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   When you think of the term 'dove' you think of the White Dove. The White Dove has been one of the most universal symbols of love and peace throughout history!
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jessi fleming - 2009-04-23
Hi, I have two pet white doves and my female has layed six eggs. I don't know why she has laid this many in a week and a half time period... does anyone know if this is normal?

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  • Darlene - 2010-02-19
    Sounds like you might have two females and both are laying the eggs. After all, females don't need a male in order to lay eggs. If this is the case, they will not hatch as they haven't been fertilized.
Jeri - 2009-11-20
I have had two white doves for 19 years. About 6 weeks ago, one of them (thr male)was attacked by either a hawk or an owl (I saw the large bird the night it happened...on the deck near where my birds reside in a large cage.) As a result, my dove died a few days later. Sad. Luckily, I located a lady who was willing to give me another bird to replace mine. He is residing happily in his new home with my much older female. Needless to say, I have repositioned the cage and I cover it every night!

Martha Lopez - 2009-09-08
Hi, I just receive a pair of white doves and I need to know how to take care of them and what type of food do I need to provide and how can I make a connection with them. What do I need to know so that they are comfortable with me, how to have a relationship with them, and what r some of the things they like to do. What kind of cage and toys should I get. Now I don't know nothing about white doves, please help me. Should I talk to them always and when do I know that they are comfortable with me. I just got them as a gift and they r so beautiful and I love them already. I need all information on how to take care of them and anything else that I may need to know. Do they like toys, what type of food, what kind of cage, need advise and help.

christine - 2009-08-06
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful web page. I rescued my white dove from a horrible situation in a pet store. Within a week he has become quite content in his new home. He loves to sit on my shoulder and coo softly. I cannot imagine our family without him.

Lavelle Evans - 2009-07-28
A few years ago, I used a beautiful white dove as a final accent to a clay sculpture presentation of the Christ. With dramatic music, special lighting, fog, etc., a cross was raised behind the life sized sculpture with the dove flying up from behind and landing on the cross just as the lighting faded out. This night, performing in a large civic center, with a very large audience, the dove just "tipped" the cross, (not stopping on the cross) and flew out into the audience. (Something he had never done). After the service, a young lady approached me with a beautiful little baby girl in her arms. She explained that the year before she was delivering twins, of which the baby she was holding, was born, but before the doctors could get the second, the mothers heart artery ruptured, losing the second child during the trama. This lady explained that her heart is still serious, and unrest, worry, and all the feelings of losing her other baby had taken a toll on she and her husband....."Well, the dove singled me out of the very large crowd and gently settled on my shoulder," she said. "A peace has come over me", she added. I apologized and explained that he had never flown into the audience then shared that, "lets know that God has used one of His very beautiful creations to single you out, and let you know that things are going to be alright". She was overwhelmed with the experience and so was I.

Janice - 2009-05-10
As I walked thru my backyard to get the morning paper one white dove flew up from the bushes to the roof. It sat there and was not afraid. I was pleasantly surprised to see it. This is a first for me. I hope it sticks around.

Lorrie - 2009-05-02
Recently I received an e-mail with the sad news of the passing away of a dear friend. Morning finally arrived after a difficult night and a pure white dove came to eat from a dish of bird feed we keep for the morning doves. She was a thing of beauty; not at all common here in Southern AZ and she gave me a feeling of peace. She still comes in the afternoon to eat and is not frightened if I come near her as I water my plants as she sits on our wall warming herself. I feel blessed.

Mary - 2009-04-26
Two snow white doves appeared in my backyard about a month ago. They are now nesting in my Elm tree over the driveway. I can see the nest out my kitchen window. We've fed birds for about 20 years now and this is the first time for the white doves. I hope they are successful with their babies. How cool it would be to have more of these beautiful birds.

Laura - 2009-04-21
I am seeing a single white dove in my back yard on a regular basis. But it is large like a seagull, is this possible...and to be only one, vs pair??....I am not 100% sure it is a dove, but it looks like one, and the only thing that has me scratching my head is the size of it. I have no idea what else it could be. Any suggestions??

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  • Darlene - 2010-03-17
    It sounds like it is a white homing pigeon. These are the "white doves" that they release at weddings and funerals.
Anonymous - 2009-03-01
I have two Indian Ring White Doves that I have had since both were born fifteen years ago this year. They are both female, sisters. Chris and Val. You've got it Columbus Day Birthday and Valentines Day Birthday. They are a joy, cooing and laughing all the time. They thrive on Finch, parakeet seed and millet. They are covered every night and as soon as they hear me in the morning, they make sure I know they too are awake and wish to be uncovered and fed. To me they are the greatest symbol of LOVE and PEACE in the world, and I do believe a special gift from above.