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Cornwall - 2005-08-14
I visit my Javanese massue for a massage each month and they rear a White eyed conure , which resembles a miniature Yellow naped Amazon parrot. It is really adorable, tame and affectionate with strangers. Each visit, whenever I go near it, this cutie bends his head to let me scratch. It melts my heart to see how his feathers around his face and neck fluff up and makes me want to own one as soon as possible.

PyscoFalcon - 2005-02-16
Merlin is my White-eyed conure and I rescued her 2 years ago. At first she was petrified of everything and would bite VERY hard. Now she says Ello Merlin and Ello.
These conures are listed CITES II in our country so there very rare here.

Terry Youmans - 2005-01-03
My Pepper will be 25 years old this March and is as active as the day I got him, there is no slowing him down. He is lovable and funny, not to mention spoiled rotten.

Angelika - 2004-05-27
I just love my little white eyed conure. His name is Picaro and he has us all wrapped around his little foot.

William - 2004-04-01
I have a white eyed named Billy. He is my little buddy. :)

sanya - 2004-01-22
birds r very good they just beautiful. i like birds & i hate those persons who kill birds.

janu - 2004-01-22
i love birds.