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   When the Sun Conure is fully mature and has all its coloring it is gorgeous, but even juveniles are extremely pretty!
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Gayle - 2009-03-22
I have a pair of sun conures that are breeding age. The female will lay but will not always set the eggs nor has she ever hatch any. I have breed cochtail,parateek, love birds, afarcin gray finches, pigon, and just about any birds that I wanted to with sucess. My only problem is I am having trouble with my sun conures. Help! They will eat just about anything that I give them.What am I doing wrong and what can I do to help them? Do they need a cerntain vitiam or what?


Chip Melber - 2009-01-15
After almost 9 months, I realized that my local pet store sold me a Jenday instead of a Sun. There does not seem to be any difference other than the coloring and I did not find out the difference until I was looking thru a pet products book and saw my bird in one of the photos. Conner (not very original) is the sweetest, noisiest, and most beautiful bird I have ever had. He lives in perfect harmony with my two cockatiels, one of which I have had for 15 years. They all love flying around the screened-in patio area for hours at a time. I think this space and the comments of the other bird lovers is great for all of us. Thanks, Chip

neil - 2008-12-22
A friend recently gave my wife the present of a young but very beautiful Sun Conure, we named him Popeye, my first thoughts were, "gee, that's all we need..a parrot to look after'....he's 6 months old now and I wouldn't part with him for all the tea in China, he's an amazing character. friendly, sociable..heck he evens sleeps with my wife, fights with my toes on the bed in the morning and is just a huge character, he's also a guard-parrot with a built in clock...he knows my wife gets home at 4pm every day...and shouts loudly for her just as she's ready to come thru' the door.

He isn't talking much yet...well in his own language he is...but we're persisting with him.

Being a dog man...I never thought I'd love a parrot so much

jim - 2008-12-22
I purchased two newly weened sunnys and they are wonderful. I could not choose between the two. Since they were the only ones left I got them both. They are really playful and if one makes a particular sound the other is sure to follow. They are extremely affectionate toward me and each other but at times there seems to be a bit of jealousy when one is getting more attention over the other but it is quickly dispelled. They will tumble over the top of one another when I am playing with them on the floor or bed and they will scratch and pick at one anothers feathers so gently that it makes them puff up. They have included me in this ritual. They pick through my hair as if it were feathers. They will roll over on their backs and allow me to stroke them with a finger during all of this. I really enjoy their company and it can be a really good stress reliever.

Gary - 2008-12-12
I have been given what is believed to be a sun conure, the only thing is his head is cream intead of yellow and all of his other colours are not as vivid as other sun conures. Could you please tell me what I might have.

Susie Mclean - 2008-12-07
Well my jenday conure, kewi, is roughly a year old but she nips hard sometimes, takes after my sister. But does anyone know how to train them not to bite, I mean probably not completely that would be amazing, but when she bites I put her back in her cage. Is this the right thing to do or should I do something different?
Don't get me wrong though, she is so sweet when she wants to be, believe kewi knows how to creep and generally she is a very loving parrot. Her personality is a lot like my sisters, almost exactly. We both are trying to tame her more, and squaking as well, is becoming a problem, if you have any idea please get back to me!

Vicki - 2008-09-15
Conures are wonderful pets! My conure Taxi is the funniest little thing. When he wants my attention he calls me over by saying, " Kiss Mama Kiss Mama" and makes the kissing noises to go with it. The other side of Taxi, is no fear. If you have other pets in the house, be very careful when you socialize them together. Taxi has no problem standing up to my 70 lbs. bird dog. I have also found Taxi aggrivating my turtle, he'll sit at the edge of the tank and squak at her. Have fun with your bird!

Clara - 2008-06-06
TRANSLATED: I have a sun conure of 4 weeks. I am giving it food with a syringe three times a day. I wanted to know at age will it eats on its own. Thanks in advance for an answer. Clara COMMENT AS WRITTEN: tengo un Sun conure de 4 semanas le doy con una jeringuilla comida tres veces al dia quisiera saber a que edad come solo. gracias de antemano por sus respuesta.

Kris - 2008-03-25
Hello all! Bought Louie from a loving breeder at 5 weeks old. He's now 10 weeks and says "WHAAAT?" fairly well. Breeder said conures need lots of toys and things to keep them busy and quiet. She was right. I have absolute confidence that much attention/devotion will bring out wonderful things from (Screwy) Louie. He's very friendly, funny, and sociable, can give kisses upon request, and loves being petted/stroked. After studying up on conures, I think the only reason most people's Suns don't speak much is lack of devotion, and if they squawk alot, it's 'cause the owner just hasn't given them enough things to occupy their minds with. They are creatures of mimicry, and are limited only by the patience, knowledge, and skill of their owners. Ounce for ounce, I honestly think Louie has more brains than many people (LOL). Never give up the training. The returned love is well worth it!

Mallori - 2008-02-24
I just got Harry, a Sun Conure, about 3 months ago. He immitates kisses and is attempting to say "I love you". He is so funny that I can't help but laugh. The Nanday is the only other conure that rivals their clownish ways.