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   The Peach-fronted Conure is one active, fun-packed little bird... and can be a great companion!
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angelica - 2005-09-24
Our bird's name is Sunny. She is so mischevious she'll bite you and laugh and she'll say "how funny!". she talks a lot. I taught her to say the same word in Spanish. what is funny is that, when she is being bothered she'll say "what do you want!" or she'll say it in Spanish too, "que quieres". She sings so funny and she prefers to sing Spanish songs. the English ones she'll just go "turu, turu, la,la,la and dences". she loves taking showers with us and she really trys to get under the water like us, but it's kind of strong! She loves to see the birds out side, she loves the cardinals. she gets crazy and will call them "birdy, birdy", and will say to them "hi! how beautiful". she is crazy and we let her fly around the house.

BrazilianBoy - 2005-07-16
They can speak and whistle... They're vey noise as well, and if you haven't a good painting at your wall (or a hard wallpaper) they may eat it. A singular behaviour about them is to chose one of the members of your family (or one of the inhabitants...) to like more than other ones. Be sure, they'll fight until death for them.

Keaton Shepherd - 2005-05-31
I had a wonderful peach fronted conure and he was so so sweet, unfortunately one day he accidentally flew out the door. i live in Alaska and it was in may so i doubt he would survived the night. We went looking for him just after he flew away and found him. I called to him and he was coming down from a large spruce, hopping branch to branch and he hopped on one and it broke. He got scared and flew off into the woods. He was a lovely bird and his name was Prefered Bird.

Mike and Jo Anne - 2005-05-27
We have a breeding pair of PF's and they are just hatching their first clutch of 4 eggs. The first hatched yesterday. Their names are Conrad and Connie. We are hoping to have a healthy mess of babies soon. C & C are not hand tame, but they are very social and interact with us joyfully. Conrad waits for his piece of apple everyday.

Susan - 2005-05-26
I have a Peach Fronted Conure named Swee'Pea. He has been with me for 3 years. He was a little over 1 yr old when I got him from a pet store that took time to work with their birds. He spoke several words, knew how to step up and imitated every sound he heard. He had a little "nervous breakdown" one month after I got him (still don't know what caused it, possibly his age). One morning, I noticed he stopped talking, acted panicked and would fall and break blood feathers when I had him step up. With patience and advice from a behaviorist, he gradually regained his self assurance and now is back to his old self. He is VERY sweet. Loves to kiss and flirt. Clicks his beak to music (loves Stevie Wonder). Loves everyone who visits. Is generally a joy in my life. I've read things about these guys being loud, I don't find that to be the case at all, he only yells when I first get home from work or if he feels the need to warn us of "danger", for example the dust mop. He's a gem!

Ridewaan - 2005-05-04
I have a one year old Peachfronted Conure called Picasso. It is a purely WONDERFUL bird. A very intelligent companion who likes to nibble on everything, including my shoes. It does not speak yet but the signs are there.

Northlight FeatherDragon - 2005-04-23
Moonie was my wonderful Peach Front Conure. He loved to snuggle and bathe in his water dish. His favorite treats were peanuts in the shell and Nutriberries. Unfortunately he died at 1 year and 8 months old. I miss him dearly :-( . He was a great bird!

Danielle - 2005-04-23
I bought a Peach front conure about a month ago. His name is Stewie, but he is a very scared bird. Understandably, though, because he was rescued from the Petco in Eatontown, New Jersey after the recent, tragic explosion. He is getting much better now, though, because I am not forcing him to interact. I just open the cage, and talk to him softly everyday for long periods of time, and he is starting to come out on his own now. He also makes kissing noises, and we have a game where i click, and he repeats my clicks. I can make three clicking noises, and he will. Then he will make a noise and i will mimick it. He is such a sweetheart and really coming around! I am so glad that i got him and cant wait to see how much he learns and grows!

DAWN - 2005-04-14
I have an 8 year old peach fronted conure named Nuggett. It was Nugget until we found out that she was a she and not a he like we had been told. She has never really played with toys and seems to be afraid of just about anything you try to give her to play with, unless it is a magazine or paper. She really has never been playful at all. She talks to us and loves to be with us. She has been to the vet and is very healthy.

Shelly - 2005-02-12
I recently purchased a peach front conure from a local pet store. We named her "Kiwi". She had her toe amputated about two weeks before I purchased her. She was still the sweetest bird! I could not resist when she cuddled both myself and my 17 yr old son. She is about 2 months old. It only took a couple of weeks before she started to speak. She says: hello, bye-bye, love you, and makes kissing noises when you say kissy-kissy. She loves anyone who will pay her attention! She is a wonderful addition to our family! When she squalks, she is just saying hello or wondering where you are. I just say "here I am" and pop back into the room and she stops. Kiwi likes coffee, too; but I wont let her have any since I read that caffeine is very bad for little bird hearts! Now she gets her next favorite- cranberry juice!