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   The Peach-fronted Conure is one active, fun-packed little bird... and can be a great companion!
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Ridewaan - 2005-01-18
I have a peach fronted and a green cheeked conure. The latter for 2 years. I have taught my green cheek (Kosie) to respond on request. His feather are fully grown and he flies around the house as he wishes. One day he flew out by the back door left open and returned back 15 minutes later. I was at work at the time and only found out about this 2 days later. Kosie likes Tea and Coffee. He talks a lot but his words are not very clear. I had many types of birds for many years and i think that the green cheeked conures are among the most intelligent birds.

Heather Chubner - 2005-01-16
I have the pleasure of owning a peachfront and My babies name is "O"! He is 4 yrs old and full of it. "O" is a very picky eater no matter what I introduce into his diet. "O" is so very talkative. He says hello, hello, "O", Ohio, Come here, Step up, Mommy loves me, kisses, and then a great big one, here kitty kitty kitty, awww mom, lets go, ut-oh, gimmie a kiss, Thank you, and so much more. I have owned many birds throughout the years but nothing quite like my "O". He loves to cuddle and give mommy kisses but heaven forbid i touch the back of his head LOL. All i have to say is peachfronts are remarkable little guys or gals and I would recommend one to any house hold.

Manny - 2004-12-17
My conure, also named Peaches (name give by previous companion), was bought in Eureka, CA. It was around 3 years old when bought in 2002. It demands attention in the mornings and can get very vocal. Other than that, it is a sweet and caressing bird. It nibbles at my neck, hair, lips, nose....well, all over my face. I ask it "gimme a kiss" and it leans over to kiss me while making a kissing noise simultaneously. Whenever it is fed, it says "thank you" several times and it loves its showers! It mimics a cats "meow" and makes chicken noises. Peaches has been a good addition to the family

P.S. Peaches has been having fits in the morning and afternoon and screams almost non-stop for a while. It screams continuously in intervals. Any suggestions or comments on what can be wrong or what i can do will be appreciated

Angie Harsh - 2004-01-27
I have a peach fronted conure named Fred. He was a pet shop bird that was extremely unhappy. A product of a divorce and a remarriage. the previous owner was given an ultimatum of "The bird goes or I go" Personally that woman would have been listed in the "free to good home" section of the paper the next day. Anyway Fred bit everyone that approached him. I was in the petshop and saw him, asked him if he wanted to come out and he promptly lifted his foot to come on my hand. I walked around the petshop with him, I was able to pet him, and snuggle him. The people that worked there was amazed. I visited him for several months at the store, thinking surely someone would buy this bird, but after two months the bird was still there, and starting to refuse to eat. Subsequently he became my mothers day present 3 yrs. ago from my husband. He is a wonderful little bird, very social, and now loves to be handled by everyone, of course I am still his favorite.:0) He can be loud, but when he goes banannas I just cover his cage for a little while and he quiets immediately. If it is a small parrot that interests you, the peach front conure is a mighty little parrot in small body. They are clowns, and love attention. They love a "happy hut" in their cage for night time sleeping. He always sleeps in his hut. Toys: They prefer the smaller toys, and are extremely messy with their drinking water. They dunk everything and water needs to be changed several times a day. I do not use a water bottle, but do have two seperate containers for water. One for dunking, one for drinking and he does use them that way. Be sure to change the dunking water often. They love to be misted several times a week with a spray bottle. The only drawback to these darling little birds is their voice when they scream. They are very loud, and extremely annoying. Many times I just take him out of the cage and hold him for a few minutes and that stops it. They are extremely interactive with people, and love the "people time" that they get out of the cage and with you. They live about 20 yrs. so be prepared for a long relationship. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a small parrot.

Cherie - 2003-08-26
I resently bought a Peach Fronted Conure...still searching for the perfect name. Wonderful bird. Gentle, but gets devilish at times, easy to quite down. Just wants love and to cundle in my hair and loves to press its head into my head. Was hand fed, and content to sit on his activity perch most of the day and nap, eat. We put its large cage, full of toys in our family room, which provides lots of various noises and stimulation for the bird. I did not start out holding him...or her allot, but let it settle in and relax after being stressed coming home from the pet shop. It ate and slept, and I now only hold it two hours a day, and it is a gentle, content bird. We are building our trust in each other, and after a short period of time, I can now, quietly, pet the back of our bird with out it being nervious. Beautiful bird!!