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   Ringneck Doves are gentle birds that do not bite and are easily tamed. They can be handled by by adults and children alike!
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Jesse G - 2011-10-20
My ring neck dove keeps attacking me, whenever I walk by his cage he raises his wings as if to make himself look bigger to scare me off, when I go to pick him up he tries to evade me and starts pecking hard at me can someone help me with this I feed him but whenever I get close to him he just attacks me.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-20
    I think that is really strange behavior for a dove. Sounds territorial to me. Try feeding him with your hand some sort of treat. Cheerios usually work. Sometimes something scares a bird and they seem to be 'cage bound' as if they are afraid to come out or get off the cage. Can you just 'pick him up' and move him to a neutral area? Whether territorial or some sort of fear - you need to get him to a neutral area - away from his cage and go back to the basics like 'step up' 'No' etc. If this has just been for a week or so - then I would just ride it out for another week. Could be molting, hormonal, puberty etc. Birds do have their moments when they just want alone time. Otherwise neutral territory and back to the basics.
  • Glenda Alatorre - 2011-11-02
    My dove attacks everyone but me. He aggressively attacks my 9 year old daughter and my 81 year old mother. I have decided he loves me and is territorial. I would like to find a way to change this behavior though. It is so heart breaking to my daughter, who treats him very well. He dive bombs her head and face every time she goes past him.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-02
    Territorial behavior and I guess he believes that you are his territory. It happens frequently in the world of birds. Your little guy has chosen you as his mate and is going to protect you from any and all others. There are lots of suggestions that people have like have your mom or daughter feed the little fella treats. Sometimes this can work but I just thought I'd tell you that I have been with my human for 27 years and she is my mate. I will chase her husband all over the home. I will not tolerate him and he has given me cheese, chicken, done my water, treats - even tried talking and I do not care. My human is my mate.
richard - 2012-02-21
Good morning,

I am trying to identify and if possible locate the where abouts of an odd pigeon..
I was told there is an ALL WHITE PIGEON THAT HAS BLACK FEET....Is there such a pigeon . if there is what is the name,breed, area that it is found and who sells this kind of bird...

Noshin Raisa - 2009-06-30
Well I didn't actually see any doves. I really want a pure white dove that is gentle and sweet tempered. But I don't know where to get one. My birthday is in July 3. I am in Manhattan. If anyone know where to get a pure white dove, than tell me 'PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!

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  • nathan sizer - 2010-04-11
    I have a pair already they're beautiful birds.
  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    Keep my e mail handy mine keep hatching white babies.
  • Cari Cleverly-Carmichael - 2012-01-31
    Two years ago my husband got me two white Doves for our annivesary. I had never even considered having a bird as a pet prior to my new thoughtful and very unique anniversary gift. WOW!!! It was love at first sight, they are so pretty, and that's nothing compared to their quite surprising social little personalities. They are extremely sweet, loveable, curious, social, and funny. Mine make a laughing sound that is so cute it makes me laugh too. Any way my Doves named Jasper and Lola have parented four baby birds that I have happily welcomed into our family (it can get a little noisy around here especially early in the morning) but it's a soothing sound and I LOVE IT!!! I don't know if it's the area I live in or what (Butte, Montana), but no one seems to want a baby Dove. I would love to help you get your pure white Dove (or two), that is gentle, and sweet tempered.
Rose - 2012-01-05
I have a dovecote can daimond doves or ringneck doves be kept in it if they are homed

Jo - 2009-06-02
I have ring necked doves and white doves - they breed all the time in a cockateil breeding box without a lid. The male sits on the eggs just as much as the female and also helps with the feeding of the young. One time I had two females lay eggs in the same box at the same time, and the two females and the male all helped out each other. The three eggs hatched and all survived!! Jo

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  • nene - 2011-07-13
    Hoping you may have some advice... We have a white ring neck Dove that has been with us for two weeks. It arrived one day appearing exhausted from the heat and I took a large clay saucer of water and set it down near the Dove on our deck. Also put down a small dish of finely cracked corn and the bird responded well to the water and food. Our feathered visitor spends hours resting on our deck while dining on various seeds that I read were good for white Doves. It appears that the Dove roosts in the trees at night for safety... I get very close to the Dove and it has come to know my voice when I call to it or shake the feed that I'm about to give it. The bird is healthy and has put some weight on since it's arrival. ** My dilemma in reading about these Doves is that supposedly this breed should not be released in the wild. I'm concerned about our impending cold New England weather and if the bird should be captured to protect it from the elements? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We enjoy this beautiful creature and don't want anything bad to happen to him/her.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-13
    I would think there has to be a breeder in your area of ring neck doves. Your little guy must have been a pet or around humans to not be at all skiddish. He might have been a pet. If you were in Florida where there are so many, you possibly could leave him out. Without a flock, I just wouldn't think he could make it. It is just too cold up there in New England. I believe, unless, he finds a flock, you are going to have to catch him. There has to be a sanctuary somewhere near you as well.
Harriett Heumann - 2011-03-15
Have been looking for male ringneck dove for about a year...finally found one... Georgie...has been with me now for about a month. I had another male ringneck for over 20 years but Georgie's food preferences seem picky. I use the same seed mix as the pet shop where I got him. Does anyone have suggestions about seed or treats to try? I am going slow on introducing anything different into his diet.

Kasey - 2008-12-05
Why is my ring neck dove not pecking at his cuttle bone? My zebra finches do it.

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  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    He or she will do better with grit. Doves prefer grit.
Dan Robertson - 2010-06-13
I am looking to identify what I believe to be a dove. It is not a Mourning Dove, as this pair is larger - more the size of the Rock Pigeon. It has a tan or tawny solid colored body with a small white ring on the back side of the neck. They easily get along with all the birds at my feeder in the back yard and are a male and female ( slightly smaller )

If you could send a photo, along with the specific name, I would be very appreciative.


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  • Harriett Heumann - 2010-11-05
    U didn't say where u live but from the description of the bird I'd say u have a pair of ring-neck doves. Usually they have a black ring around the side of their necks, not white tho. There are several websites showing pics of the ring-neck doves.
    I live in south Missouri and they are all over the place here. I used to live in north Missouri and didn't see them up that way but they sure have adapted to southeastern Mo. I had a male ring-neck, Riggy, for over 20 yrs given to me by my daughter... he was without a doubt the most interesting/special pet I have ever had! I am searching for another male ring-neck, they make excellent house pets!

    Enjoy your birds!...Harriett
  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    Some of my pet ringneck doves have black rings but a couple have white it depends on their main coloring.
Brenda - 2011-02-14
Can you help me, what is a white ring on right leg mean, and RED ring on left leg (corl) thank you if you can help me.

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  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    Normally the rings are tools for when they are showed off at bird shows.
dove dazzled - 2009-08-01
I've been looking for two tangerine/pearled/pied dove for an incredibly long time and I don't want a breeding pair, because a still-school person like me can't have twenty birds in my house. So I'm lost...I want to birds, but I know they can't be male, because males fight, but I don't want females either, because they're coloring isn't as dramatic and bright as the males, and I don't want a male and a female because I don't want them to breed! Please, I need advice...

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  • janine doughty - 2010-05-05
    Not all males fight I have 6 doves, two mating pairs and a pair of male doves who have fallen in love ... they are so sweet they do everything a pair would do right up to laying eggs :) they have being together for two years now and doing just fine ......
  • Amy - 2011-03-06
    I just bought two of those if you go to her number is on there that's where I got mine she has those often at fair prices.