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Alex - 2011-02-15
I am looking for a young Diamond dove does anyone know where I can get a young one I have two weeks to find one or I have to go to the store and get an adult.

Marissa - 2008-01-24
Hey, I have a diamond dove which i believe is a female but was told it was a male. its mate killed itself but trying to get outside and hit the glass. He is lonely so if any of you all know where I can get him or her a friend i would really appreciate it. I'm in Paducah ky. and no one around here knows anything... thank you.

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  • Dotti Dillon - 2010-07-25
    I also would like to know where I can purchase a pair of Diamond Doves.
  • Alex - 2011-02-15
    You could go to petco they have diamond doves I myself am getting one in two weeks.
carl - 2010-10-17
I had a diamond dove get outside of cage can they survive in wild I'm trying to capture it but it's hard it keeps coming back in the evening and I have other babies and I'm trying to find them a home.

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  • Alex - 2011-02-15
    Are they still babies if they are how much for it?
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Judi Stern - 2011-01-21
I have a white dove named Lily. I think she is really a guy, but the name stuck. She is the greatest pet. She follows me all over the house and wants to be with me every minute. She is friends with my St.Bernard and sits on his paw and pecks at his toenails. She has had three near death experiences, flew into some bubbly spaghetti sauce, got caught in a chandelier and caught on fire (grappled her and thrust her under the faucet) and escaped one night in a snow storm. She has survived all of them and is my little buddy. A wonderful pet and so much fun. One of the best pets you can have.

Sharon - 2009-12-18
Hello- I enjoyed reading your stories about doves very much. I had a similar experience with a crow, found him as a baby, raised him, he slept with my dog and cat in the dog's bed, went for walks with us around the block, etc. (couldn't fly). He got very large (about a 2 1/2 foot wingspan), went in and out the dog door at will, and finally began flying, strangely, after about three years. Of course, crows are incredibly intelligent- he learned to talk (meaningfully). I loved this bird dearly, but he was a wild thing, not pet material (delighted in playing tricks on me, hiding and then jumping out and scaring me, snatching my pen, turning off my laptop, etc.). He finally chose freedom and left (he was torn, but he HAD to fly away). He came back daily for a long time (eventually with his mate, then his children), but the visits tapered off (incidentally he never came back for food, never ate anything). The last break was for five years (!), and he came back as if nothing had happened, stayed for an hour or so, at the end just sitting on my shoulder with his cheek against mine, and left again. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I believe he, too, has spiritual significance. He always seems to come back when I need him most. I thrill at the sound of crows. I now have canaries, society finches, and one white dove (not caged, they fly free in the house). They are all individuals, with unique personalities, wonderful.

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  • Ian - 2010-04-30
    That's a beautiful story.
  • sam - 2010-08-22
    I'm gonna get doves actually two of them! And I've only had budgies before! I have a question is it okay to put the love bird in with the doves?
  • Michelle - 2010-10-28
    I just rescued two wht.doves or pigeons?i'm not yet sure but they are doing great with me caring for them.Both are opposite sex so i think the one is pregnant-how do i know and what advice could you give me as to preparing for eggs?i havn't a clue but it's exciting and I just love them!
  • Adriaano - 2011-01-20
    Indeed a beautiful story .. You should be in WildLife Rescue!
gater man(Dustin) - 2010-03-16
What about the temperature, I heard that it has to be from 70-80degrees. Does it really have to be that hot?

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  • Carmella/ Evergreen Doves - 2011-01-15
    I have a dove aviary outside. It is enclosed on three sides with a sliding glass door in the front. I live at 3,500 feet. The breeder I bought from said they were cold hardy. We have had snow here for weeks and nights and the inside of the aviary get to just under 30 degrees. The doves are thriving! When it gets to 30 degrees I do have a brooder light in the rafters they can snuggle against, but they are fine without it too. I use it mostly when squabs are just out of the nest and sit in the rafters.
Sheena - 2011-01-04
We had a dove (possibly a homing pidgeon as it was larger) hanging around our house so we started feeding him and made him a bed out the back, he came inside whenever we were home and always wanted to be close to us. (he became part of the family) He was with us for around 8 months but I was so upset to find when I got home from work last night he had flown away and hasn't returned yet:( I'm worried about him and hate the thought that anything might happen to him. Just wondered if anyone might know if he might return and how long it might take him? Or even any suggestions as to why he might have left in the first place, as he seemed so happy where he was? Any comments appreciated, I've never had any birds as pets before but I really miss Pidgy :'(

REGINA MCGRATH - 2010-09-17
Yes i just wanted to say that i really not only enjoy my snow white dove ,but i really love him as will. Every time i have a hard day or when my husband/i have a disagreement, and i look at my dove he brings peace back to us.

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oxo - 2010-12-25
Those birds are so cool, I 'm getting 2 old german owls in January.

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Pat G - 2008-03-07
We found Ginger 3 years ago with a broken wing from a bullet. My son and I brought her to many places around town and none would treat her. They all told us to euthanize her. When I explained the word to my son he was devastated. The look on his face broke my heart, so I told him I would call our vet. This wonderful man cleaned and taped her wing down to heal, and sent us on our way with antibiotics and a return appointment for the following week. When we arrived, he had a look of pure amazement on his face! It seems that he had given Ginger less than a 20% chance of surviving that week. Not only had she survived, but she was "a whole new bird". She wasn't expected to be able to fly again. She can for short distances. We communicate with each other with coos, bell ringing (you should see her go), and a few other sounds she makes (I can't describe). At times she will stand at the door of her cage face to face with me and we'll make noises back and forth and have a real conversation! I am glad I invested the time and money in healing this beautiful bird. I thank God for our talented vet and our discussion about all God's creatures deserving a chance!

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  • kim - 2010-12-15
    It is worth it-I had my mourning dove 13 years. She had few feathers as a baby and was about to be the neighbors cats breakfest. She was always the sweetest thing.

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