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   When the Sun Conure is fully mature and has all its coloring it is gorgeous, but even juveniles are extremely pretty!
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Ninette - 2005-10-04
I have had my Sun Conure for only a couple of weeks and wish I knew earlier what fun-loving, gorgeous birds they are, as then I would have gotten one years ago already. I've named mine Sunny and he is such a joy to have around, always busy and always wanting attention. He gets apple, celery, banana and either naartjie or orange in the morning. he has his seed and nut mixture throughout the day and then has mixed vegetables (carrot, mealie, peas and beans) just before bed time. He is starting to say "Hello" but the cutest is when I talk to him and he chuckles. I am really enjoying him very much, and would recommend a Sun Conure anyday.

Sandy - 2005-09-22
Hi, my name is Sandy and I have two sun conures. I bought " Daddy's Girl" first and we fell inlove with her. She seemed lonely so we bought a male to keep her company, (we haven't named him yet). They are the most precious additions to our family. She was three years old when we got her and she can say all kinds of words. At night when we cover them up for bed she will tell my husband "give me a kiss" and after you give her a kiss she says "love you". I am so glad we chose sun conures as an addition to our family. They are playful and very easy to train. Daddy's Girl also loves to hang upside down on my finger and she will say shes a "pretty girl" while doing her trick. Thanks to them, we can share all the love our little family has with one of the sweetest kinds of animals on the planet. Also we own 4 cats and she calls them " bad kitties" when she thinks they get more attention than her. If you own a sun, love them and spend lots of time with them.......the rewards are great.

carol - 2005-09-17
Hi. I bought Tweety In 1982. He was only a baby. His Favorite was to say "Right Now "and "Give the Razzeberryies". This morning I found Him dead in his cage. Yesterday he was a happy little bird and now he is gone. I wished I new he was going to leave me because I feel I needed that special moment with him. I have spent 23 years with him.
I know I took very good care of him but I got no warning of him. I am so heart broken

Sandra M. Alig - 2005-09-05
Hi, my name is Pickles. I was named before my owner bought me. I am 4 months old and already have such a personality. I love to ride on shoulders, hands, and sit on top of heads. I am already trying to say "step up" and "hello." When my owner says "step up" I climb onto my owners' fingers. One of my owners has already taught to me "squawk" like a parrot (I am very smart for my age).

I love to climb and give kisses and be petted. When I'm left alone and I hear my name called I let out a loud screech. When my owners come home and I hear them, I do the same thing to let them know that I hear them.

I don't know if I am a male or a female but my owner thinks I am a male because my head is sort of flat and from what she has read on the internet the male's head is sort of flat and the females is more rounded. I have had my shots and am banded.

I am such a joy to my new owners and love the huge cage and all the toys that they bought me so far.

Pickles has only been with us for 1 day and our lives have changed. I would recommend to everyone whoever wanted a pet to buy a Sun Conure. I always wanted a parrot and decided one day to stop at the pet store and there was "Pickles." From the moment they took him out and put him on my finger I was hooked. The beauty and personality of this bird won me over.

Matthew Krulik - 2005-08-17
Hi, I bought a sun conure about four months ago and my life has not been the same since. My fiance and I named her Lilly. She is the sweetest little bird. Lilly loves to "hide" underneath my shirt and follows me everywhere, usually on my shirt, head, or hand. She often tries to mimic me, for example, whenever I brush my teeth she will sit there and shake her head and she loves to take showers. Unlike other conures that I have read about, she loves people. My friends often come over just to hold her. I have never seen so much personality wrapped up in a bird. Something else she does is whenever the door opens she squaks until I call her name. She's my little "guard bird"!

jess - 2005-07-03
Hi my name is Jess and i just got a sun conure for my birthday, i already have 60+ budgerigars, ecelectus, corellas, finche, canaries, galahs, cockatiels and quails and this is another to add to the manargery :)

well this is the second day i have had it, its only 8 weeks so hasnt been sexed yet. his name is Rusti and is very good at playing dead, almost gave me a heart attack lol. It isnt very friendly yet but i am hand feeding it so it should get used to me pretty soon, he loves his cuddles and as soon as i leave it alone it screams really loud. Although i know sun conures arent too good at talking i hope mine will be able to say atleast "Rusti" and "wanna kiss?" its favourite position is on its back licking its foot. weird i know, but every time i check on it thats what its doing, probably like ababy sucking its thumb :) anyway im so excited and have heard only good things about them so i hope Rusti will be my next best friend

Sam V - 2005-06-17
Hello, My name is SAM - I'm a 8 month old Sun Conure. My owner JJ is 5 Years old. JJ's parents bought me as their family pet about 6 months ago. I can say the following words: "Hello, Pat, Tickle Tickle, Come on". I can also "wolf whistle" thanks to JJ's father!! I live in Australia along with my owner JJ and her parents. JJ named me Sam because I have not had my DNA test as yet to see if I am a boy or girl. JJ's father reckons I'm a boy because that would balance out the males and the females in the house. Anyway, time to go now, it's way past my bed time - "good night Sam".

B - 2005-06-16
I was given a sun conure 15 years ago. I never had a bird, and this little baby and I had alot to learn about each other. Well, we became the best friends ever..... She broke her beak at 2 and because I wanted the best for her she was with me everywhere for 13 years. I found a Vet. that gave me a diet that she could deal with because she couldn't eat seeds anymore She loved to play and really loved to cuddle. She got her pilots Lic. with me, she's been camping, hiking, horseback riding, sailing, driving a big rig with my friend, she has been to all the western U.S. states. Even with no beak she learned that the world was hers if she wanted. She died 2 months ago of cancer. I have never had a spirit that touched my soul has she did. I will forever love her and to this day miss her with all my heart. They are the best compaions I have ever had. I'm starting to look for another, but I don't want the new one to fill her shoes. He/she will have to make his/her own mark on my heart. B

Tammy Stoker - 2005-06-14
I have 10 yr old sun conure named Joshua that I had taken in as foster bird. I had him about a day and fell in love with him. The only problem I have with him is that he will not go to anyone else. I know that I had over bonded with him when I first got him. I have tried everything to get him to like other people, mostly my husband.
He is so loving towards me. He loves to play peek-a-boo and have me chase him around on the couch. I bought him a couple of doll tents to play in when he is out of his cage and on the couch with me.
My friends and family say I have lost my mind because of the way I treat Josh. He will not eat a lot of fruits and vegs so I feed him baby food out of the jar.
There are days I can't wait to get home after work to get him out a give love and kisses. I just can't imagine my life without him.

Ann - 2005-05-27
We got ours 4 weeks ago as an unweaned baby. So she thinks we'er mom and dad. She acts more like a baby than a bird. Her favorite thing is to be down our shirts, and she has to sleep in a drawer padded with a towel and with old tee shirts for her to crawl in. She yells when she wakes up to let us know she's awake. She also yells when she hears the front door open since she knows I'm back from work. She's the sweetest thing.