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   The Diamond Dove is one of the smallest doves and is considered to be one of the most beautiful!
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nika - 2010-01-13
Hi! I had 2 Diamond Doves and they breed and I had to sell a few birdies... :-) Thanx so much for the great info and pics!! Nika

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  • tina - 2010-04-10
    Hi I have a diamond dove I did have a pair but one's dead. I would like to know if I buy another and if not the right sex would they be all right together?
  • Dayton Kenneally - 2010-07-14
    It might be okay.
Hayley - 2010-05-22
What are the Diamond Dove threats? I am doing it for my project and I need some help with this questions.

marcia - 2009-07-21
@Marissa It's July so you may not need another d. dove by now, but I have lots and I am in Metropolis. Call Marcia at the Village Groomers.

Debbie Palma - 2009-01-13
Hi, I need some help, My diamond doves are so sweet, but I don't think they know how to take care of the eggs that they are having. So far it has been four, and it looks as though she drops them from the perch. Most of the time, they have a little hole in there. One was perfect, then about a half hour later, there was an indent/sm hole. I have tried to make them a nest with different things, newpapers, nesting hair, etc. and I tried to put the female one it and nothing helps. Should I just let it go??

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  • Rhonda.Francis - 2010-05-12
    Hi, I have a pair of diamond doves too and at first they had the same issue, so I figured it out, mine like to use the large food dish that hooks on the cage and they also like things like mallett and timothy hay for there nesting materials, try tha tand put the nesting materials on the floor of the cage and also some in the big food dish, I buy their big food dish at petsmart, then put the eggs in the dish, put the dish up by the top perch they seem to like it up high, mine never nest on the bottom, mine love this it really works great. Good luck, hope you get healthy happy babies. Feel free to ask me if you need any more help.
lachlan mills - 2008-10-02
Hey, I have 2 pairs of diamond doves in an aviary with 2 pairs of zebra's and a pair of lutino cockatiels. I have bred a pair of diamonds before and had a hen chick, but then not long after the cock was attacked by a rat and died. But yesterday I bought 2 new cocks, so hopefully this season I'll get some more chicks. I'll let you know! byebye, Locky

Jennifer - 2008-09-19
I have two diamond doves that I got from my grammy. They had eggs before while my grammy had them, but the eggs fell and cracked. Now they have two more eggs and one of them is cracked. I'm pretty sure it's dead and the other one just sits in the nest. I haven't seen the birds on them in about 2 days. Is this normal? because i'd like to see the egg hatch. :]

kathy - 2007-07-24
Hi my name is Kathy. I Have four birds, 2 Budgies and a Diamond Dove. One budgie died because it drowned inside its water bowl. I was so sad, my dad buy me another budgie. A rare type of parakeet. Nice talking to you, Bye!

Tonya - 2005-12-14
I fell in love with a pair of Diamonds I saw in a store I frequent. I got them as a christmas present to myself. I love them! The male coos and it is most pleasing compared to the screeching of other birds. They were a young pair and had difficulty figuring out the nesting process. The male trying to keep the nest looking it's best would accidently knock the eggs out and they would break, but they have made up for it. I have nine of their offspring, one being a pure white, hatched the morning after Katrina. Her name is Hope. I really enjoy my Diamonds, listening to them cooing to each other. I keep them in large cages but this spring I plan on building a large aviary for them. Now if someone would just tell the male it's winter and the female needs a break before spring!

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  • Dave - 2010-05-14
    Tonya....... someone normal LOL, I don't mean to sound like an arse in my past comments..... but people who just get birds and lose a heap until they figure it out really get to me! You have a pure white! Awesome... never seen one! I got a pair of fawn pied peaceful doves today! I can't stop looking at them!!