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   The Peach-fronted Conure is one active, fun-packed little bird... and can be a great companion!
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Sallie - 2006-08-31
I have a peach fronted conure, her name is Gizmo. She was given to me by a co-worker that told me the bird was just too mean, this co-worker also told me the bird was male, anyway both proved to be wrong. Gizmo took a lot of time to come around to me (about 3 months), she was just so scared and would bite. I think she was just not cared for properly and possibly abused. But after a lot of time and patience and lots of love, she is the greatest, sweetest little soul. She talks a little, says "hello", "oh baby bird",and "thank-you". Oh, after having her for about 3 years, she laid eggs, that is how we found out he was a she. So now she is a very loved part of our family. I am so happy with her, and would tell anybody wanting a parrot (that is prepared to care for one properly) to get a peach fronted conure.

RICH - 2006-08-26
My parents bought their peach front conure Peaches in 1988. He was about 2 years old then, making him at least 20 years old now.

He is a joy and I miss him so much. He has learned about 5-10 words, shouts "Hello!" when the phone rings, and even though I moved out years ago he still calls out my name when a car pulls up to the house.

He loves warm baths (hold him under a warm gentle dribble of water in the sink), and also loves apples and oranges. He can get ornery once in a while, if you play rough with him or if he is hungry.

I can't say enough good things about Peaches and what a great pet conures make. My wife just dropped a hint that she might like to try our own, I hope she means it because I can't wait to bring home our own friend.

Tina - 2006-07-30
im going to get a peach front conure and let me tell you they are the nicest birds (if you give them a nice home and provide them with the right care!) so anyway the store im getting it from is a very nice store and they have a lot of birds like caiques and peach fronts and fish and cockatiels and chinchilas. the store is call ocean county pet store located on fisher blvd. its a baby and im working/volunteering there to spend more time with my bird. the store opens at 10:00 so i go there then. i love my bird. i take it around the store with me and she/he sits on my shoulder or in my blanket.(i dont know if its a boy or a girl). also the store is located in brick nj 08723.

Anonymous - 2006-06-27
I have had my peach fronted conure ,Jasper, for 7 years now. He can only say a few words but will only learn a word if it means something. To be picked up he says "up, up?" to get attention and call you over he says "Hello!" When he nips me he says "Ow". He can mimic my laugh quite well. He loves showering in the stink, and being carried around. I highly recommend this breed, they are a joy!

Sharon - 2006-04-30
I have a 3-year-old peach-fronted conure named Sweetie. She is my first parrot, and I recommend them highly. I can leave mine out of her cage all day when I'm at home and she doesn't fly about, she doesn't poop on people, when she does poop it isn't projectile poop, doesn't demand a lot of attention, she play independently, she's a good talker, loads of fun, good company, she's simply the best! My nephew also has a peach-fronted conure. The difference in their personalities is amazing. His doesn't like to play with toys, hardly talks, but entertains himself watching and listening to the kids playing and other goings-on in the home. They both have a lot of love to give, to receive, and share. They are simply peachy!

Take good care of your parrot. Learn all you can. The Internet is a good resource as well as Bird Talk magazine. Parrots make wonderful pets. Find one that's right for YOU. Research first!

Diana - 2006-02-11
my peach front is named napoleon and he is the best bird i know. he has lots to say, and even knows when the dog is doing something wrong! definately a wonderful species

Julia Evans - 2006-01-26
I have a peach front conure and I can tell you he is a riot! I've taught him to play dead and roll over and he is only two years old! His name is Dimitree and he is the best bird in the world!!!:)

Chris Snyder - 2005-11-09
I love peach front conures, mine is 6yrs. old. His name is KIWI. he is very friendly and has a vocabulary of about 6-7 words. He likes taking bathes and being petted. I have newspaper on the bottom of the cage and he likes to find an opening and then cuddle in it and fall asleep. he is such a cute and beautiful bird and I would recommend one for anyone.

angelica - 2005-09-24
Our bird's name is Sunny. She is so mischevious she'll bite you and laugh and she'll say "how funny!". she talks a lot. I taught her to say the same word in Spanish. what is funny is that, when she is being bothered she'll say "what do you want!" or she'll say it in Spanish too, "que quieres". She sings so funny and she prefers to sing Spanish songs. the English ones she'll just go "turu, turu, la,la,la and dences". she loves taking showers with us and she really trys to get under the water like us, but it's kind of strong! She loves to see the birds out side, she loves the cardinals. she gets crazy and will call them "birdy, birdy", and will say to them "hi! how beautiful". she is crazy and we let her fly around the house.

BrazilianBoy - 2005-07-16
They can speak and whistle... They're vey noise as well, and if you haven't a good painting at your wall (or a hard wallpaper) they may eat it. A singular behaviour about them is to chose one of the members of your family (or one of the inhabitants...) to like more than other ones. Be sure, they'll fight until death for them.