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   When the Sun Conure is fully mature and has all its coloring it is gorgeous, but even juveniles are extremely pretty!
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Neil - 2012-04-20
Hi everyone, I am considering getting a sun conure as a pet. Although I have experiense in keeping budgies and cockatiels they were in an aviary and were hands off, so the conure would be my first tame bird. Are they suitable first time birds? I also wondered how much out of cage time they need a day? I'm not sure if I can provide enough time when I work an 8-6 job. Would a few hours in the evening be enough time for the bird or not? Thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-21
    OK mine (conure named Billie) is in a 2 foot deep by 3 foot wide and 5 feet high. He has a little door he can come out of and go to the perch on the top of the cage. When I am out of the house, I close his little door just to make sure he is safe, otherwise he is out. I have had several (some have gotten marrried and now are having children) and they were all totally housebroken. So during the day they would hang out on my shoulder, hang from my sweater etc and fly back to their cage or perch when they had to go potty. I would also train them to go on Kleenex so I could take them out and just carry kleenex in my handbag. They need the room cuz they are active and like to play. Without the toys, room, radio, TV - they can get bored and can be prone to plucking. They are a real easy, fun parrot to have with lots of affection. Babies should be available now as breeding season is usually March.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-20
    Conures are an excellent first companion bird. They are very active, very playful and pretty much a velcro bird in that they want to be on you all the time. Make sure you have a large cage for this little guy and make sure he has plenty (lots) of toys, swings, things to chew up and play with during the day and all should be well. If you can leave the TV on for him (honest) to some cartoon channel - even better. Or music. One thing - make sure you can hold this fella, cuddle, kiss his beak, pet him, put him under your chin etc before you buy him. Don't let some breeder tell you that the bird will be tame when you get him home. The bird should be 1000% tame when you purchase him. Best to purchase directly from a breeder. Excellent first bird - or even only pet. Yes, sometimes they will get a little loud but if you learn to understand them (and obey) that should be minimal. Yes, evenings and weekends - fine - just lots of stuff to play with.
  • Neil - 2012-04-20
    Thank you for your reply Charlie, I will surely keep in mind about the bird needing to be tame from the start. What sort of dimentions would you recommend for the cage?
  • Danielle williams - 2012-09-10
    Hello I have a sun conure on hold from a bird breeder store for 449 with a cage and perch and food is that a good sale? I have a bb here at my home will they get along? I asked her but she said they may but then they won't bond with me. Is that true ? Isn't theren certain questions I should ask or things to watch out for? I was able to pick bird up and she was sweet I the beginning but then she flew away and got nippy.
Keenan - 2012-06-07
Hi, I was just wondering how much do the sun conure birds cost from a normal pet store or a breeder, and when you want a sun conure do you need any special license of some sort and if so what type of license. Thankyou:)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-07
    Sun Conures run about $150 purchased directly from a breeder and around $300 purchased from a pet Store.  I would recommend purchasing from a breeder and not just for the cost.  Pet Stores charge more but they also have to house and feed the bird and make a profit.  However, then your little bird is in with a bunch of others and not handled a lot and not as tame as if you purchased directly from a breeder at a young age.  Do not purchase a bird that you can not hold, cuddle  and makes up to you regardless of what the store or breeder says.  Babies are as friendly and lovable as you can get and if it isn't - it just isn't a baby, was not hand fed, was not given attention - something is wrong and you don't buy a puppy or a kitty you can not handle and cuddle.  Do not buy a bird you can not handle.
  • Keenan - 2012-06-08
    Thanks for the advice it was really helpful. Do you know any good breeders that I could buy them from? And do you need a license.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-08
    I don't know what state you live in but in the back of bird talk is a listing of breeders and many of them would be able to help you regarding what breeder of sun conures is closest to you.  No, you do not need a license.  The only conure you need a license for is the Queen of Bavaria and i believe that is only if you need to ship or receive out of state.
  • Keenan - 2012-06-08
    thank you so much all of our advice has been really helpful
  • Keenan - 2012-06-08
    Ok so sorry to bother you again.  I can't seem to find where the breeders are. I have checked the back of the chats and they aren't there and I've basically gone all through this whole website looking for them and can't find them. Could you try and explain how to find them a bit more. thanks
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-08
    Most breeders of conures - any conure should be able to tell you who is breeding sun conures.  So you can try any breeder of conures listed in Bird talk.  You can also try this.  Go to and enter in 'sun conure breeders'  or 'sun conure breeders in NY' or whatever state you live in.  You can try 'Up at Six' or   which is a huge classified web site and just enter sun conure in at the upper right side. 

  • Keenan - 2012-06-10
    thank you again
  • Louise - 2012-07-10
    Keenan, Did you locate a sun conure yet? I have two young ones that came with a breeder pair I purchased. I do have these two for sale.
  • Keenan - 2012-07-11
    Cool, do u still have them for sale and if so how much are you selling one for.
  • Louise - 2012-07-11
    Hi, Yes I do still have the two baby birds. They were raised by their parents though. When we purchased the breeder pair the babies came with them. I have had them seperated for the last two weeks and trying to get the babies used to me. I do want to sell them, but want them social with the family first.
  • Keenan - 2012-07-12
    OK, how much are you willing to sell one for?
  • Louise - 2012-07-13
    Hi Keenan, Because they are not tame yet I would let each go for about $150.00. Each will go for a higher price when I get them tame. When they are tame and social, the price ranges from around $250.00 up to $400.00. I've seen mature sun conures from $400.00 up to $800.00. I've done some research for Idaho on ordinances and license and there is none that I have found, for having, raising or selling exotic birds that are captive in Idaho.
  • Keenan - 2012-07-16
    OK thanks I'll try and convince my dad into getting one as I'm only fifteen.  I now have a lutino indian ringneck called Citrus and I absolutely adore him. My dad has wanted a sun conure ever since I showed him one at a bird aviary but it wasn't for sale and the one that was there belonged to someone else. It was staying there to be looked after. My dad is going away for my fifteenth birthday and maybe he might feel guilty and might get me one. Just to ask where exactly do you live because I'm in perth in western Australia. thx
Shelie - 2012-04-27
Last August a Sun Conure just appeared on a perch in our front yard. We live in Idaho, so this is very unusual. My husband approached the perch, talked to the bird and he came right to him, up his arm onto his shoulder. We live in a pretty small town and we let everyone we could think of know that we had this bird. We still have not received any response. However, in the meantime, we have totally fallen in love with the bird. His name is Buster but we wonder if his name s/b Bronco. As he says 'Bronco' all of the time. At first he loved us both, but in the past 3 months, he has decided I am ok if my husband is not home, but if my husband IS home he wants to attack me. We took him and had his wings clipped so that he could no longer fly to me and attack me. It has not calmed his attitude, but at least he can't get to me. I love this crazy little bird and I take care of it most of the time, feeding, cleaning up after, providing lots of treats, but I am not the chosen one at this time. I hope this gets better, but if not, I will just accept it as it is. We think someone may have released him and we have no idea how old he is. All I can say is he is loved and we are happy to make room in our life for him. Oh, and we are taking him on his first camping trip this weekend. We have a large 5th wheel and an extra cage. Wish us luck.

rande wood - 2012-01-02
Hello. I have a beautiful three year old male conure, named Baby. I completely adore him but am at a loss of what to do about his biting problem. He only likes/loves me and my 78 year-old mother and bites everyone else if he gets a chance. Recently, he has been biting me. Today he bit me on my face. I am thinking that I have spoiled him. I cook him food twice a day and have pellets and snacks available for him daily. If I am not giving him my undivided attention, he bites me. I am away, at work, ten hours a day and five days a week however, my mother keeps him when I am at work. Baby does not bite my mother. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am so sad about this and don't know what to do. Thanks, Rande.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-02
    I doubt you have spoiled him - too much and if you have - so be it. You little fella is going into puberty at that age. Conures are great with everyone - everyone that is a part of THEIR FAMILY. If there was you and your mom and 5 children, the conure would be great with all. If you took Baby everywhere you went and introduced him from a young age to ALL PEOPLE, then chances are he would be good with all people. I am going to assume you have a male as a male can get protective/aggressive during puberty. Never fear it goes away. He will try and make sure that all others are away from you. He is saying 'hey you belong to me'. It's close to that time of year they would normally be picking their mates now and breeding season would sart in the spring. If they can't bite what is making them aggravated or jealous - they will frequently displace and bite the person they love. Pain in the rear but true. First - he will probably outgrow it but you should help him along. They can not bite if you hold their beak closed and say a big 'NO' that is essentially what their mate would be doing. I had one female that picked up a rawhide doggy bone and hit her mate in the head with it. Hysterical. You need to stop the biting. Big 'NO' If he is on your arm and tries to bite, rotate your arm and 'NO' as they can't keep balance and bite at the same time. Big noise - paper slammed on table and 'NO' A trainer told me to yell 'Jail' and put the bird in the bath tub (no water) and turn out the lights and close the door and count to 60. I thought she was nuts (honest) but I did it. The third time I yelled 'Jail' my little guy just shook like a dog throwing off water but he did not bite again. The idea is to STOP IT but gently and I think just holding the beak and 'NO' should work. Then give him a kiss on the beak or top of the head and a 'Luv you'
  • rande wood - 2012-02-25
    Charlie, thanks for the advice. Makes sense. Can't wait to try the jail thing. This cracks me up! Also grabbing his beak....this will be fast and easy. Also great to hear that he will age out of this. So thanks so much for so much good information. Rande.
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-22
    Give him to your mother, as she can spend more time with him
Karly - 2012-02-08
I have a sun conure 8 months old that screams a lot. I know they need attention but sometimes even when my daughter just play with him. I don't know what to do. My husband is very upset because the noise. Screams a lot all the time. Do you have a problem like that? Can you tell me what to do?
Thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-08
    Conures are extremely social beings in the wild and in the home. The 'scream' to make sure that all their flock is 'OK'. Unfortunately for you - all you humans are the flock. Usually, all you have to do is respond back. Hey OK or whatever you wish to see. Be right back. If you think of the conure as a 3 year old feathered child, it will get easier. If you leave a 3 year old in the kitchen by themselves and DISSAPEAR - panic ensues - that is what this little guy is seeing. Much of it he will outgrow as soon as he realizes that you leave and come back. Much of it, you will have to respond to by 'hey I'm here' and most of it you will get through training. Conures don't normally just yell. They are expressive. Maybe they want their head pet, maybe they want on your shoulder - they are velcro birds and need to be a part of the family. You will find that they can essentially be loose in the home and will return to cage or perch to potty. They just want to be with you. As soon as you learn to obey and to reasure your little guy that you haven't abondoned him and he gets a little closer to a year old - it will settle. I do not clip my conures wings as I have found over the years they just love to go from person to person for attention and will fly to all members of the family. Much disagreement on whether to clip or not. I have never had a problem without clipping a birds wings but I had one die because she wanted to come to me and fell and broke her back. So my birds are free flight but all except the conures walk. They climb down and walk. The conures fly to all memebers of the home and then settle.
  • bird lover - 2012-04-22
    I have a conure that screams when I'm not touching him. I usually will cover him with a blanket but know I don't know what to do.
Sarah - 2005-05-17
my name is sarah and i have 4 sun conures. the first was rico about a 3 year old male conure i purchased from another family. he doesn't talk but laughs when he hears someone else's laugh. he loves to snuggle and be under the covers with me. shortly after rico i bought cheeky, she was 4 months at the time, from a breeder at the flea market who has been breeding birds of all kinds for about 30 years. she loves to play alot hanging upside down all the time. i think she likes the head rush and the reaction she gets. also the chewinest thing i ever seen!!! buttons or beads on your shirt are cracked or pulled off in minutes!!!. and though i never wear earings she still loves to nibble my ears. kisses are her trademark. this was all back in november last year. now i just bought 2 more conures, not sexed yet, and i haven't decided on names yet. not as friendly as rico and cheeky but still seem to be very good birds. a little training and lots of love and patients and i am sure to have a big happy family :)

denise G - 2006-09-30
Hi. We have a Sun Conure named "Picasso." He is quite the alarm, as he makes noise whenever someone opens our front door or another door in the house. He loves pizza crust, peanuts, papaya and also waffles. He loves to cuddle in his blankie on my husband's lap. He will mimic a "sneeze" and also bobs his head when we hum or sing certain songs. We also found out if we leave his blanket cover off his cage til 11pm, he will sleep longer in the morning. It wasn't fun having his "bird alarm" going off at 7:30am when we first got him. Picasso was adopted after the family of 2 young daughters decided they didn't have enough time to spend with him.

spannzer - 2011-09-08
Umm, I don't know whether to get a sun conure or a cockatiel. Can someone tell me how much both cost from a pet store? thanks.

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  • Thomas Kerce - 2011-09-22
    would like to the price of a sun conures.
  • robin - 2011-10-24
    I'd never buy any sun conure or cockatiel from a pet store, find a reputable breeder, pet store prices are also very high. Try to buy a hand fed and hand raised baby or very young bird of your choice, I had cockatiels, their very nice birds, but my choice is my sun conure- green cheek conures are very quiet compared to the suns, but the noise doesn't bother me. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  • Tina - 2012-01-16
    Choosing between a sun conure or a cockatiel depends on how much your willing to spend. Sun conures when purchased from a pet store can range in price from 300.00 to 500.00 and cockatiels range anywhere from 80.00 to a little over 100.00. I have had both and they both are uniquie in their own way. Both can learn to talk with a lots of encouragement. My conure blows kisses and says I love you. With both birds you must hold them a lot as infants otherwise they'll grow up and you'll never be able to hold them cause you won't be able to catch them.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    Cocatiels and Conures are very different in personality. I would describe the cockatiel as a bird that says 'I love me and you best love me and do as your told or I'll get you cuz I am KING' and a conure says 'I love you and I will always love you and I know you screw things u p sometimes cuz you're just a human but I will teach you?' Conures are velcro birds and will fly whever to be near you. I have had several and all were 1000% housebroken returning to cage or perch to go to the bathroom - which is great. Did I TRAIN them to do this NO - they just start to return back to their cage to go potty in the same spot consistently about 1 year old - like a cat to kitty litter. All my conures got along with everyone in the home and strangers once they knew them. I would definitely get a conure from a breeder ONLY and they would run about $100.00. There are also many types of conures and the green cheek, red fronted etc are also exceleent excellent companions.
  • Jaz - 2012-01-30
    Where can you buy a sun conure for $100.00? I would want to buy one at that affordable price. I checked around and the prices ranges from $300-$450.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-31
    Sun conures purchased directly from a breeder usually run between $75.00 and max $150.00 depending on age, hand feeding and breeder. Pet stores have to wean them and make a profit etc and they charge more. Unless it is an extremely high quality bird pet store, I would never buy a bird from them. Certainly not a chain. There are also other types of cpnures and although the looks is different the personalities of all are great. I have queens and love them. I had green checks - great.
Diane Swanstrom - 2005-12-31
Hi everyone who told your story about the sun conure. We are getting a baby "Abby" soon. First bird and cannot wait. We also have an Old English Sheep Dog who is very gentle with all our animals. Thanks Di

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  • Diane - 2010-08-08
    Update on Abby. She calls the dog with "Murphy come here" and "Murphy's here", barks, kisses when she wants to sleep and wake up. Abby says "Hello" when the phone rings. Asks "whats up" when you walk by and makes the noise of the internet dial up perfect. She is very loud and a wonderful joy. Diane Swanstrom
  • donALD GREGORY - 2010-12-23
    Don't mix bird with dog.
  • Diane - 2012-01-07
    Abby the sun conure is doing great. Thanks for you responses. Speaks more then ever and the dog is wonderful with her. She is a watch bird especially when a deer or horse is not supposed to be at the patio door.
Giovanni Giustino - 2011-07-13
Hi, I have a sun conure, he is 4 mounths old. I would take a Green African also but I am afraid that the conure will be jealous and change his affection for me. What do you think?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-13
    You mean an African Grey? A conure isn't a teritorial or protective bird. He is as good natured as they come. The more the merrier. He is going to love you no matter what. It is just their nature. He is not going to be jealous. As far as they are concerned, they just think the world is for them to play with. He will want you attention. I have a conure now and hubby has a grey. They are fine. My conure is in love with my Macaw and does everything to break the Macaw out of the cage. I don't know how but I frequently find my conure and my Macaw sitting next to each other in the Macaws cage in the morning. It is a houseful but the conure loves all. The grey only loves hubby. Greys demand your attention and conures will trick you into it. The grey rules and the conure will allow it. My conure tries very hard to talk to the grey and mimic the grey. Also, your conure is young. A young grey - all will be fine. They don't know. They just love their human. Of course conures love all and grey will probably only love you.
  • Giovanni Giustino - 2011-07-13
    Thanks for your early answer, Do you remenber I asked you about travelling with my sun conure, you answered that won't be problem for 100 miles, but I mean 1000 miles by car... Are you sure that I can bring Conny with me?

  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    I know you aksed the quetion but somehow it got lost on me. Traveling the 1000 miles with your conure will be just fine. It is best to have a cage and also a carrier. When you leave the car, it is best to take your little guy with you in a carrier. It can get way too hot in a car - quickly especially in the summer. Your conure can being the cage while driving. If he is easy going, he can be on a car seat perch as well instead of a cage, You need to be careful. Frined of mine stopped at a car wash and the bird flew into the car wash. All was wel but sure soaked the bird and it could have been hurt. Toll booths etc be careful.
  • sue - 2011-07-17
    When being affectionate take him away from the other birds view so he will not become jealous.
  • Giovanni Giustino - 2011-07-25
    He is already affectionate and jealous, because when sees some other bird on TV he try to attack them..
  • Mandy - 2011-11-19
    Sun Conures, are (or maybe its just mine) sooooooooooooo protective and jealous, if my husband , friends, son, anyone tries to come near me when I have him on my neck, hand , shirt or hand he freaks out and tries to bite! So I would think that, if you got another bird , yes your conure might get jealous, but remember, all birds are different, just like people. It all depends on your bird.
  • Tesha - 2011-12-16
    We have a sun conure named Skittles that is spoiled to no end, he even sleeps with us, and he is very, very jealous and protective. Not when it comes to the household, but when our oldest son comes over, they have a love hate relationship. I wont get his wings clipped because I have potty trained him, so those two go running and flying about the house. We tease our son, saying he is afraid of one ounce of an eight ounce bird. Answer to your question, mine is jealous. Since they are all different, before you pay for the African grey, ask them if the two birds have a problem with each other, if you can bring it back.