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sonia - 2005-10-12
I loved ur website it was really cool. I myself am a animal freek whenever I see an animal I just quickly give out its name. This is the first website where I have seen lots of animals it is really cool. I mean ur website is really cool and I would recommend this website to everybody who loves pets ,really Oh! my gosh I dont even know what to say about ur birds section. I have 2 budgies of my own the females name is sonic and the males name is GP. Anyways I loved ur website keep on doing the good work

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ggregsgirl - 2005-09-17
i have 9 white doves and love them as much as my kids. if i am in another room and call one of them they will fly around till they find mom and then stomp on me and make a laughing noise. i have so many stories of my birds, from they're diet to things they do. they love ice cream even thought they will take very little bites, let their beaks get warm, and then take more. they like tea and coffee with sugar and milk, and they like cookies, pizza, ect. so i agree they are so affectionate. i have one who will stick her whole head in your mouth and peak at your tongue and lips, and she does it to give kisses. i say give kisses and open my mouth and she will as well as she has tried to drink out of my mouth. a little gross but shes my baby and i have had her 11 years and still going. she gets an attitude and everything, typical girl lol! well i hope to share more stories and my birds are on a website called webshots under community photos and then birds and a subcatagory is doves. the name your looking for is ggregsgirl if you care to check it out. my daughter has rescued a baby wild dove it fell out of the nest. she saw it in the road and ran to get it before it was hit. i tried to save it so i put it in the cage with a pair of my doves. and oh my god they started to feed and care for it as if it was their own. so now he is my "mudpuddle", his real is baby and hes so lovable. hes on the site as well. if i can download pic here i will put my birds on here as well. there are 8 white, one brown. everytime i have a dove i end up with a male or female then the second will be whatever the first baby wasnt. so in result i have 4 pairs male and female, and one without a mate. they are a joy to have.

Sixwing - 2005-09-08
I got a white dove a few months ago, and he is the sweetest and most affectionate bird I've ever had (previously I cared for parakeets!) He does make a mess, throwing his seeds and feathers, but keeping his cage clean helps a lot. :)

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Ursel Pierre - 2005-09-06
We live in Woodstock, Ontario. For the last 3 years we have had the pleasure of watching these beautiful birds nesting in a hanging basket on our patio. This year they are on the 4th sitting.

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  • Jane Brown - 2010-03-20
    This is the second season for my couple. They only laid on set of eggs. Most birds have more than that. Is the Dove different? The kids stayed around all summer, but they were finished with the hanging planter on the gazebo.
D. Dotzler - 2005-08-29
I am in Alberta Canada and have 2 of these beautiful birds feeding at the feeder this summer we have really enjoyed them visiting.

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Ellen - 2005-08-17
steven found me in my crab apple tree in 1985. he or she seemed so tame. i would feed him seeds from a plate. pet store said he wouldn't live through the winter, but I had an old cage and the rest is history. 20 years later he is happy as a lark! i am so blessed. not cooing as much as usual. is heathy and let out daily. cute as can be. lucky ringneck owers. mike and ellen.


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