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   The Greater Patagonian Conure is sometimes known as the Burrowing Parrot or the Bank-burrowing Parrot. This is because they have been known to 'burrow' up to 6 FEET into the side of a cliff or a bank just to build their nest!
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billijo wolf - 2007-06-06
I love my Patti. We have been through thick and thin for the last 19 years! She has traveled all places with me, including camping. And I say she, after 19 years she laid an egg tonight!

madeleine - 2007-05-17
Patagonians are great pets, and my Bootsie is no exception. He's fully flighted, and he loves to fly to me, for which he gets extra points, of course. I have a number of other birds, and Bootsie is so sociable and so well liked by all of them that we call him "The Mayor" of the bird room. As far as being loud, he is on occasion, but he very seldom displays that side of himself. I find him to be absolutely delightful, and I hope he defies the statistics on longevity. More people should become familiar with the tremendous pet quality of this species.

Corbett - 2007-01-28
I too, have a patty named Lucy, and she is my heart! She is just over a year old and is the best companion parrot I've ever had. She talks a storm up when I'm not around saying things like, "ah, you're such a good bird! Hi, how's it goin? What doin? and Pretty, pretty, pretty girl." She never wants to talk when she's with me, so I call her a closet talker. I recommend anyone looking to get a parrot to consider a patty.

robert crowle - 2006-11-03
I have a patagonian conure named julie. She is the best pet EVER! We have had her for 6 years now. She is the love of our lives. I got julie as a family gift for me and the children following my divorce. WOW can julie put a smile on our face and cheer you up when you are sad. All she ever wants is a little attention in return. Now remarried she loves to hang out with my wife and i. she laughs like my wife and sounds just like me when she says hello. She is a hit with the neighbors. i live in an apartment and never have had a complaint. She is the BEST watchdog uhh i mean watchbird, always telling us if someone is near. She has brought so much joy into our lives. Julie loves to sit outside with the family in the summertime. She loves to bathe, play with keys and spoons(she trys to help put away the silverware). Her favorte toy is her bell attached to the mirror. She can be loud sometimes but it sounds like she is having so much fun. Or sometimes she yells at her bell when she is mad. it is so funny if the phone rings she says hello. She is great with the kids and other family members too.

rob crowle
fairfield ct

Anonymous - 2006-08-26
I brought home my Patagonian Conure, Lucy, about five months ago. It was the best decision I ever made. She is so social and cute. She goes to everyone and rarely bites. I've already adapted to the noise. Her cuteness makes up for it. Lucy loves to climb her cage, throw her toys, and take showers with me. On hot days she takes bathes in her water dish and sprays water across the whole kitchen! It's really funny to watch. She is very social, but doesn't talk very much. She just makes little noises;but she's only about ten months and I heard they reach maturity at two. I highly reccomend Patagonian conures for people who are willing to put out a lot of love!!! They put a smile on your face and they're worth every penny!!!

michelle - 2006-01-18
An important perspective on noise level: Patagonian conures are notorious for their high volume. I say high volume vs. loud because although their call is loud and possibly wall-piercing, they do not make it incessantly like my Quaker does, making my Quaker's constant noise MUCH louder than my Patty's occasional noise. Loud is a relative term, and the way species are labled is often misleading. That being said, they make excellent pets for those who do not live in apartments and have at least a couple hours to devote to them. They are the sweetest, cuddliest animals, and are great talkers and have quite the sense of humor. They are a good mix of affection and independence and retain the ability to entertain themselves on their own, making them higher-reward lower-demand than Cockatoos. Patagonians are excellent pet but with an over-inflated reputation for being "loud".

Correna - 2005-10-27
I have a greater patty, "Ollie". it's funny that pattgonian means big feet because I swear Ollie has a foot fetish-he loves to bite feet. Ollie is a great bird, very friendly, but as you said very loud. my next door neighbors bought a sun conure and ollie, gave ollie to me because he was way too loud and the ended up getting rid of the sun conure because he used to bite all the time and was not friendly. I am glad they gave ollie to us because they are loveable
birds. but if you can't stand the noise (trust me he is loud), than this is not the bird for you.