugs and grit. After 3 games, she was still hanging around. I also slowly approached her and realized she was someone's pet because her wings were clipped. I brought her home in an empty cooler and she has been a treasure ever since. I recently found out these birds can live a very long time. I nearly cried with joy to discover I'll have her for a long time to come. Thanks for letting me share my feelings about Baby!

Joanne - 2006-07-14
Great site lots of info...... My Maiden name was dove and one appears when my oldest daughter started confirmation classes. Then a wild one fell out of our palm tree. We fed her bird formula through a straw, and advanced to a baby nipple with a syringe inside so she could put her skinny beak in and we could feed her. She was taken outside every day and stayed with us until Mothers day. when me and my girls got home she flew away. Miss her much.....but I knew she would when she did not need me anymore. Got a white dove for my Birthday I am hooked on these beauties. So gentle and cute. I am not sure if I will name her FLUFF (the marshmallow stuff) or OLIVE (skinny head and leggy like olive oil) LOL

kaleb - 2006-06-07
I have a pretty white dove, she is so fun. Her name is snowy. She is still a chick and full of energy. I also have a parakeet named chester. They have to share a cage together but they don't fight. lol kaleb 6/7/06

pat thompson - 2006-05-31
I absolutely adore my precious Dove, Snowflake. She has the sweetest disposition and loves to be held and cuddled which she insists I do every day. Her cage is near a phone in our home and at Halloween we have all kinds of comments as to what is "that sound" when she laughs and takes every advantage to show off her talents.
I did not know that these were called Java Doves and have been looking on the internet , in vain, for information on these bird's. I was watching a program on TV about magicians and learned that they were called Java Doves. Needless to say the first thing this morning I went on the internet and found this site. Thank you for sharing your information on these sweet creatures I am happy to know they can live for several years in captivity. It will be a very sad day when we lose her. We are not too far from Atlanta and think that she may be one of the ones from the opening ceremony that were let go. We have had her 10 years.