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   When the Sun Conure is fully mature and has all its coloring it is gorgeous, but even juveniles are extremely pretty!
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Paulette - 2007-02-08
Forgot to say that Rex loves to open all the buttons on my shirt & push it apart...which can be embarrassing when we have visitors around! He is good friends with our Greater Sulphur Crested, Lucy, but it took a while for him to accept her when she arrived 3months ago. Rex also enjoys hanging out of my hair(which is very long)& has been known to cause great surprise when his little head pops out of my black locks. When he's asleep inside my shirt he will slip his head out just enough to see what's happening when he hears new voices in the room or when he wants to check on me! One of his most entertaining tricks is to open & remove my earrings! He responds to his name & also knows "ah ah" means he's being naughty. At Christmas he came to the office with me & was a huge hit with all the staff, along with Lucy. He has proven himself to be exceptionally clever & very quick on the uptake. I look forward to coming home to him every evening...oh & also to see my family! Paulette

Peach and Bill - 2006-12-10
We have had "Tequilia Sunrise", A.K.A. Mr. 'Peeps', featherhead, TIKI, little boy, Mr. Man; for over a year now. We hand fed him from the time he had no feathers and have been completely 'owned' by him for a little over a year now. He LOVES to play hide and seek for 15 minutes (a nightly bedtime ritual) by crawling over the bed as we hide underneath them. He loves to fall asleep in the "birdcaves' we make for him with the comforter on our bed as we wind down from a long day. He loves it so much he will go all the way down to our feet, UNDER the covers (if we let him). He really enjoys the morning too as he is a little alarm clock by quietly saying "What are you doing?" over and over in my ear until I wake up and play with him.

Mary - 2006-10-29
Hi i have an 9 month old sun conure named Rocco. He is very loud at times but lots of fun. He is more playful than my cockatiels. I enjoy having a conure.

Jo - 2006-08-15
I have an 8 month old Sun Conure called Cheeko, and I have to say he is a better guard dog than my dog. He starts to shout as soon as he hears our car pull into the drive or anyone knock at the door. He flies to your hand when you click your fingers and rolls over on his back so you can stroke his belly. I never knew a bird could be so enjoyable.

nicole - 2006-08-01
hi! i just got buddy from a woman who gave him to me because she couldnt give him all the attention that he needs. buddy will lay on his back in my hand, says what, and makes kissing noises. he also says "sh!" (i think he got that from his previous owner because i have only had him for 4 days.)buddy is a great joy and my new best friend.

Amy - 2006-07-24
We have a 2 year old sun conure who is very sweet but is very loud. We hand fed him since he was a baby at PetSmart. We had a very mean green cheek and we found out some one at PetSmart abused him, so we got a big discount on him. So from now on we buy from breeders.

Jon Whitcomb - 2006-07-02
Hi. i'm Jon. I own an 8 month old Sun conure named Sunny who is very sweet and lovable. He can already say step up, hello, and Sunny. One of The tricks Sunny does is lay on his back and open one eye to see if your looking. I picked sunny up at a pet store after he was returned after being stuck in someone's room with no socialization.

Laura - 2006-06-26
I have a sun conure named Kiki, I have had her for over a month now, she is very very loud and tempermental, but such a riot!!! She loves grapes and apples. She also loves watching the fish in my aquirium and talking to them lol!!!! And watching the birds from the window!!!

Danielle - 2006-06-19
I am babysitting my sister and bro in law's conure "Dipsy" for 4 months while they are in Iraq. I have to say, he is an absolute joy! He says about 4 words, but we are teaching him another one as a surprise. Hee Hee. He also LOVES car rides! Wonderful, and Dipsy is quiet and only "poops" (one of his words) in a designated area of his cage. I would like to get one, but I am afraid it would not be as well behaved as Dipster.

Tara - 2006-04-19
Hi, I own a 13 month old DNA sexed male sun conure named Besley. Besley loves to play games, he hands me his foot for me to shake. Besley can laugh and he can say WHAT. I got Besley when he was 3 months old. All i can say is i love him very much but he can be very noisy and annoying but i wouldn't trade him for the world. Word of warning to people, please do your research before buying these wonderful birds. They might be pretty, but make sure your neigbours and family agree to the noise. I have seen too many people selling there sun conures or giving them to rescues because of their noise level.