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   Ringneck Doves are gentle birds that do not bite and are easily tamed. They can be handled by by adults and children alike!
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LIANNA WORKMAN - 2008-02-12
I live in upper Indiana and have seen about 50 Tangarine Doves taking shelter in an abandon house next door to me. I have been feeding them and enjoying watching them. They are beautiful birds. I am afraid that with all the urban development going on they might be in harms way. I am trying different things to get them comfortabel with us and get them contained to my property in some kind of housing. I would really hate to see something happen to these guys! We have babies and adults. Too cool!

Deanna - 2008-02-08
They make great pets for anyone wanting something more exotic than a parakeet. They aren't peaceful at all--they make a loud but nice cooing. It depends on which you get, many are sweet, and others (like mine) are unusually aggressive. The unusually aggressive may growl and bite, but it doesn't hurt and they can be trained not to do so.

I highly reccommend Ringnecks for people who want an interesting companion. They can be very clingy, as mine only bonded with me.

Joan - 2007-12-26
Wow! Great information! Thanks for helping me a lot, because my teacher wanted us to find information of doves on my project and my friend ask me to go this website and find it, so it really helps. Thanks a lot!

dawnell - 2007-11-21
My pair of doves are wonderful. They are my first pair and they now have a nest with two very healthy squabs. I love all the sounds they make and their overall temperament. My two, Jove and Sophie, are free roaming in a room that is just for them. Doves are the best, I don't think I'll ever be without them again!

Jessie - 2007-08-12
They are not quiet, but are really sweet. I know this becuse I once owned two. Sometimes they won't shut up!

Susan Carroll - 2007-07-21
Pie is with us 10 years . He once was rescued from a stray cat I brought home by my dog and they are best buds since then. I gave him to a pet store when I was pregnant with my first but was so depressed that I took him back. He will ride on my Golden"s back, sing along with the television or stereo, laugh at you if he finds you amusing and crow like a rooster every morning. My husband stopped trying to get him to be quiet because Pie loves a challenge...and we love the way. He is actually a she, Pie layed an egg one New years Eve. But when I explained to my daughters that he was actually a girl, my eldest who was 4 asked if this meant she would turn into a boy, hence we went back to "he".

Ragamuffin The Lucky - 2007-06-09
I have a special Dove named Ragamuffin. When a baby he was a runt. The dogs got him out of his cage and torn his neck, then he broke his wing. I took him into the house and cared for him. He stayed in all winter long. Now he is outside with the rest of our doves and now he currently has a mate named Sweetheart and two little white eggs.

Jeremy - 2007-04-24
I have a male Ringneck Dove I call Lovey, who appeared in my backyard as a stray in 1988. I caught him and took him in when some cats started going after him. I don't know how old he was at the time, but I know he's at least 19 now, and still going strong! He's a very sweet bird, and has been easy to care for.

Shaunna - 2007-02-04
I've read that the life expectancy of a ringneck dove is 10 to 15 years. Well, our 2 males are 16 now so they're on borrowed time i guess you could say. These males live in the same cage and are best buddies, as i think they're brothers. I'm 17 so i don't quite remember when we got them but apparently we got them when i was a year old when a local vet brought them to us. My uncle named them Lunch and Dinner because we had 2 cats at that time. They usually decide to start with their laughing when someone gets home or when you're on the phone. People on the phone always ask if we have owls or something and I get confused because I'm so used to the noise that I never really notice it anymore. They are a great pet.

Carla - 2007-02-02
I love ringneck doves, I have had doves for about 6 years now. They are so sweet. I raise breed and sell doves.