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   Ringneck Doves are gentle birds that do not bite and are easily tamed. They can be handled by by adults and children alike!
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Lisa - 2006-11-28
About a year ago I bought a buff colored dove. He was such a joy that I went back and got a white one. Then I went back and got another buff. And then I went back and got another white! They are the best company ever. Little Veronica sits with me all day long while I do my work and the others fly to the back of my chair for a visit. My German shepherd loves the doves, especially little Veronica. You've never seen anything until you see a ring-neck dove walking her German shepherd!
Lisa in Central Florida

Courtney Rueth - 2006-09-09
I just got a new ringneck dove. It is the quietest and nicest pet I've ever had. It is so sweet and cute too.

Jeannie Smith - 2006-08-29
My son has a ring-neck dove that's buff-colored all over with a black band that is outlined with slivers of white. he is such a treasure! If we coo at him he will answer us back! he does another noise that sounds like a chuckle or laugh! We have a sky blue and white parakeet that is fast buddies with the dove! They are so close to each other that if one is elswhere the other calls and searches for the other! Another interesting thing is that the parakeet seems to enjoy riding on the dove's back sometimes!! lol!!! Their names Are Francis(the dove) and Petey(the parakeet)!! They are both friendly and spoiled rotten by my son!

Jeannie Smith and Son Steven

chris munro - 2006-07-16
i have 5 ringneck doves that are so enjoyable. people say they are messy birds, butit's all in how the person cares for them. if you're messy the birds are messy

Rene' - 2006-05-04
I have two female ringneck doves named Ezzie and Nal. They are the sweetest and most adorable thing. They are very much so in love, and they would be heatbroken if I seperated them. They enjoy being held, petted, stroked, and cooed to. Both, although placid, are very curious and will not thing twice about visiting my huge Camelot Macaw. They are very amazing pets, and everyone should have one.

stacy brown - 2006-02-14
Just got our first doves a month ago and they have just hatched their first eggs. They layed within a week. Babies are hard to see as momma & poppa sit on them all the time. They are both healthy and are so much fun. My husband used to keep doves years ago, and he is enjoying having them again.

Chantal - 2006-01-20
We have had our dove since the pope came to Montreal in 1981. She stills coos along with me and is very gentile. I love when the sun fills her cage and she spreads her wings to take in the sun. They are great pets.

Douglas Smith - 2005-11-14
Hello folks, I loved browsing throuh all the different birds. As that is my first love. The Tangerine Dove you have pictured, is the best of that color i've ever seen. White N.Ring & White Flight feathers are the standard, but most are down to dunggy grey, from tomany color crossings. You've got a prize pic' there. < Dr2Lofts > in east Tn.

Ellen - 2005-08-17
steven found me in my crab apple tree in 1985. he or she seemed so tame. i would feed him seeds from a plate. pet store said he wouldn't live through the winter, but I had an old cage and the rest is history. 20 years later he is happy as a lark! i am so blessed. not cooing as much as usual. is heathy and let out daily. cute as can be. lucky ringneck owers. mike and ellen.